Balika Vadhu 18th February 2014 Written Episode Update


Balika Vadhu 18th February 2014 Written Episode, Balika Vadhu 18th February 2014 Written Update

The episode starts with Alok asking Ira, why you are so restless? Ira says, you didn’t think about Saachi’s pain while taking the decision. Alok says, she wants justice and we have to fight for justice Ira asks, is justice is important than our daughter’s respect. Alok says, if we get scared then what others will learn. I can’t teach Saachi to keep silent. Ira says, I don’t understand being a mother. Dadisaa asks about Mannu. Jagya says Ganga takes care of the child. Dadisaa says, she take care of myself as well. Gehna pulls Jagya’s leg. Anandi calls Dadisaa and says I am feeling proud of you. Dadisaa says, I got inspiration from you to fight against injustice. Anandi says, you are loving to me like before. Dadisaa says, I miss you very much. Anandi says, you have sent me

here. Anandi says, you have to take care of Jaitsar. Dadisaa says, I am looking for Jaitsar’s development. I will inform you about the same. She gives blessings to Shiv and Amol.

Shiv gets a call from CM. CM says, Media is reporting Jaitsar issue. You was the collector when govt sanctioned college. Shiv says, I was the first collector. CM says, we can’t find the papers and asks him to enquire about the matter. He says, I don’t want to take any wrong decision. Jagya is standing in the terrace. Ganga comes and says I am searching for you everywhere. Jagya seems upset with her as she is busy with their children and work. Ganga asks, what do you want? Jagya gets romantic and asks her to understand his feelings.

Jagya and Ganga get romantic. Saachi comes with Anandi and sit. Daddu asks her to sit. Shiv gets a call from the Inspector. Shiv says, we want to file FIR. He tells his family that Inspector was asking, did we take a decision about filing a case. Saachi says, I am ready. Ira asks her to rethink. Saachi says, I know it is not easy but I won’t keep quiet. I can bear anything. Anoop says, we need a good lawyer. Daddu says, I know one lawyer Maheshwari. Alok says, I will talk to him. Saachi says, I have a request I want Mr. Vivek Kabra to fight the case. He is the same lawyer who fought Jagdish’s case against me. Alok asks, why? Saachi says, he fought against me but he didn’t do any tricks. He won the case with truthfulness. I think he is the right lawyer for this case.

Ira asks, Shiv. Shiv says she is right. I will talk to the lawyer. Ganga and Jagya search for the newspaper. They couldn’t find it anywhere. Basant searches it too. Gehna says, I will call Maasa for tea. Dadisaa comes down while reading the newspaper. Everyone look at her surprisingly. Jagya takes her photo. Bhairov says, Maasa read the newspaper. Dadisaa says, I will start reading the newspaper daily to know about Jaitsar and college land. Bhairov says, we are happy. Ganga tells Dadisaa that she will read the newspaper for her. Dadisaa says, she made me remember Anandi.

Inspector says, it might be painful for you to tell about everything but you have to tell. Lady constable takes her statement. Ira looks worried. Saurabh’s mom gives him tiffin. Saurabh says, I will eat outside. She insists him to take the tiffin. Police comes and arrests him on charges of rape. His parents are shocked.

Saurabh tells his brother Vivek Kabra that he is innocent. His brother assures him that he will be free soon. Shiv comes to him and asks him to take the case. Vivek refuses to take the case..

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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