Balika Vadhu 17th October 2013 Written Episode Update

Balika Vadhu 17th October 2013 Written Episode, Balika Vadhu 17th October 2013 Written Update

Udaipur Police Station :-
Episode begins with Shiv coming to police station . The inspector gets up from his chair to greet his Boss Collector sahab Hello Sir i am senior Inspector Suresh I have taken all details from Inspector Rana now Sir i will handle this case . Shiv asks from Inspector can he talk with Jagdish ? Inspector says Yes Sir Come .Inspector takes Shiv to Jagya who is sitting in lock up Inspector respectfully opens the lock up door for Shiv Shiv is angrily vengefully glaring at Jagya . Inspector leaves Shiv comes inside. Jagya gets up Both are standing face to face . Shiv asks from Jagya have you accepted your crime ? Jagya says i did not committ any crime Shiv is shocked hearing it .Jagya continues when i did not commit any crime then there is no question of accepting

it . Shiv says to Jagya do you remember i told you long back your attitude is your biggest problem .Change it but you did not redeem thats why you are here .I never involve my sister and family in court cases but your acts forced me to do this but i am glad which wound you gave to Sanchi’s heart and mind she is trying to overcome it and because of her statement you are today standing behind theses bars because one thing you need to realize this world does not go around on your gestures Because of your one act many people got life long pain . Jagya says i have already said i am heartly feeling sorrow because of me so many people got sorrow but this pain this sorrow would be more bigger ahead if i would have married Sanchi . Shiv says you are right these pains will be more ahead but only yours because when you will come out after completing your punishment then Sanchi and us would have moved on after forgetting everything but you will be a lot behind gathering the pieces of your scattered life then you will realize how difficult it is to move on forgetting the past life . Jagdish i am not among those persons who feel happy in taking revenge and giving pain to others and i am feeling a lot ashamed while saying this but i will very happy and relieved when court will punish you

Jagya says i am happy about this no matter whatever the reason is You will be happy because of me Shiv is speechless hearing it and is enraged more He storms out of from there

Jagya says Wish you could understand me Shiv if now i would not have taken the decision of getting separated from Sanchi then don’t know how much everyone will have to face Conditions would have become this much worst it would have been difficult to bear them Everyone ‘s life would have been destroyed , scattered but now the relief is only i will have to start new again not anyone else

Inspector is telling Shiv Sir, Mr Jagdish ‘s case is a lot weak He has nothing solid to say to prove his point No one can stop him from getting punished but in order to make this case more strong we should send summon to Jagdish’s both ex wives and the one he is married now Shiv asks To Jagdish ex wives also? Inspector says yes Shiv asks but why ?Inspector says because he has been divorced with both and i am sure they will talk against him against his behavior If they gave statement against him then our case will become more strong . Shiv is lost in thoughts now Inspector asks him Sir there is a request to you i wanted to ask one question from you When you all were fixing this alliance with Jagdish and his family Was there any mention about his ex wives ?Do you recognize any one among those two women ? Shiv says My wife Anandi was Jagdish’s first wife Inspector is shocked hearing it Inspector says then Sir in this case Anandi jee can play a very important role Shiv agrees

Jaitser Hospital :-

Ganga is checking fever of a patient and tells her mother your daughter is fine now The woman says to Ganga its all because of you The woman blesses Ganga God keep you always happy Ganga goes from there Ganga says to herself perhaps these all people’s blessings and prayers help doctor sahab Ganga is worried for Jagya and says to herself one one minute is becoming very heavy i am yet not been able to know how he is ?I cannot call Kakusaa now since he will be busy in getting Doctor sahab bail i cannot disturb him In this situation if anyone can tell me about doctor sahab is only Anandi jee but will be it right to call her at this moment ? Ganga remembers Anandi saying to her i told you before too now again say to you if you need any type of help you can ask from me anytime without any problem . Ganga wipes her tears and take out her mobile phone She calls Anandi

Jaitser Hospital and Kesar Bagh:-

Anandi attends the call Ganga tells her its me Ganga . Anandi asks how are you Ganga ? Ganga emotionally says i am ok Ganga asks her how are you ? Anandi says i am fine Ganga analyses from Anandi’s sad voice she is not fine Anandi congratulates Ganga for her marriage Anandi says i was there when Jagya filled your maang but circumstances were like this then i could not congratulate you I heartly wish happiness return in your and Jagya’s life very soon you both always live happily together Ganga says i can understand Anandi jee Doctor Sahab broke engagement with Sanchi jee and married me because of this you must be facing a lot in your in laws I will pray from goddess that Sanchi jee gets better soon and she will get a very good life partner Ganga asks from Anandi how is Sanchi now ? Anandi says better than before Anandi senses Ganga ‘s sadness in her voice and understands why she is worried Anandi emotionally says to Ganga i am sorry Ganga i am yet not been able to know about Jagya i know how much you must be worried and also know that you must not be seeing any hope anywhere Ganga is emotional Anandi says to Ganga but you must keep yourself strong You should keep your hopes alive Ganga wipes her tears and says i am trying for that but my heart trembles on thinking doctor sahab alone is facing so many worries ,sorrows and pain. how he will prove himself innocent when everyone is blaming him Anandi says keep faith on God i believe no matter late but truth will come out Jagya will be freed from this case and if i will get any news about him i will tell you Ganga thanks Anandi They both end the call . Anandi is emotional and feeling bad for JaGan Ganga is emotional .A man comes to Ganga telling her my wife has started coughing again please check her . Ganga goes with him

Two nurses seeing this talk with each other One says to the other Ganga is so much worried for Dr Jagdish but still she is working here with so much dedication . The other nurse says Ganga is a lot courageous May God end all her problems sooner and Dr Jagdish comes back to his house and this hospital very soon

Udaipur Police Station :-

Bhairon with Jagya. Bhairon asks from Jagya why don’t tell everything to police . Jagya says i have told them everything Bapusaa i have given them answers to almost all questions but they all have already declared me criminal then how they will be affected with my saying anything . Bhairon says so it means there is something which you have not told anyone yet why Jagya ? Why are you doing this ?There are two more lives dependent on you now Ganga and Mannu Their responsibility is on you if anything happened to you then what will happen of them ? Jagya says this thought keeps revolving in my mind and heart every time now I am suffocating in their worry but what can i do ?if I have hidden any truth now its only because there are some other people for whom i too have some responsibilities how can i turn my face away from them . That day in coffee shop Anandi was too with me I did not tell this to inspector because i don’t want to drag Anandi into all this She already is facing a lot because of me if she is interrogated then she will speak the truth and Anandi telling the truth means Sanchi’s lie coming out Anandi will have to go against her family for this which they won’t be able to take and will trouble her more Circumstances are already a lot messed up Without any of her fault Anandi is facing so much anger of her in laws so just think if she said anything here how much more her problems will increase How much more her in laws will be angry at her and seeing her in pain what will Dadisaa and Maa go through i won’t be able to tolerate all this

Bhairon says to Jagya when you told me the reason of your breaking up with Sanchi and marrying with Ganga then i trusted whatever you said immediately No doubt no question rose in my heart When police arrested you even then my heart without any doubt said that you are innocent but to tell you the truth your thinking , the depth of your understanding i knew today Without thinking about your own self you have made others happiness the purpose your life Bhairon emotionally caress Jagya’s cheek and says how much i will be proud of you it will be less my son Jagya is very emotional hearing it

Bhairon says to him i will get you justice Jagya . I am with you To prove my son innocent in front of everyone whatever fight i will have to do i will do it so that you can happily start a new life with your family ,that life which every noble and kind hearted person deserves and its his right Jagya is emotional hearing Bhairon’s words . Bhairon again caress his head and cheek Jagya holds Bhairon’s hand in his hand Both father and son are consoling each other

Lal ‘s House :-

Night :-

Koyal giving Mannu to Ganga and says to her Mannu did not remember you whole day busy in playing and now see seeing you he is so happy and loving you Ganga smiles and says he is my beloved child thats why . Someone knocks at the door Koyal goes to see She opens the door and its postman there Postman asks from Koyal Ganga Singh lives here ? Ganga comes there and says i am Ganga Singh yes ? Postman tells Ganga for you court’s summon came please sign here . Ganga is confused but signs Postman gives her the letter and leaves . Ganga opens the letter and reads it Its courts summon to her Koyal asks whats written in it ? Ganga tells her its summon from court they want me to be present in Udaipur court tomorrow . Koyal is shocked Ganga tells her i am doctor sahab’s wife so they will question me too . Koyal asks her but why from you this is not right . Ganga says no Bhabhi saa i feel goddess have listened to my prays I was desperate to help doctor sahab, goddess gave me this chance, perhaps with my explanation doctor sahab’s side becomes stronger I will go to court to help my husband

Kesar Bagh :-

Shekhars are sitting together Anandi is cleaning plates Door bell rings . Shiv was about to go to see who is there Ira says i will see . Ira goes and finds Postman there who gives her a letter for Anandi . Ira sees Anandi’s name and tells her Anandi for you a letter came . Anandi goes to take it Shiv knows what it is Anandi takes the letter Ira is glaring angrily at her Daddu asks letter at this time ? Daddu asks Anandi from where it came ? Ira says its some summon from court . Daddu , Alok and Meenu are confused and look at each other’s faces . Anandi opens the letter and reads it and is shocked reading it Ira asks her now will you tell us what it is ? Anandi tells her i am asked to be present in court tomorrow for this case Daddu asks her but why you ? Anandi tells him i am asked to be witness there as being Jagya’s first wife All are shocked except Shiv . Ira says now only this was left She asks from Anandi so Anandi tell you will talk in favor of Jagdish or against him Whom you will support your mayka or Sasural ?

Anandi is shocked hearing it Just then Bhairon comes there asking permission can he come in ? All are shocked seeing him there Bhairon comes inside Shekhars including Shiv except Meenu turn their faces away from him. Anandi is emotional seeing this treatment with Bhairon . Bhairon apologizes from Shekhars that he came suddenly at this time I know none among you will want to talk about Jagya and this case especially with me and my family but i am a father thats why i request you by joining my hands in front of you Anandi is crying .Bhairon says whatever happened with Sanchi i am feeling very bad for it God make her better sooner God give her long life and keep her always happy but this family matter if we solve among ourselves it will be better Whatever anger pain and sorrows are they can be corrected by sitting together at least we can try You all are understanding and wise people This court procedures will shaken up roots of us both families relationships don’t let this happen Daddu , Ira , Alok angrily glare at Bhairon Shiv is fuming up in his anger and revenge . Meenu is understanding Bharion. Anandi is in tears

Bhairon looks at Anandi Anandi with tears looks at Bhairon

Screen freezes on Anandi

Precap :- Sumitra is saying she will call Ira and talk with her She is a mother so she will understand Dadisaa tells her there is no need to beg in front of Ira

Update Credit to: hina

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