Balika Vadhu 18th March 2016 Written Episode Update


Balika Vadhu 18th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Shivam confessing to Anandi that he had feigned to be ill so that she couldn’t go with Nimboli for Urmila’s goad bharayi. He says I acted so that you don’t go with Nimboli. He says that idea was given to me by Mangla. I liked her idea and even thanked her. He says I realize now that I have done wrong. Anandi asks if that idea was given to you by Mangla? Shivam nods and apologizes. Anandi is shocked. She asks him not to blame himself. She thinks why Mangla did this.

Everyone clean the house. Mangla asks Harki if you and Kundan were in that room. Harki says yes. Nimboli asks what you were going secretly. Harki says we didn’t want your sleep to break. Nimboli asks what are you doing in the backyard. Harki cooks up a fake story. Kamli asks why you

didn’t call us when the door is locked. Harki says we shouted and screamed, but nobody heard us. Kundan says we are alive because of Baba ji, and he gave us new life. Kamli is thankful to him, says we should go and take his blessings. Harki says we will go in the morning and take his blessings, smiles at their stupidity. Harki comes to meet Akhiraj and shows the money, says Kamli couldn’t see the money and praises herself. Akhiraj calls her a fool and slaps her. He says I had to come there to save you and Kundan because of your foolishness. She says I curse for the day when I told my truth to you. Harki and Kundan apologize to him. Akhiraj thinks my enemies couldn’t die even now. He thinks to make a concrete plan again to kill his enemies.

Dr. Anant is on the way to Jhalra. Nimboli picks the call and asks how are you? Dr. Anant says he is fine and asks how are you? Nimboli tells him that she is fine now and tells about the fire accident in night. Dr. Anant says I want to meet you and was going from here. Nimboli asks him to come home. Dr. Anant asks her to come on main road and says I brought gifts for you. Nimboli asks him to wait for her in the temple. Dr. Anant thinks to tell the truth to Nimboli and says this will make her closer to Nimboli.

Dadisaa checks the clothes and says it was stitched well. She thinks to surprise Nimboli and thinks to keep it in the almari. She opens the almari and finds the necklace fallen from inside. She thinks it is the same necklace which I gave her on dhanteras. She thinks to keep it safely and finds another same necklace. She gets shocked and thinks old necklace was lost by Nimboli. She recalls Mangla’s words, that the necklace is lost, and she has searched everywhere. She thinks it means Mangla lied to me. She takes both necklaces and goes to talk to Jagya. Jagya asks what is the matter? Dadisaa says there is a matter of worry and shows the two necklaces. She says I got both of these necklaces in Mangla’s room. Jagya says first necklace was never lost. Dadisaa says I have a doubt on her and says we gave our daughter to her.

Anandi still takes her side and says Mangla might have forgotten after keeping it. Dadisaa says can’t you see the truth. Anandi says she is tensed after hearing Shivam’s confession. She tells them that Shivam told that Mangla gave him idea to act to be ill on Urmila’s goad bharayi day. she says I can understand Shivam’s point, but why Mangla doesn’t want me to attend her goad bharayi. Jagya says it is obvious that she don’t want you to spend time with Nimboli. Dadisaa says Jagya said right and says Mangla want to keep you far from Nimboli, and she don’t want Nimboli to become your Nandini. Ganga says we have to go and meet her. Jagya says we have to take care as Nimboli is under her influence. He says her lies won’t work now.

Dr. Anant gives gifts to Nimboli. Nimboli gets happy and thanks him. Dr. Anant asks her if she ever thought why Devimaa is called Maa.
Nimboli says just because she is like our mum. Dr. Anant says we see mum’s reflection in Devimaa and that’s why we call her maa. He says Maa’s place is so high and can’t be wrong. Nimboli says every mum can’t be good. Anant says your mum might be beautiful, smiling, loving like you. Nimboli recalls Mangla making her meet with the woman and referring her as her mum. Nimboli recalls her fake mum scolding her and breaking her heart. Nimboli tells Anant that her mum is very bad and she have met her. Anant is shocked.

Nimboli’s fake mum comes to Akhiraj’s house, and says she came to apologize to Nimboli. Kamli says you are not her mum. Mangla says that is what I am saying? Nimboli asks who is my mum? Anandi comes and says I will tell you who is your real mum.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Now things are moving towards a positive direction…. Better late than never!

  2. excellent story line but i’m worries about nimboli response, what happens next episode ?
    akhiraj makes concrete plan to kill anandi, jagadish, nimboli, kamali and worst mangla ??
    if anandi is going die? if nimboli accept anandi as a mother and her responsibilites ???
    if not accepts wat is next plan of anandi ????
    daddu and family come or not to india ?????
    many questions in my mind but solution is this dragging episodes.

  3. Dumbo anandi still believes mangla…how ridiculous… ab is character ka kuch nahi ho sakta…

  4. Today’s episode –
    Akheraj yells at Harkhi but Kundan assures him that they will make another plan to kill the family members. Kalyani finds the chain she had given to Nimboli in Mangla’s room. She get suspecious about Mangla’s intentions.

    I asked a question about Anandi and Nimboli’s truth –
    Here are the replies
    Kalyani – Mother and daughter will not unite untill the end of BV.
    Summi – Mother and daughter will not be united
    Ganga – No Idea.

  5. Waiting for the episode of meeting anandi and nandini

    1. Me too.but I think anandi is going to die.akhiraj will kill her

      1. Do u mean to say nimboli wil b the heroin after anandi’s death?

  6. Seems the writer of BV is a confused man himself n so he is confused with the characters n eventually the characters are confused n there’s change in their shades every second….
    1.anandi when adopted anmol n when his real parents came to take him anandi was reluctant to give him as she was attached to him n same is mangla then why she is confused with mangla’s behaviour?????
    2. Anandi shows her intelligent analysis when jagdish has problm with ganga regards to his attention towards shivam more than abhi, where in anandi lectures jagdish n today her analytical skill vanishes…
    3.a confused akhiraj who sometimes shows n expresses dat his life is in an around harki n kundan n brings gifts for harki n today slaps her…
    4. Kamli doubts n analyses n finds contradiction between mangla’s version regards to behaviour of badi haveli people n actual behaviour of theirs n questions once n then forgets after one discussion…

    1. Agree. Kamli has short memory.
      Anandi has no brains.
      Akheraj kisses and slaps.

  7. At last nimboli is getting the truth after all this drama. But don’t know, writers of BV might stilldrag this drama…

    1. I think they may drag by making nimboli angry

  8. Thanks Shiv for dat video…. he is one of my favorites… n dear Ganga many things can be done… a revolution takes place when Mass come into action… AAM AADMI agar zidd pe aa jaye toh kisi ki bhi taqat badal sakte hain… phir woh hitler ho ya angrez hinki shikaast aam admi dwara hi hua…toh auraat pe kiya zulm aur zulmi kyun nahi… I work for a NGO as a part time who works for orphans n victimised women…

    1. I’m still thinking for the solution. When I’ll get it I’ll work on it for sure. Great work of yours keep it up.

      1. Good answer Ganga. 🙂

    2. Yes Dolana u r right, Aam admi zid pe aaye to kuch bi kar sakte hai, problems are like speed breaker in life. some big are like signals have patience. nothing will change in one night. but it only woman who can make the sun rise (i.e change ) we do say we stay in a men dominated society, but who made this men dominated society its the women, there are yet many women who kill their girl child before birth, and even after birth of daughter the mother give more importance to the son than the daughter, she is happy when her son fails in exam (i mean not happy but she dont feel bad ) but when the same mother’s daughter come first in class she just show she is happy. the next day she plans something new to keep her daughter busy so that she cannot get time to study, She can let her son do time pass for the whole day but if the daughter share some of her work with her brother she gets angry. Girls, Women has to face much problems in society, we say education begins at home if the girl faces so many things at home how can we expect to change the society.

      1. I’m sorry Mani I’m not being rude but I don’t agree on your thinking.
        Yes, aam admi(why not aam insaan) zid pe aa jae toh kuch bhi kar sakta hai. Then let’s go for strike.
        Women didn’t made this domined socity; they act like they made it( ex- when husband beats his wife she usually says to people that there is no problem between us it was my fault.MAN made dominated socity.

        No mother kills her daughter after giving birth. It’s her husband or mother in-law (yes, here women is enemy of women)

        I haven’t seen yet mother love her son more than daughter but heard of it. I think it is because she was pressurized to give a son to the family and when it comes she feels relieved and gives extra attention to son. It is general mother loving son more and father loving daughter more. This usually happens in rural area where women think daughters have nothing to do with study but when daughter will go sasural she should not face deficulties so she should learn house hold works.

        Yes, daughters face problems to get education but it’s not only mother’s fault.
        If we will blame each other then we will never overcome this situation.

      2. Aap jao kisi YouTube ke video pe jo ladkiyon ke rights ke bare mein ho. Comments dekhiye 90% people comments negative on all these. They even say that women fakes about there problem and making India look worse( really? you care about India’s image not women victims?). If any girl makes video on feminism then gaaliyon ki kami Nahi hogi us page mein.
        They(man) give us rights where they get any benefit( like women employment etc)
        But if they are losing anything ( like marital rape, where they cannot rape there wife anymore) they just make some excuses.

  9. I Think Now the director is coming to couple of weeks mangala character is gng to be revealed in front of nimboli..but dont knw that when it will happen..hope they will not drag this track for another 1yr.

  10. I stand corrected… jinki shikaast

  11. Hey Shiv Kalyani Sumi Ganga Honey it seems our comments are been observed…. today anandi was wearing a different necklace after so many months… I hope we will get to see anandi with good silk sarees n little more make up n a young look… the writers seem to realise dat ganga having a teenaged son looks more glamorous n anandi having younger children than her n harki looks typically old…. jago writers jago makeup artists

    1. Well, that’s a good sign then. Although, I am not very good at observing women’s jewellary, clothes etc, I believe you that she had a different necklace today 🙂

      Whatever she wears, she just look pathetic. Expression less, dumb looking face. I just felt like throwing up, when she started defending Mangla in today’s episode. I got little comfort little later when she told Shivam’s confession.

      And I like shivani’s response (if writers are listening) –
      “writers kuch toh sharam karo aur khatam karo is bakwas ko”

      1. sarayu (honey)

        how many people added to this page. by the way are you working in USA or studying

      2. Working. How about you sarayu?

      3. I am studying.

  12. Again some technical problm my comments arent getting uploaded…

  13. Gud nite to all friends in India n Blessed day to all friends in America… its time to bury my face into the pillow…. if I get late tomorrow my dear darling sweetheart boss will sure sue me… if she in good moods then the best day for me par agar pati se ladh ke aayi hogi than worst for me… 😛

  14. Hahaha… all my other comments vanishes n I hv no patience to write all d 10 long comments again… by the way Shiv kisi ko toh India me rehene do… sab ko america le jaoge toh america over populated ho jayega

    1. dolana, chahe hum (Indians) India me rahe ya US me, population tho badega hi badega. Humko bus ye chees achi taraha se karneko aatha hai. Thoda bahut population India me kum hua tho, India ko kuch farak nahi padtha. India tho population ka samandar hai. 😉
      Lekin desh ke bahar aake, desh ka naam badana, ye kuch alag baath hai. And that’s what we strive to do all the time.

  15. U can understand shivam but y mangla..what a seems to be anandi is lost..iodine ki kami hi..mandhbuddi..jago anandi jago..baago mangla baago

  16. I am so happy today. I just loved today’s episode

    1. Honey, you will be more happy if you don’t watch it 🙂

      Just kidding….

  17. Omg end this story plz let anandi tel truth and make her unite with her daughter nimboli then after that let anant and anandi marriage happen and let akhiraj harki and mangla die aur khatam karo is chapter ko balika ki vadhu ka budhapa hone ko aa raha rai writers kuch toh sharam karo aur khatam karo bakwas ko

  18. Hope writers of Balika Vadhu finds another track so we can see something positive in this serial. Wow writers finally decided to give some sensible storyline. Anandi is one of the most idiotic person,even when dadisaa is informing about Mangla’s true intentions she is still defending Mangla but finally she revealed her Shivam’s talking about Nimboli. I can’t understand how Nimboli’s fake mother can come to Jhalra . How Anandi knows about the lady used by Mangla. I think Dr Anant’s step to inform Nimboli about her real mother insists Nimboli to speak about lady whom she met in Jaitsar as her mother . Oh I got answer to my question that Dr Anant may help Anandi to find that lady in Jaitsar. I think we not anything

    1. I think the fake mother came to BH to meet Mangala for more money. And they must have told her that Mangala is in Jhalra. Menawhile they sensed something wrong and accompanied that lady to Jhalra.

      Too much JHalra and Mangala has backfired and the trps have come down for Balikavadhu.

      Please put an end to Mangala and Mangala nonsense.
      Anandi should be made defence lawyer for Mangala! What a dumb woman Anandi is! She does not want to believe dadisa, Anant, Jagya and she wants to believe blindly only Mangala.

      1. That is a convincing story Kalyani. But for this to happen in the serial they might take couple of days or weeks may be. Sometimes they show it in precap and completely forget about it.

  19. I think we will not see mother daughter milan on Monday too.

  20. The same precap will go for 1 week and atlast they will show that these truth telling scenes will be a dream..

  21. I think the other track in balika vadhu may be about Kamli n her hubby Pushkar. During the fire incident n after it only Pushkar had different look on his face as if he trying to understand un seen picture n figure out truth which is not seen.

  22. Like sasuralsimar ka why cannot you telecast balika vadhu seven days a week?

  23. Have you observed something? Slowly one by one, her well wishers are disobeying her dictats. First dadisa broke the truth to Shivam without getting permission from Madam Anandi. And Anant is also doing what he wants like telling truth to Nimboli without Anandi’s permission.

  24. Bv going to end?

  25. I heard that BBC going to end soon

    1. sarayu (honey)

      what is it real?

  26. Yeah I too heard Balika Vadhu is going to end but plz writers let the good win n bad should come to its real end , last but not the least unite Anandi n Nandini n show us mother n daughter’s love before its end.

  27. Bv is fetching enough trps!
    Nd its very hard for a new show to maintain the strong grip..which balika vadhu did because of strong story line!
    I think u shouldn’t end it just for rashmi sharma’s next!
    That stupid woman and her stupid shows
    Sasural dayano ka
    Gopi bahu
    Swara aur ragini ki 10000000000 shaadiyaan
    So plzz!!

  28. End all these serials n first to go should be sasural simar ka n the rest follows…. its better if serials like nukaad yeh jo hai zindagi is back

  29. You are right Ganga, I can understand, it is hard to believe, hey, I dont mean to go for strike, strike or fights are never the solution, women have many rights, but some use it to choose right and some misuses them.
    You know I too didnt believe when I first came to know about certain things like this, but when I practically saw I was bound to believe.
    There are nos of ladies who cries under the pillow but if they are asked to stand they do stand, but can never say single word about the problems they faced or are facing. They show as of ‘They are the happiest person in the world.’ but until and unless you go close to the particular we can never understand.
    You are right, Mother do teach their daughters the household works for their good self, but not all are happy for their daughters success, yes for certain things its ok some of things which cannot be disclose as she cant trust to keep them under the pillow, she just keep it inside the pillow as she know well and good that nobody is going to open the pillow to search certain things

  30. 2141 – 21 Mar
    Mangla gets angry on Nimboli after she tells Anant about her meeting with Kanta. The family members reach Jhalra. Nimboli confesses that she has met Kanta before and that she is her mother.
    2142 – 22 Mar
    Nimboli finds out that Anandi is her mother when Kanta reveals that she has been told to act like her mother. Anandi confronts Mangla and asks her to tell the truth.
    2143 – 23 Mar
    Mangla is shattered when she sees Nimboli leave with Anandi and the family members to Jaitsar. Later, Anandi and her kids stand in front of Shiv’s photograph and pray.
    2144 – 24 Mar
    Anandi tells Nimboli that she will address her as Nandini. A traumatised Mangla speaks to a doll. Kamli calls up Anandi and informs her about Mangla’s mental condition.
    2145 – 25 Mar
    Akheraj plans to head to Jaitsar and informs Harkhi and Kundan about his plans. Anandi gets Mangla admitted in a hospital in Jaitsar and tries to convince Nimboli to meet her.

  31. My comments –
    Couldn’t wait to post. This is the week guys…finally the truth is revealed and Magla has become mental. Enjoy…

    1. then wat about nandini shiv will she accept anandi as her mother??????

      1. In coming days (this week itself), Nandini will accept Anandi as her mother and goes to Jaitsar.

        Actually that’s a good sign. We are so much habituated to this dragging that its very hard to accept this so soon. 🙂

  32. ty for ur reply shiv and i have a doubt thought of asking from many days but kept quiet are u the one who acted in BV previously…..(i mean siddharth)

  33. Hi Ramya…no this is not that Shiv. What makes you think that? I am just another viewer of BV just like you. 🙂

    1. hi shiv ……ok as ur giving the week updates before the serial telecast i got doubt so i jst asked… 🙂

      1. Oh..these updates are from Times of India. I just copy it here for the sake of convenience and fun. (and to surprise people like you…kidding). So..are you in India or US?

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