Balika Vadhu 18th April 2015 Written Episode Update

Balika Vadhu 18th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Ganga bandaging Mannu’s wounds. Mannu says he took a shortcut to drop Pooja, but don’t know why this happened. Pooja asks about his wound. Ganga says wound is not deep thanks to Devimaa. She asks Makhan kaka to drop Pooja home. Makhan kaka says ok and asks Pooja to come. Ganga asks her to go. Pooja says bye and asks Mannu to take care. She leaves. Mannu thanks Ganga and says he will study now. Ganga asks what was the need to study with Pooja. It will be waste of time. Mannu says I can study alone also, but when I explain to Pooja then my revisions also happens. Ganga asks him to study alone. Mannu agrees.

Nimboli gives letter to Gopal and tells about the groom’s childish behavior. She asks him to meet her anyhow and convince her to eat. Gopal says he is dying to

meet Kamli, but if anyone sees them then it will be problematic for Kamli. Kundan is going from there, talking on phone. Gopal writes a letter for Kamli and handover to Nimboli. He asks her to tell Kamli that he is coming to meet her in the night. Nimboli assures her support. Gopal thanks her and keeps his hand to bless her. Kundan sees them together and mistaken them to be in love. He beats Gopal and asks how dare you touch my wife. Nimboli says he fell down unconscious that’s why I made him drink water. Kundan says really. Nimboli says yes. Kundan asks Gopal to stay away from his wife. Nimboli asks him to come. Kundan calls him low class man and asks him to stay away from them. Nimboli takes the pot and starts walking. Kundan asks her to come.

Gopal thinks it won’t be easy to get Kamli and promises to do every possible try to get her. Pooja comes home and apologizes to Sarita for coming late. Sarita says you came early today. Pooja tells that Ganga told about her call. Pooja recalls and understands Ganga has lied. Sarita tells whenever you are in bade haveli, I don’t worry about you. They are good people and have done many favours on us. Pooja tells that she don’t keep anything on heart. Pooja tells that Ganga seems to be angry with her. Sarita says Ganga is very calm and a working woman. You might think of her wrong. She asks her to study.

Nimboli keeps the pot in the kitchen. Harki asks her to make roti. Nimboli sits to make roti and hides the letter.

Dadisaa talks to Shivam and blesses him for coming first in the class. Abhi and Ganga look on with jealousy. Shivam tells that Anandi gave him video game. Dadisaa asks Abhi to give his marks card. Shivam tells that Abhi’s marks are not good and he didn’t come in top 10 ranks. Abhi says 11th rank is not that bad and asks him not to interfere. Dadisaa checks and encourages him. Shivam asks him to play with video game. Abhi refuses. Ganga promises to bring video game for him if he comes first. Abhi promises. Anandi looks on.

Harki asks Nimboli to stop making rotis as everyone had dinner. She gives her leftover food to eat and asks her not to give food to Kamli. She leaves. Nimboli takes the letter and goes to Kamli.

Kamli thinks about Gopal and reminisces the time spent with him. She recalls getting engaged to mad guy pushkar and Akhiraj Singh asking her to die after going to her inlaws’ home. Kamli thinks she has only one way to stop the marriage. Nimboli stops seeing Akhiraj Singh. He sees her, but she hides. Kamli sees her face in the mirror and apologizes to Gopal for leaving the world without meeting him. She breaks the glass piece and is about to cut her wrist. Nimboli comes and is shocked.

Kundan gets up in the night. Nimboli helps Gopal enter the house. Kundan looks on.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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