Balika Vadhu 18th July 2013 Written Episode Update

Balika Vadhu 18th July 2013 Written Episode, Balika Vadhu 18th July 2013 Written Update

Ladies praise Gehna and puts kala tika on her. Sumitra is starting rituals, but Gehna stops and asks Dadisa if she can do that. Dadisa says how can a widow do all the rituals? It’s about your child.. I can’t take risk. Anandi says, you put mehendi on my hand before my marriage and I am so happy now. Anandi tells her she should do it. Sanchi too says no one believe in stuff like this and asks Dadisa not to disappoint Gehna. Anandi tells Dadisa, there is nothing greater than your blessings for Gehna’s child.

Emotional Dadisa agrees and does the rituals. After Dadisa, others do the rituals and give a message for Gehna’s baby to her. Gehna then asks Ganga to come. Sanchi goes to Ganga and tells her to go and she will handle Manu. Gehna is surprised as she gives Manu to Sanchi.


men are taking away all the weapons from everyone’s room so no one can attack them back.

Aashima is on the phone with Mahi. She thanks him for handling her and supporting so sensitively other night. Mahi tells her, you forgot your scarf here and Anandi saw it. Aashima gets worried. Mahi says, but I just said it must be Sanchi’s friend. Aashima apologizes him for troubling him so much. Mahi asks, can we talk about something else beside sorry and thanks? Aashima tells him to send that scarf to her through courier so there won’t be trouble again. Mahi says, trouble will be when Anandi bhabhi finds out that scarf is missing. Aashima says, then you will have to keep it for few days. Suddenly Shiv enters and Mahi hides the scarf. Shiv asks why he didn’t come for the lunch. Mahi says, I got a call from friend. Shiv says, daddu and dad are waiting for you. Mahi says, I will come after washing my hands. Shiv says, I am waiting. Mahi goes to bathroom, leaving his phone there. Mahi is relieved as Shiv didn’t hear anything and didn’t see scarf. Right then Mahi’s phone rings and he gets worried thinking it may be Aashima again and Shiv is in his room. Shiv looks at phone and gets up to pick it up. Before he does, the call gets disconnected and Mahi comes. Mahi asks whose call was it. Shiv says, don’t know.. before I pick up.. it got disconnected. Mahi is relieved again and decides to change Aashima’s name. They go for lunch.

Ganga gives shagun to Gehna. Gehna asks Ganga if she can get water for her. Ganga goes to get water. Sanchi gets a call from her friend and she goes on a side to talk. Manu sees bells on Gehna’s saree and goes to her. He plays with them at first, and no one notices him. He then pulls it and all the shagun/gifts fall down from Gehna’s lap. Suddenly there is a big silence. One guest says this is not a good thing. They wonder how Manu reached to Gehna. Sumitra screams and calls Ganga there.

Sumitra tells Ganga, can’t you handle your son? Where did you go leaving him here? Gehna says, I asked her to get water for me. Sumitra is still angry at Ganga for her carelessness. Ganga is collecting all the gifts, but sumitra says, no need to do all this. Take him and leave from here before he does anything else. Sanchi comes back. Ganga is crying and looks at Sanchi but doesn’t tell anything to Sumitra seeing her angry face. Ganga leaves with Manu.

Ratan’s man is doing something with electrical wires and Ganga finds something fishy, but Manu gets her attention to him and they leave.

Dadisa tells everyone, how can a child know what’s good and what’s bad. Children are God’s avatar. One guest agrees. Dadisa tells Gehna to take this as Manu’s blessings and everything will be fine. The music starts again. Anandi puts all the gifts back in Gehna’s lap.

Shiv is doing some work and keeps looking at his phone. He finally picks it up and calls Anandi.
He complains her that this is so unfair that she didn’t call him once after going to Jaitsar. Anandi says, I was going to call after godh bharai ritual. Shiv says, relax.. I was just joking.. you got serious. Call me when you’re free.. and before I hang.. I want to tell something.. I am missing you a lot and I hope you’re missing me as well. Anandi says, I am missing you as well… happiness would be double if you were here with me. But what to do.. only ladies are allowed in this function. Shiv says, when are you giving me that chance? Anandi feels shy. Shiv says, I am sure.. you must be waiting for this moment anxiously as well. Screen freezes on Anandi’s shy face.

Voiceover: People with good manners can’t go against the elders despite elders’ mistake.. they just stay quiet.

Precap: In her room, Ganga tells Manu, why do you do this that your mother has to hear scolding from everyone? Sumitra hears and says, scolding? Now I can’t even tell you to take care of your child? What if something had gone wrong. Try to understand. Sanchi is also there with Sumitra. She tells Ganga, maa is saying for Manu’s good.. what if anything had happened to him. Sumitra leaves.
Sanchi now shows her true colors and tells Ganga, how anyone else would give respect to someone who doesn’t respect herself. If it was someone else on your place, then she would have left this house long time ago.

Update Credit to: Shreya

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