Balika Vadhu 18th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Balika Vadhu 18th February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Anandi telling Mangla that she has seen. Mangla asks her to send Nimboli to Jhalra along with her to save her from pain. Everyone is shocked. She thinks Nimboli should have come by now. She says I am returning your daughter to you and asks her to take care. She thinks Nimboli should come else she have to leave alone. Nimboli comes running and calls Maa. She asks where you are going leaving me here? Mangla says I am going to Jhalra. Nimboli insists to come with her. She says Jhalra is my home also. Mangla says you can’t go there, as Kundan and Harki are there. She asks her to stay here with Anandi, Ganga, Jagya, and Dadisaa. She says you want to go to school naa, and asks her to learn driving also. Nimboli says I don’t want to stay here, and says I will come with

you. Dadisaa says how we will live without you. Anandi says whenever you have holidays, I will take you to Jhalra. She says you are learning karate, drawing etc here. Nimboli says if Maa stays here, then I will learn everything else I will go with my mum. Ganga says we will go to big mela and enjoy. Mangla says that’s why I wanted to go before she wakes up. Anandi says how to make her understand? Mangla says let her go with me now, I will make her understand to come back here after 4 days. Nimboli says she want to go. Dadisaa asks her to stop it. Anandi says if she wants to go, then let her go. Dadisaa is shocked. Jagya and Ganga are shocked too. Anandi asks Nimboli to have food on time and says she will call Mangla and ask her. Nimboli nods. Anandi hugs her. Taari Maa plays……………..
Nimboli folds her hands and says bye. Mangla takes the suitcase and is about to go with her. Mannu, Shivam and Abhi come back. Mannu asks where you are going? Nimboli says Jhalra. Dadisaa and Anandi get teary eyes.

Akhiraj is seen sitting under the tree, as maha yogya pandit and does the dhyaan. Many villagers gather there. Akhiraj silently opens his eyes and thinks if anyone identify you then your life will end and if not then laughs. A woman proceeds towards him. Akhiraj’s helper Deenu let the woman speak to Akhiraj. She tells him that her stomach pain have gone after he treated her. She asks him to accept the gift. Akhiraj refuses. Deenu says he have food once in a day time. He asks her to leave the gift and he will give it hungry man. Woman thanks him. All the villagers looks on surprised.

Other villager man tells about his leg pain. Akhiraj acts as reading some mantras and gives him flower and performs the magic. Everyone thinks he is very great and calls him mouni baba. Akhiraj thinks they couldn’t identify me, and I have to keep quiet for sometime.

Kamli is seen working. Just then Nimboli asks her to take onions etc. She opens the door and finds her. Kamli and Pushkar get happy. Mangla says I missed you both and that’s why came. Kamli asks if everything is fine in Jaitsar. She says I thought Anandi would not let her go. Mangla says Anandi told you wrong and says she is responsible for Nimboli’s condition. She says she didn’t oppose when I said that I am taking her here. Kamli says you did right, but there is Kundan and Maa’s problem. We will take care. She asks her to wash her face and says she will make tea. Harki thinks two dacoits have come. Pushkar tells Nimboli that Anandi and Jagya came at right moment and saved you. Nimboli thinks about Mangla’s words. She asks Pushkar to come and says we will play. Pushkar says I have grown up now. Nimboli says she will go to Pampo’s house and will play. Pushkar says I will drop you. Nimboli says she will go alone. Kundan comes and twists her hand. Nimboli shouts. Pushkar comes and twists Kundan’s hand asking him not to touch her again else he will cut her hand. He asks Nimboli to go. Harki comes out and shouts Pushkar. Pushkar leaves Kundan. Harki asks if you are fine? Kundan says I will ask Kamli to kick them out. Harki says Kamli will not agree and says this house is not ours now. Kundan says what we will do? Harki says your dad is no more, but they forgot that we are still alive. She says whenever I see them, my body gets burnt. Time has come to fulfill Akhiraj’s work. Kundan nods.

Nimboli asks Mangla why she has taken decision suddenly to come to Jhalra. She asks her again. Mangla thinks she have to tell her truth now.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Tired of seeing this unending saga

    CUT THE CRAP NOW and finish the show quickly!!!

    1. i totaly agree with u

  2. This stupid story line has gone too far! ❤️

    1. Will stupid Mangla Tell the truth to nimboli? , does Anandi has comman sense or not?

  3. Nimboli is not getting answers either from anandi or from mangala.

    Mangala has become completely negative and she lost it.

    Nimboli needs to experience what Jhalra is.

    Unnecessary dragging.

  4. Anandi. What a mother! Just because Nimboli wanted it, she readily sent NImboli away with Mangala knowing the dangers. Tomorrow if Nimboli is adamant enough to live as a beendini with Kundan, will anandi give in and accept?

  5. Simply dragging

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    the nominations for rising star(best debut) are
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  7. Make nimboli know the truth live with anandi hapily,mangala will definitely die in the hands of akhiraj…,anandi n nimboli together fight with akhiraj dacoit

  8. Here is what’s going to happen in couple of weeks guys. Puskar is going tell Nimboli that Anandi is her real mother. Nimboli is now angry with Mangla and now Mangla will try to make up with Nimbole (7 weeks). This is all while she protecting is protecting Nimboli from Harki and Kundan. Akhiraj will become famous as Sadhu while committing secret crimes.
    Kamli’s in-laws again tries to kill Puskar, but this time he successfully defeats them (3 weeks). Still…neither Anandi doesn’t tell truth to her daughter…nor Nimboli. Akhiraj will move to Jhalra….

  9. thank god ye ladki chal gai jaithsar se… nimboli and mangla charcters katam kar do na… nimboli bahuth iritate karti hi…

  10. Who is gaining when anandi is not telling the truth?

    Mangala is gaining temporarily.

    Anandi is gaining by garnering sympathy from BH people and some viewers.

    Kunadan and Harki and also Akheraj are gaining by getting a second chance.

    Nimboli is gaining by getting alot of screen space.

    But we viewers are losing our patience.

  11. Actually Directors and writers are gaining days, weeks and months of time. Without having any real story…they are gaining lot of time from viewer, testing their patience.

  12. Will stupid Mangla Tell the truth to nimboli? , does Anandi has comman sense or not?

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