Balika Vadhu 18th June 2015 Written Episode Update


Balika Vadhu 18th June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Akhiraj telling Harki that he will get the money from Kundan’s inlaws, which he spent on Kamli’s marriage. Disa thinks it will be good for Nimboli. Nimboli meets the villager women and tells that Harki sent her to do many works. She goes to fill the water pot. Ambika’s parents think that Ambika is lucky. Ambika’s mum puts her feet on cow’s dung and comes to wash her feet. Nimboli fetches water from the well. The neighbors see Ambika’s parents and ask who are you people? Ambika’s mum says they have fixed their daughter’s wedding with Akhiraj’s son Kundan. The neighbors are shocked and tell them that Kundan is already married to Nimboli. She shows that Nimboli is right here and asks them to confirm with her. Nimboli looks on.

Abhi brings chocolate for

Mannu. Mannu thinks Abhi didn’t know anything, so I shouldn’t behave badly with him. Dadisaa sees them talking and is relieved. Akhiraj gives money to Kundan and says today your marriage is fixed. Kundan goes out and sees Ambika’s parents coming back. Ambika’s mum tells them that they came to know about Kundan’s marital status. Ambika’s dad yells at Akhiraj for betraying them and keeping in dark. Akhiraj tells that he didn’t know about Nimboli’s background and got her married to Kundan to get his dosh off from him. He tells Nimboli is not Kundan’s wife, but a mere servant. Ambika’s parents refuse to get their daughter married in the house.

Harki asks them not to break the alliance. Ambika’s parents refuse and leave from there. Harki breaks the pot and beats Nimboli for breaking Kundan’s alliance. She tells that she will break her eyes and tortures her. Disa comes to her rescue and tells why you are punishing her as neighbors told the truth to Ambika’s parents. Disa takes her to room. Nimboli tells I am his wife. Disa prays that Nimboli gets a good sautan atleast. Nimboli asks her about everyone different behavior. Disa tells Harki is your mum in law. Nimboli asks if all mum in law are same. Disa says no. Nimboli says every mum will be same. My mum threw me in the garbage bin and is worse than Harki. Disa says she might have a reason. Nimboli says she will ask her if she meets her.

Nimboli tries to write on paper. Kundan is angry, but then calm down. He comes to her and tells that he will make her write. He touches her on the pretext of teaching and makes her write Nimboli in english. Harki calls her and she leaves after thanking Kundan.

Mannu tells Pooja that he has only one relation left for me, your and mine. He hugs her. Jagya sees them hugging each other. Akhiraj tells Harki that he will get other alliance for Kundan and tells that he have to do something to Nimboli.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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