Balika Vadhu 18th August 2015 Written Episode Update


Balika Vadhu 18th August 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Urmila asking Akhiraj to free Nimboli from the punishment else she will not eat anything. Akhiraj asks are you threatening me? Don’t eat if you don’t want to. Harki asks Akhiraj to calm down and tells Urmila is pregnant with Kundan’s baby. Akhiraj asks Harki to do whatever she thinks is right. Harki signs Urmila to free Nimboli. Urmila gets happy and frees Nimboli’s hands. Nimboli hugs Urmila. Disa looks at their new found love. Mannu mortgaged his chain given by Ratan Singh for Rs. 15000. Pooja tells Sarita that she is going on a school field trip. Sarita asks her to wear school dress. She gets Mannu’s call and lies to Sarita that Nidhi is calling her. She leaves from home.

Nimboli makes ginger tea for Urmila and asks shall I bring something for you. Urmila

stares her surprisingly and asks don’t you get pained after a rigorous punishment. Nimboli says she is happy and her pain is taken away by bird after a sleep. Urmila asks why you are happy? Nimboli asks her to forward her hand and kisses on her hand. She thanks her for supporting her, and that too infront of Akhiraj. Kundan comes and scolds Urmila for talking infront of Akhiraj. He says no one has strength to talk to Akhiraj and you have changed his decision. He asks will you threatened my Bapu and tries to beat her. Nimboli pushes Kundan and takes out knife, threatening him. Kundan tells that I won’t leave you. Nimboli laughs and asks him to first hold her. Kundan looks on surprisingly. Nimboli asks him to go. He leaves. Nimboli laughs. Urmila also laughs. She tells Kundan is dangerous and asks her to keep knife with her. She asks why don’t you tell your Bapusaa about Kundan’s behavior.

Pooja is on way and talks to Mannu. She asks did he get the money? Mannu says yes. He says he will come there. Pooja comes to the hospital. Mannu is in auto and asks the driver to drive fast. He tries calling Pooja, but she didn’t pick his call. Nurse calls Pooja. Doctor asks where is Mannu? Pooja says he will come. Doctor asks the nurse to ask Mannu to deposit the money, and then inform her. She says she will start the abortion process. Pooja says let Mannu come first. Doctor says we can’t wait for him all day. Mannu reaches the hospital and asks where is Pooja. The receptionist informs him that she is taken to OT for abortion, and asks him to deposit the money. Mannu goes to the OT and asks Pooja to get up saying he don’t want to get the abortion done. Doctor says if this is a joke? Why did you waste my time. Mannu tells that he will give her fees.

Pooja and Mannu are on the way back home. Pooja asks why did you not allowed me to get abortion. Mannu tells that he went home before coming here and heard about Jagya and Ganga’s conversation. A flashback is shown, Jagya asks Ganga to stop doubting Pooja. Ganga tells that she wants Mannu to forget Pooja and move on in his life. She tells that time will separate them. FB ends. Mannu says he didn’t know what was happening with him. He says he has decided to stop the abortion. He says parents don’t bend infront of kids, but infront of grand kids. Pooja says I don’t think we are doing this right. Mannu tells that we have to hide this fact to save our relation.

Urmila talks to her mum and disconnects the call. Nimboli asks did you inform your mum about Kundan’s behavior. Urmila tells that her mum told that every husband’s behavior is same. She asks about her mum. Nimboli tells that she didn’t see her mum as she thrown her in garbage when she was small.

Anandi comes to Shivam’s room and looks at Nandini’s photo frame. She caresses her photo. Nimboli tells that she dislikes her mum. Urmila asks her not to say that, and says you didn’t know about her helplessness. Nimboli says she don’t like her and she just hates her. She says I will never forgive her. Anandi talks to her photo and says I love you more than my life. She says your mum yearns for you every moment and cries hugging her photo.

Jata Shankar offers to help Akhiraj in elections. Kamli thinks akhiraj is taking Jatashankar’s advantage, and she won’t let him succeed. Someone tries to kill Pushkar’s family and rams lorry to their car.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  2. Its hard to digest why they changed jag ya character

  3. Why was jagya changed? Shashank vyas was a perfect jagya and also handsome than shakti anand. Shakti is a nice and good looking actor but shashank is unique. Please get him back.

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