Balika Vadhu 18th December 2015 Written Episode Update


Balika Vadhu 18th December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Mangla turning after talking to Kamli and sees Dadisaa standing. She gets shocked. Nimboli thinks to cheer up Shivam. Mangla tells that she was praising Anandi. Dadisaa says Anandi is Nimboli’s mum and loves her a lot. Mangla thinks thank god, she didn’t hear anything. Shivam shouts at Nimboli for spoiling his drawing. Nimboli goes to mangla. Mangla apologizes to them. Shivam argues. Anandi asks them to apologize to each other. Nimboli says I did a mistake and apologizes to him. Anandi makes Shivam apologize to Nimboli for scolding her. Mangla takes Nimboli with her.

Nimboli cries in her room. Mangla says I told you many times not to play with Shivam. Nimboli says she was trying to help Shivam. Anandi tells Shivam that Nimboli was trying to help him and asks him

to observe the matter before reacting. Nimboli tells Mangla that Dadisaa and Anandi scolded Shivam and made him apologize. Mangla says they have acted to keep you quiet and says Shivam is their son. Shivam tells Anandi that everyone is doing partiality with him. A fb is shown, Jagya asking Nimboli to fire the arrow at the ravan dahan, and the recent happenings. Shivam says you cares for Nimboli and not me, why? She asks him to tell…….Anandi thinks we both have a special relation with her, and wishes she could tell him. Mangla instigates Nimboli against everyone. Nimboli says I understood that they were shouting at me indirectly and says she will never talk to him. Mangla hugs her.

Akhiraj and Badri checks the wall and start breaking it They hear Jailer coming and hides the big hole with a big bag. Jailer comes inside to see, but then gets a call and leaves. Akhiraj says we will elope tomorrow.

Dadisaa asks Anandi if Shivam’s anger is cool down. Anandi says she doesn’t know what to do and thinks Mangla is helping her, but….Anant says my suggestion is different and says we can’t depend on Mangla. We have to find out about the hatred in Nimboli’s heart for her mum and then do accordingly. Nimboli comes holding the doll and shows it to Anant. Anant asks why do you call Disa as your mum? Nimboli says Disa asked me to call her Maa. Anant says have you ever thought, what you will address to your real mum? Nimboli recalls her fake mum. Anant asks her to reply? Nimboli says I will call her chudail, will throw stone on her and will bite her. Dadisaa asks her not to tell that to her mum. Nimboli says my mum hates me and I hates her too. Anant asks who told you this? Nimboli says I know, and threatens to go back to Jhalra if anyone speaks again about her mum. Anandi gets sad. Dadisaa tells Anandi that why do Nimboli hates her mum so much, when she doesn’t see her. Dadisaa says Mangla said that Akhiraj and Harki used to provoke her against her mum. Anant says they have to take psychologist’s help.

Nimboli comes running to Mangla. Mangla asks what happened? She goes to Anandi and asks if she gets happiness by making Nimboli cry. Dadisaa says Anandi is Nimboli’s real mum.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. how many days this dragging going on…?
    anandi presence very innocence now a days, she is educated and intelligence person, this is the time to use some intelligence about mangala stupid tricks.
    mangla make all emotional and stupid tricks infront of nimboli. all ways mangla disturbs nimboli
    like meet fake mother, useless conversations and telling lies.
    Dr. anant always awares anandi but anandi not consider anant words.
    please stop this nonsence….?

  2. Enough of this idiotic dragging. People started hating already. Wake up producers

  3. Time has come …. I feel why i wasted my 10 mins reading updates….

  4. As a social worker it’s anandi ‘s responsibility to understand mangla’s feelings as well. It’s quite common action that can be expected from a person like mangla without any hope other than nandhini. Along with nandhini, mangla deserves counseling. Hopefully this bv will focus on other issues of society as well.

  5. This is going way crazy. I hardly watch this show now. I doubt if this serial would ever turn to be interesting. why waste time and money in producing such a pathetic serial. God knows what these production/direction units are trying to prove.. May be they are just trying to test audience patience???? grrrr.. Akhiraj out of prison?? You gotta be kidding me right!! how can someone escape from prison so easily? what is this serial trying to prove?
    Too many questions from everyone and the only answer for all these Qs is just end the DRAMA.

  6. Something or the other has to happen. I dont expect a turn of events even in the next 20yrs. Seriously I think that NImboli is too immature for her age. The atmosphere she grew up made her like that. Even Chakor is more mature than her. When will this girl ever be mature or when will Mangala Die. Best is for her to be killed by Akiraj. Both grps will get back their vengeance.

  7. The writer is stupid idiot!!!

  8. I think its high time mangala’s true intentions come to light. This is too much dragging its starting to get very boring because no justice is ever shown here

    1. Honest opinion

      Yes!!!!!! Agreed 110%!

  9. anandi is being projected as soooo nice to the point of being dumb that she cannot figure out mangla’s intention ?? Even dr anant who came yesterday can sense something amiss and so do others.There are so many unrealistic situations in the story. Producers please wake up and call for a fast reunion between mother and daughter

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