Balika Vadhu 19th November 2015 Written Episode Update


Balika Vadhu 19th November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Anandi shouting Nandini…..Nimboli comes and asks what happened? Anandi thinks it was her imagination. Nimboli asks her to come. Pushkar is going back home and thinks Kamli will praise him for buying toy and something for Kamli. Some goons stop Pushkar and starts beating him. Pushkar shouts Kamli’s name……He thinks aboit Kamli giving him strength and asking him to fight back whenever someone troubles him. He fights with the goons, but then they catch him again and beats him badly. Some villagers come there. The goons run from there. Nimboli comes haveli with Anandi. Dadisaa sees Nimboli hurt and asks Ganga to bring first aid box. She asks about her injury. Anandi tells her that they met mother-daughter duo, Chakor and Kasturi ji and tells about the accident

while Nimboli was trying to save Chakor. Ganga applies the bandage. Mangla comes and asks what happened? Nimboli tells her everything. A flashback is shown. Nimboli tells her that she has helped Chakor find her mum and then Chakor helped her find her mum. Mangla is shocked. Nimboli says I mean Chokhi Chudail. She says Chakor’s mum was so loving. Dadisaa says all mothers are same, and says your mum would have loved you very much also. Nimboli gets sad and thinks about Chakor’s words that a mother can’t harm her own child. Mangla asks her to come and take rest. Nimboli hugs Anandi again and asks her to be there. Anandi says I will bring turmeric milk for you.

Pushkar is sitting sadly at home. Kamli asks what happened? She sees him injured and asks what happened? Pushkar tells her that some goons had beaten him up and asks her not to worry. She asks him not to go anywhere alone? Pushkar promises her and says he brought something for her. He shows sweets and says you like it. Kamli makes him eat it, and thinks Pushkar’s chacha and chachi might be behind this attack.

Nimboli tells Mangla about dancing with Chakor in the mela. She tells about the Chath temple. Mangla notices same necklace in her neck and thinks she has hidden it. She asks where did you get it? Nimboli says Dadisaa gave her. She says Chakor and her mum love each other a lot and she was saying……….Mangla asks her to sleep. Nimboli asks can I ask you something and asks do you know who is my mum?

Nimboli tells her that she wants to meet her mum once. Mangla asks why did you want to meet her, and reminds of her promise that she will not see her face. Nimboli says yes, but Chakor said that mum is always caring. She says Chakor said my mum would have done that because of helplessness. Mangla says all mum was not same, and says your mum was very bad. Nimboli asks how did you know? Did you see her? She says I want to meet her once. Mangla says your mum had thrown you in garbage and nobody saw her. She asks her not to tell anyone, as haveli people will send her to her mum. She says your mum will be big dacoit and your dad might be like Akhiraj. Nimboli decides not to meet her mum. Once Nimboli sleeps, Mangla checks the necklace in the almara and thinks they have made new necklace for her. She thinks Nimboli will be trapped in their love.

Nimboli sees Anandi’s photos and says she is like her. Mangla asks her not to call Badi Nani saa to Kalyani ji. Nimboli asks why? Mangla says because I am saying. Anandi comes and hears them.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. This mangla nonscence was over…its time to unite anandi and nimboli…

  2. why this mangla bad talk about nimboli’s father shiv… she is lier.

  3. stop mangla charector or change actor…we are soo iritating…

  4. its the best time to unite anandi and nimboli.
    why mangla blaming shiv, this is worst scene ever.
    anandi knows about real charecter of mangla and gives strong warning and control.
    from starting onwards anandi facing problems.

  5. i hate mangala charetor. enough her drama to make nimboli her side . plzz unite anandi and nimboli

  6. Just because of Nimboli’s innocence, she tends to believe Mangala. She herself said that telling lies is a sin but she keeps on lying to Nimboli . Mangala will try to separate the bond between true mother’s love. Let’s just hope Nimboli and Anandi re unite ASAP.

  7. Stop the nonsense from mangla. Either change her behaviour or let the child find out that she is telling all lies. It’s time to join mother and daughter. Why is anandi tolerating mangla anyway. She should throw her out. All can see that nimboli is happy at their place. No more negativity.

  8. Very Boring serial yar…

  9. On fine day nimboli knows about mangala, who is good or bad…
    Mangala wait you will have crokadole festival with nimboli

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