Balika Vadhu 18th January 2013 Written Episode Update


Balika Vadhu 18th January 2013 Written Episode, Balika Vadhu 18th January 2013 Written Update

Scene 1:
Location: The villager’s house next to ganga’s
Jagiya wishes to talk to ganga but she leaves ignoring him. jagiya tells the villager that he has decided to return and he is happy to hear that. He gives his no. to him in nay case of need. He adds that he wanted to give something to ganga but couldnt. Jagiya leaves wishing him well.

Scene 2:
Location: Jaitsar haveli
Bhairo asks dadisa about shiv’s talk with her, and she says that shiv has told them to be there for an important thing. they are all puzzled as to what could it be.

Shiv and anandi come back and are asked about their orphanage visit by dadisa. Anandi says that it was very pleasant and that the children have send a return gift for dadisa, in return of her clothes and blankets. Dadisa is puzzled, but Shiv calls out to someone and jagiya appears in the doorway. Everyone in the family is pleasantly surprised to see him. Dadisa is overwhelmed with emotions and the whole family is teary eyed yet happy at the return of their son. Jagiya enters the haveli while his family is stunned to believe what they see. He comes upto them, while dadisa too aproaches him. Jagiya takes her blessings and she pats him on the cheek, almost dibelieving her eyes and hugs him tight to herself. He caringly is reprimanded by dadisa that he wishes to see her die by torturing them like this. She asks him to let her go in peace and in the vicinity of her whole family now, not in the wait of his grandson. Sumitra too blesses her son and hugs him while a teary eyed bhairo watches. He then goes over to everyone else and takes their blessings too. Dadisa asks shiv how he found them, anandi gives its entire credit to shiv saying that she had no clue that shiv was taking her there for this purpose. Shiv then tells them everything as to how he had sent people to search out for him, and distributed his photos around too and finally got his confirmation yesterday. He says that he took anandi so that she could convince jagiya to come back. Dadisa calls makhan to show jagiya and he too is overwhelmed to see him. while dadisa asks makhan to get jagiya’s belongings, anandi instructs him that he should put jagiya’s luggage in his room only, and not in the guest room. dadisa asks gehna to get sweets for them, but shiv interrupts her saying that she should get laddoos too so that they can fulfill the ritual of PAGPHERE too, that didnt happen previously. dadisa too is marvelled at the idea and instantly agrees to it.

Anandi along with shiv, start the ritual and dadisa blesses them with eternal happiness and prosperity. She also says that anandi is leaving behind lots of happiness and merriment in the family.

Shiv and anandi take everyone’s leave with dadisa asking them to keep coming. After they leave, dadisa says to jagiya that he has gone through a lot and penanced and regretted for it too. She says that she understands the pain that he’s going through for losing a girl like anandi. But she asks to let bygones be bygones and that now she wants him to stay here with his own family and not even think about leaving them ever again. Jagiya says, does he really deserve their love and affection after what he did to them. Sumitra says that they have forgotten everything and that he should too now, for eternity.

Nandu who has just entered is overjoyed to see jagiya. Jagiya takes him in his lap while nandu is exuberant in his happiness at having his elder brother back. Dadisa asks nandu to take jagiya to the market and shop to his heart’s content and that they would celebrate Makar Sankranti with great pomp, inviting everyone to her celebration.

Scene 3:
Location: In the temple premises
Anandi prays to the goddess that she’s very thankful to her for restoring her family’s happiness over again while shiv prays to the goddess to keep anandi happy like this always. They come outside having finished their prayers.

Anandi thanks shiv for the effort to find jagiya, and then to take her along and also for the way he made jagiya understand so that he would return and most of all, for restoring her family’s happiness with his sense of maturity and understanding. Shiv says that he too wants to thank her for showing her belonging feeling, even for sanchi who has been very impatient with her. Anandi fakes anger that he is referring to his family as his and not theirs. He apologizes for the same and anandi says that she loves everyone in their family just like her own family.

Shiv tries a trick to get her to confess her love for shiv, by putting her in a trap when he asks her about everyone as to who all she loves ion her family and she ends up saying yes when shiv’s name is mentioned. while shiv is amused, anandi is shy and embarrased. The screen freezes on her face.

Underlying message: A person who brings happiness in others life by his heart, words and actions always experiences a supreme sense of happiness and satisfation in his own life.

Precap: Shiv presents himself amusingly before her, saying that now that he is present in front of her, she could tell him how much she loves him. while she is feeling shy.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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