Balika Vadhu 18th June 2016 Written Episode Update

Balika Vadhu 18th June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Nandini making an excuse that she got scared seeing cockroach. Triveni asks where were you? Nandini says I was behind the curtain. Krish says I will see it. Triveni says your wife is making excuses to bring you to her room. She says she shouted so loudly that even dead people would have died again. Kundan is hiding behind the door. Krish tries to get inside the room to get his phone, but Nandini stops him and handsover the phone to him. Krish asks what happened? Are you fine? Nandini looks on tensedly. Triveni scolds Krish and says she is fine. Triveni asks Karuna where is your husband? If he didn’t hear the voice. Karuna says he might be sleeping? Triveni says how can sleep and calls him kumkaran. Karuna says he is my husband and might be tired after doing work all day. Triveni

says I didn’t see him doing any work and taunts at him. Karuna says I will talk to you in the morning. Triveni says I don’t have the habit to talk much in nights and asks Krish, why didn’t you stop your mum when she decided to marry Abhayram. She says Karuna would have married Inspector or constable, but she married a prisoner. Abhayram/kundan is angry.

Abhayram looks at Nandini and says my wife has become understanding, and says today just fan had fallen on Krish, but if you speak then next time…..Nandini is shocked and thinks she can’t live her life scared, and have to find out the solution. Someone gives Shankar’s wallet to Dr. Amit and says it was found while cleaning his ward. Dr. Amit opens the wallet and sees chain. He opens the locket and sees Anandi and Shiv’s pic. Vandana comes and takes him with her.

Krish romances with Nandini and and says nothing can stop him today. Bol Halke Halke plays……………….Nandini kisses on his cheeks…..He makes her rest on table and holds her sensually…..She feels his touch……Krish is about to get closer and kiss her, but just then he hears Triveni snoring and wakes up. He thinks he is romancing with Nandini only in sleep and thinks when will his dream come true, says good night Nandini.

Next morning, Pandit ji checks the grahs in kundli etc…Krish says time is money and asks him to work fast. Triveni scolds him. Krish asks him to use laptop and says our jodi is perfect. Triveni says that’s why she is 7 years elder than you. Pandit ji says I got the solution and says Nandini have to make cows eat 100 rotis with her hand. Krish says he will bring 100 rotis. Pandit ji says she have to make it with her hand. Nandini says I have to go to hospital within 10 rotis. Krish says how can she make 100 rotis. Triveni says she used to make 200 rotis. Krish says I will also help her, else asks Pandit ji to check for solution in his papers. Nandini says I will make. She gets a message from hospital and thinks how I will reach hospital within an hour. Triveni asks what happened? Nandini says nothing and goes to kitchen.

Abhayram/Kundan looks on. Nandini takes the flour and kneeds it. She checks the time. She starts rolling rotis and makes many rotis. Krish comes to Nandini and asks her to come. Nandini says she don’t have time. Krish says I brought rotis and asks her to keep it. Nandini says she will make rotis and asks him to distribute it amongst the poor. Krish goes sadly. Abhayram asks what happened? Krish says Nandini refused to help and asked me to distribute it among poor. Abhayram looks at the receipt and asks Krish to give parcel to him. He takes out the bill and throws rotis far. He keeps the bill near Triveni. Nandini thinks I have to make 10 rotis more. Triveni comes to kitchen and throws the rotis plate on floor.

Pandit ji tells other solution and asks Nandini to give 1 tolas coin to 21 girls. Triveni calls Mr. Shekhawat and asks him to bring 21 tolas coins for 21 girls. He is shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Triveni is smart and she is not sparing even Kundan. She may find out the truth and spill the beans.
    I think there is too much skin show and adult content today between the leads in the dreamlike sequence.

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