Balika Vadhu 17th September 2015 Written Episode Update

Balika Vadhu 17th September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Pooja locking herself in the room and then is about to cut her wrist with a blade, just then Sarita and Anandi enter. Sarita slaps and stops her. Pooja hugs and cries. Anandi looks on tensed. Akhiraj is sitting with his friends and boasts about trapping Kishore. His friend tells that he want to support a woman. Akhiraj says they will also support her and laughs. Disa hears them talking rubbish about a woman. She thinks he will become Rakshas openly after winning elections. She thinks what to do and asks Devimaa what to do. She recalls doing Devi act and making Akhiraj and Harki falling on her feet. She thinks I thought about me and Nimboli only and was selfish. She apologizes and says her love for Nimboli is not selfish. She decides to talk to Jagya and end Akhiraj’s evilness.

She says what will happen to my Nimboli and looks at her with teary eyes.

Jagya is restless in the hall. Ganga looks on. Mannu comes downstairs. Jagya asks why did you went to meet Pooja? Mannu says I knew that Anandi will tell you. He says Pooja is his wife and loves him much, but is upset with him. Jagdish informs him that Pooja tried to commit suicide today after you left. He bends his head and asks him to leave Pooja for her own good. He asks him not to meet Pooja if he really cares for her. Mannu looks on.

Disa talks to Kamli and says she is in dilemma about choosing motherly love or humanity. Kamli says if he wins in the election then he will ruined everything. If we don’t stop him then we will become guilty too. Disa says I know, but I can’t stay without her. Kamli asks her to trust Devimaa and says Anandi is a very matured woman. She says Anandi will understand your motherly love and will not take Nimboli. Disa says Akhiraj will attack Nimboli after he wins in the elections, then what I will do. She says she will call jagya and inform him everything.

Ganga comes to Pooja and apologizes to her. She says I always misbehaves with you and blamed you. She apologizes again. Pooja cries and hugs her. Anandi and Sarita looks on. Jagya tells Dadisaa that he is going to hospital. Dadisaa sees Ganga crying and asks what happened? Ganga tells her that she is ashamed on her own doings and don’t know how to do penance for my doings. She says Pooja forgave me at one go. Dadisaa says she will become a woman, but can’t be a mum. Ganga says may be he did a mistake as he is not son of this house. Dadisaa asks how dare you tell that? He is our son. He might not have our blood, but have our sanskar. We didn’t show him right way. Ganga cries and hugs her. Mannu hears them and thinks to do penance for his doings.

Disa calls Jagya at haveli’s number. Dadisaa picks call and says Jagya is not at home. She disconnects the call and sees Akhiraj standing. Akhiraj asks with whom she was talking to. Disa says Harki. Akhiraj says Harki don’t have the phone. Disa looks on shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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