Balika Vadhu 19th February 2013 Written Episode Update

Balika Vadhu 19th February 2013 Written Episode, Balika Vadhu 19th February 2013 Written Update

Scene 1:
Location: Somani hospital in mumbai
Jagiya finds someone else coming out of gauri’s chamber and resigns to waiting again. then the nurse comes out and sas that she has told gauri, who’s busy with a patient and she would talk when she’s free. The receptionist asks other patients to go one by one, and tells jagiya that he should wait for his turn, and that gauri would meet him when she’s free.

Jagiya is still waiting while the nurse keeps telling him that she has been asked by gauri to tell him to wait, while she sees all other patients. Time passes by but he doesnt get a response and its almost 2’0′clock.

Scene 2:
Location: Jaitsar haveli
Breakfast is served by ganga. sumitra assures basanat that she would atek care of nanadu now.

Sumitra asks her to have breakfast, but she denies saying that she would eat later. Dadisa too allows her. Ganga asks about jagiya and is told by sumitra that he has gone to mumbai, and dadisa tells irritatedly about the reason, reprimanding him for going out of his wits. She tells bhairo to ask anandi to stay away for some days as she wont be able to control herself. Dadisa says that jagdish might be innocently going to relieve himself from his guilt, but anandi being mature should have stopped him from going. Ganga tries to say that anandi is not at fault, but dadisa says that ganga shouldnt talk when she doesnt know the full story and she’s not dumb to be scolding anandi for no reason, but ganga insists that anandi isnt at fault as she was the one who had put the idea into jagiya’s head that what he did with his second wife was also wrong. the whole family is surprised to hear this. She tells dadisa everything about their conversation. she says that she didnt know that jagiya would do this, and she didnt mean to hurt anyone and apologizes. dadisa says that this problem wont stop just by apologizing. Ganga tries to tell dadisa about the reason why jagiya went, which was for his mental peace. dadisa resigns in saying that ganga wont understand this. Ganga goes on to fill dadisa’s glass of water, and then overfills it so that water starts spilling out. dadisa reprimands her for not being careful. Ganga says that even jagiay’s mind is like this, and its full of guilt which keeps spilling out. and once he can lessen his guilt, he would be open to new avenues in his life. while basant is amazed at her maturity, she says that she said what she felt was right and that when jagiya returns, he would be happy and guilt free. dadisa says that she doesnt have doubts on jagiya’s intentions, but she cant trust gauri’s inetntions and what if she doesnt forgive him, and also tells that gauri was responsible for getting jagiya on the streets. Ganga says that she might not knwo gauri, but she knows anandi and that she cant take a wrong descision and that dadisa should hope that jagiya would return a happy man. dadisa says that as it is she cant do anything about it now, other than trusting anandi and she hopes that anandi is right. But she also says that if anandi is wrong and jagiya doesnt return, she wont be able to forgive anandi. Saying so, she leaves.

Scene 3:
Location: In the granaries
Bhairo is scolding his employees to be careful while loading the grains. sumitra sees this and asks him why didnt he go to the store today. He says that he didnt feel like it after hearing to dadisa in the morning. Bhairo says that they are continually thinking that they hope anandi’s faith in jagiya is accredited and that she has taken a right descision, and then he is also boggled that they are talking about jagiya’s future. Sumitra says that she cant help but feel insecure about this descision even though she has the fullest faith in anandi, but somewhere her motherhood is weighing down sanctity. Bhairo says that this wont happen and that he’s all the more assured by ganga’s statement who even got dadisa to think. He says that she reminds her of anandi, a few years back. She says that even then, she cant match anandi. Bhairo says that every mother feels her daughter is the best. Sumitra still says that she cant help but think about the fact, that ganga planted this idea in jagiya’s mind. But bhairo says that they shouldnt hold ganga responsible for this, since she just stated the mere truth. He says that jagiya would indeed come back to jaitsar after leaving gauri, for the better. Sumitra says that she feels good even hearing that. they both decide to go to the temple, and take gehna also so that she can pray for her child to come and they can pray for jagiya.

Scene 4:
Location: Shiv’s house in jaitsar
Anandi begins to call jagiya, but then cancels saying that it wouldnt be right to call him. She calls up shiv instead to ask if she should go to the haveli. Shiv says that ideally she shoudlnt go to face their wrath right now, and wait till jagiya returns. anandi says that they have a rigth to abe angry at her, as she has given them a reason to be, and that she doesnt have a problem bearing their anger. shiv, complimenting her attitude towards things, says that he doesnt have a problem with it, except that he doesnt want her to be sad. He tells that he has to go to the lawyer to discuss about ganga and her baby’s custody. Anandi says that he should go there, as ganga’s case is also important. She tells him to do hiw work while she decides to go to the haveli. She cancels the call.

Anandi thinks that till jagiya doesnt return, noone would listen to her, but she would have to go and assure dadisa that jagiya would return soon. The screen freezes on anandi’s face.

Underlying message: To form and maintain relationshipe, its very improtant for a person to be mature in her thinking. Otherwise an immature person can not only resist forming but also become instrumental in breaking up of relationships.

Precap: Dadisa is shocked to see gauri and jagiya enter the haveli, and she is distraught thinking that what she had thoughr of in the worst case, has finally happened, and jagiya brought her back.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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