Balika Vadhu 18th May 2016 Written Episode Update


Balika Vadhu 18th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Nandini looking at Krish and thinks he makes me get angry sometimes and sometimes makes me burst into laughter, surely there is something in him. Someone gets freed from jail and says Nandini, your biggest enemy is free now. She says your life, family and everyone will dance on my tune now. He calls someone. Nandini asks Premal’s dad not to worry and says everything will be best, and we have made catering arrangement for guest. Premal’s dad asks about diamond ring. Nandini says everything is ready and waiting for ring ceremony. Premal’s dad asks her not to make them wait. Nandini calls Bansali and asks for 25 Lakhs rupees loan. Bansali says you don’t have anything to mortgage. Nandini promises that she will repay his money soon. He disconnects the call. Nandini gets tensed.

Dr. Amit comes and asks what happened? Nandini says someone said that arrangements could have been better.

Dr. Amit says this is the best and asks are they mad? Nandini says Maasaa and Bapusaa helped me with the arrangements. Dr. Amit asks if she needs financial help. Nandini looks on and says no…my loan is passed. I wish Sudha’s marriage happens grandly. Sudha dances on the song yeh galiyan…..and faints. Nandini rushes to her. Dr. Amit checks her nerves, and thinks if this is because of her pregnancy. He asks them not to worry and says she will be fine if she takes rest. Nandini says she might be weak because of marriage functions. Dr. Amit lifts Sudha and takes inside the room.

Premal’s dad says it is wonder and says why your daughter has fallen down. He asks Mr. Shekhawat. Premal’s mum says what we will do now? Premal’s dad says if you are hiding something from us. Krish says house is overloaded with gold, gifts and smart phones, but it will deliver tomorrow. He says you can either end today or wait for tomorrow. Premal’s dad and mum say that they will wait, and goes.

Dr. Amit checks Sudha…Nandini asks if baby’s heart beat is okay. Dr. Amit says yes, and says he will do sonography. Sudha wakes up and calls Maasaa. Nandini makes her drink water. Dr. Amit looks at Nandini. Nandini asks Sudha what you was doing? Dr. Amit says complications could have been arised. Sudha asks if anyone knows about my pregnancy. Nandini says no, and asks her to rest. Mr. Shekhawat and Jamuna comes inside.

Nandini says Sudha is fine and needs some bed rest. Freed goon calls someone. Nani Maa is sleeping on bed, while Krish is sleeping on floor. Dadi maa snoring irritates him. He says please keep quiet. Krish receives a phone call. He goes out and picks the call. Freed goon is at the other end and asks him if he kept his stuff safely. Krish thinks about keeping big knife in his bag and says he is intern, and if anyone sees him talking to him then he will be in trouble.

Nandini comes and hears him. She asks what you are hiding from me. Krish asks her not to scare him and says you can’t find out my secret…..He says my secret is I am perfect. He says girls go crazy about me and bothers me all night. He says he got a girl call and by the way he know her secret. He says you thought of me as good looking, philosopher, and funny. Nandini says she is not interested in him. Krish says if there is someone in her life. Nandini recalls her agony with Kundan……She says there is no place for love and boyfriend in my life, my goals are clear and I will fulfill the promise made to someone. Krish thinks you will never know when you will fall in love.

Someone clicks nandini’s pics…..freed goons looks at her pics and says so many years have passed, and she has become more beautiful. Nandini sits in the auto. Same goon (Kundan) sits too. Nandini looks on.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Oh its finally kundan.Will krish cheat nandini?

  2. krish is he kundan?

    1. I think the “freed goon” is kundan..

  3. Who is the actor playing the grownup Kundan?

  4. So

    So Krish is Kundan but where are Jaggya and Ganga. They did not give any money ti Shivam and Nansani to trael by bus.

  5. how long will they keep repeating the same story. First Anandi now Nandini.

    Strange Nandini & Shivam coming from illustrious families on both sides are calling themselves orphans.

    Where is Ganga Jagdish or Shiv’s family.

  6. Who is jagya and ganga ..Balika vadhu’s great authors hv forgotton everything. They r showing anything..3rd class story
    Pl stop watching

  7. All the other relatives seem to have disappeared too.

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