Balika Vadhu 17th October 2015 Written Episode Update

Balika Vadhu 17th October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Nimboli coming to Dadisaa’s room while he is praying. She prays to Devimaa. Nimboli hugs her and greets her then. Dadisaa recalls small Anandi hugging her, and smiles. She kisses her and is happy. She says you have woken up so early. Did you sleep well? Nimboli nods in a yes. Dadisaa asks her to touch her feet and take her blessings. Nimboli obliges. Dadisaa hugs her happily.

Ganga comes to room, sees Jagya sleeping and smiles. Jagya holds her hand and asks her to sit. Ganga says I have many work to do. Jagya asks why did you have so much work early in the morning. Ganga asks him to become woman in next birth to know about woman’s work. Jagya says I didn’t remember when did we come closer last time. Ganga says really, yesterday I saw you sleeping peacefully.

Jagya gets closer. Nimboli asks what you both are doing? Jagya and Ganga act as getting pain in their eye and ear. Nimboli asks him to sit on ground. Jagya says his eye on fine now. Nimboli asks him to look at her, and keeps cloth on his eye after blowing it with her breathe. Jagya gets touched and laughs. Nimboli asks are you laughing on me. Jagya says he is starting his day with a laugh. Ganga praises Nimboli. Jagya asks what do you want to say. Ganga asks him to clean his eye.

Disa wakes up and sees Nimboli beside her. She checks in washroom and couldn’t see her. She calls her and checks everywhere. She barges in Jagya and Ganga’s room while calling her. Jagya asks what has happened to her. Disa comes to Anandi and says Nimboli is not in her room. Jagya says she must be here only. Ganga says she came to my room few mins back. Disa gets tensed. Jagya asks her not to worry. Disa and everyone come downstairs, hears her laughing.

They come to the garden area and see her playing with water pipe and laughing. Everyone smile looking. Anandi smiles looking at her daughter. Mali kaka says it is enough, return pipe to me. Nimboli says let me enjoy for some more time. Anandi gets happy and smiles. Nimboli calls Maa to Disa and asks her to come. Anandi is about to go, but seeing her going, Disa tells Nimboli that she is coming. Anandi is in tears. Disa gives water pipe to Mali kaka. Nimboli says she is having enough here in Chokhi Chudail’s home. She runs towards Anandi…..teri Maa plays………..She tells Anandi that she is enjoying in her palace, and says she never enjoyed in Jhalra. Anandi smiles and says they get water from tap. Nimboli tells that she used to fetch water from outside well. Anandi gets emotional and teary eyes. She holds her hand and kisses. Disa looks on upset. Nimboli asks why you are kissing my hands? Anandi says as you are very brave girl. Nimboli says you are also good. She says I wish I could stay in this palace for forever. Dadisaa says you have to stay here for forever. Disa gets angry and stops her. She says my daughter has to change clothes now, as it is wet. Anandi asks Nimboli to come, but Disa asks her to do her work and takes Nimboli with her. Anandi gets sad. Dadisaa tells Anandi that your Nandini will stay here in this house only, and asks her to have patience for so more days.

Harki comes to Urmila’s room and says I can do anything for my son. She searches jewellery in the cupboard and gets it finally. Urmila is coming towards her room. Harki takes the jewellery and hides it in her pallu. Urmila comes and asks what you are doing in my room. Harki tells that I told you to give dirty clothes to Chagani, and takes all the clothes. Urmila looks on surprisingly.

Disa dries Nimboli’s hairs and asks why did she wake up early. She says she went to everyone’s room, and Chokhi chudail room also. A FB is shown, Nimboli closes the window and pulls the curtains closer as the sun rays were falling on Anandi. FB ends. She says Chokhi Chudail slept peacefully then. Disa asks why did you pull the curtains. Nimboli says to make her sleep peacefully. Disa says you never pull curtains for me, I was also sleeping in my room. Nimboli realizes and says she didn’t think about her.

Dadisaa asks Nimboli to ask Anandi to comb her hairs. Disa says I will comb her hairs. Dadisaa says if they spend time together then will get closer. She makes Disa wear gold bangles. Disa throws bangles and says I will forget that Nimboli is Anandi’s daughter. She acts possessive about her.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Nice episode.

  2. Can any one tell me what disa call anandi .bhaisa?? Means brother right. Don’t understand

    1. Not Bhaisa, Biasa — means lady/friend something like that.

  3. nice episode….but..,till how many days dizz Mangala nuisance will be…..hmmm getting irritate everytime dizz Mangala doing things…..make some fun and happinesss in their shivam, annadi,nandini….

  4. Lol… I heared same ”bhaisa”

  5. it irritates when i see that seesa is time to tell the truth and ask for apology and get out of that placealways biological mother has wright according to law.

  6. Though we feel angry about Mangala, we cannot forget her super acting. Aanandi’s acting is dull compared to Mangala. She cannot express any feeling. Always having same face.

    1. aanandi acts well.. dont compare aanandi vd mangala.. dey hv deir respctv charctrs n dey r actng accrdng to dat.. TORAL(aanandi) is apt fr her character.. n she looks so royal…

  7. True. Anandi needs some life. Mangala wears such s*xy tight clothes for a widow. Especially when living with akhiraj who tried to rape her.

  8. Thank u karima

  9. Curse Mangala. What does she think of herself? more than akhiraj i feel mangala is the worst criminal ever!!!!! you do not know what mother’s love is but you can understand simple human feelings so stop separating a mere innocent child from her mother.

  10. hey don’t say that mangla acts well… anandi expressions good…worst mangls expressions..mangla looks like kangana ranauth… i don’t like it… why the directors write the story good to mangla…please change actor in mangla

  11. Disa nature completely changed…. How a person so nice change this way….

  12. Watever disa tried nimboli pulled curtains for anandi.dis shows her love for her real mother.really touching

  13. This shows own blood attracts no matter what….

  14. Why yesterday episode not updated till now???

  15. Why r u not updating balika vadhu

  16. Why u didnt aproved My cmnt

    Is there any wrong in that

    If thera is a wrng yhen tell us why you people didnt updated yesterdays and todays as well

  17. I missed today episode… Where can i read that….

  18. Koi bolega wat happened after yesterday precap…. Wat anandi’s reaction after disa said about nimboli dint liked hair style…..

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