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Khushi calls choti dulhan’s soul while keeping their fingers on the board. Simar, and others keep their fingers while they call the soul there. A soul appears. They get shocked seeing her. Khushi says choti dulhan wants why we have called her. Simar says I want your help to fight with the evils. Khushi says she is saying that she is trying to help us against Malti, but she couldn’t as Malti have a cloth with which she have held choti dulhan in her control. Simar says Malti will not let us take that cloth. She asks her Malti said that someone will come, and asks who is that person. Choti Dulhan leaves. Simar wonders what will we do know? Roli says I have an idea? She goes.

Mata ji and Simar wonder where did she go?


Thapki cries seeing Bihaan. She says I left from there as I don’t want to give pain to anyone. She asks Bihaan to come out of water. Everyone looks on. Bihaan is seen in the water, and smiles looking at Thapki. Thapki asks him to come up. Bihaan says I didn’t come here to immerse the Shivling, but to bring your truth out. I called everyone here as I know that you will stop me from immersing the Shivling. Dadi and Balwinder apologizes to Thapki. Thapki holds Dadi’s hand and says I did a mistake, by growing hatredness in your heart for me intentionally. Dhruv thanks Dadi for calling him there and says Thapki is same like before. He folds his hands and thanks Thapki for misunderstanding her. Balwinder says Bihaan is the one who have understood Thapki and thought her right. Bihaan says I have seen her heart and did what I thought is right. Balwinder asks them to accept his words. He asks Thapki to stay in Pandey Nivas until she goes. Dadi folds her hands and asks Thapki to come home. Suman says if everyone is done with crying then come home. Balwinder keeps beetel leaves on her hands and asks her to present it on Shivling, sends Bihaan with her. They keep the beetel leaves on the Shivling.


Harki thinks about Akhiraj’s plan. She puts kerosene oil around the house and packs her bags. Kundan comes and says nobody can escape now. Harki and Kundan leave.


Roli calls Malti and asks her to come infront of them. Simar asks what do you want to do? Why you are calling her….Malti appears and asks why did you call me? Roli forwards her hands and shows the mani in her hand. She says I want to give you this. Simar shouts Roli, what you are doing? You know well that we can’t give her this Chandramani, else she will misuse of it. Malti asks Roli to give her Chandramani and don’t listen to Simar and everyone. Roli says I will give this Chandramani on a condition and asks her to give that cloth piece with which she controls choti dulhan. A colored Devil is seen seeing them. He asks Malti to give that cloth to her. Malti laughs and says yes. She gives the cloth to Roli. Malti asks Roli to give Chandramani and forwards her hand. Roli keeps Chandramani in her hand. Malti is happy and says I am at oeace now. Roli goes and keep the cloth in Mata Rani’s feet. Choti Dulhan appears there and calls Malti….She asks why you are surprised? I am the same choti dulhan to whom you made dance on your tune.


Everyone wait for Thapki’s grah Pravesh. Dhruv tells Shraddha that it is proved that Thapki can do anything for her family. Dadi asks Vasundara to do her grah pravesh rasam. Vasu does their tilak and Aarti hesitantly. Bihaan and Thapki smiles. Vasundara asks them to enter home and blesses them. Shraddha tries talking to her, just then Balwinder asks Vasu to come as he needs to talk to her.


Malti says you are smiling now and started talking else you was binded by my magic. Choti Dulhan tells that she is freed from her magic. Malti asks her not to he happy as she will defeat these people and control her again. Choti Dulhan says they wil not defeated, but it will be you. I won’t let you win. Malti says nobody can make me lose, I will win and make everyone lose….She laughs. Others tell Roli that she shouldn’t have given chandramani piece to Malti. Simar says Roli did right, and we got Choti Dulhan’s support now. Mata Rani asks others to keep the pieces safely and says we can’t lose it.


Akhiraj tells Deenu something and asks him not to do any mistake. Harki and Kundan comes out of house. Akhiraj calls Kundan. Kundan says they are leaving the house. He asks him to give call to Harki. Akhiraj asks Harki if she took the moneg bag? Harki gets shocked as she forgot it. She says yes. Akhiraj asks them to leave from there. Harki asks Kundan to come inside house as she has to take the bag along with them. Kundan refuses. Harki insists.


Bihaan asks Thapki to pose for selfie with him. Thapki looks on surprised. Bihaan asks why she is tensed for the selfie. They look at each other and the selfie gets clicked. They have an eye lock while the romantic music plays……….Bihaan tells her that he will take another pic. Thapki refuses and says I have to enter room. Bihaan feels happy coming back to his room. He asks room if they are missed by the things in the room. Thapki looks on sad. Bihaan asks what happened? Thapki says today I was leaving the house, but because of you, I am back home. I don’t know what is in my destiny. Bihaan says I am in your destiny for now, and says I couldn’t let you go without getting back the respect. He says everyone was happy knowing your truth. Thapki says I got very happy when Dadi hugged me. Bihaan asks her to sleep peacefully in the room, as cowshed mosquitoes will not trouble her today.


Simar asks Mata ji if she is unwell. Mata ji says she didn’t have a proper sleep. Just then they hear Sattu and her brother fighting with each other holding knife in their hands. Everyone come there and asks what happened? Simar thinks someone is making them fight and they are not in their senses. They see Malti coming there. Malti asks Uma and Pari to cry after their husbands kill each other. Pari says I won’t let anything happen to my husband until I am alive. Malti says yes you said right, you both give your chandramani’s part in my hand and save your husbands. Simar and Pari and Uma not to give the pieces. Malti says okay, if Simar’s decision is yours. She makes the brothers’ fight and stop them as they are about to stab each other. Everyone is shocked. Simar asks Pari and Uma to give their pieces to Malti. Everyone is shocked.


Deenu is on the way to the house. Harki and Kundan gets inside the house. Nimboli wakes up to drink water. She sees two people going wearing blanket and thinks to find out. Harki tells Kundan that the bag is here. Nimboli thinks they are thieves and closes the door from outside. Harki and Kundan knock on the door. Harki tells Kundan they shall elope from the window. Deenu puts the kerosene oil around the house and lights the fire.He runs away from there. Harki and Kundan are shocked to see the house on fire, before they could leave. Nimboli wakes up everyone. They are coming towards Harki’s room when they see the fire and get shocked. Kundan yells at Harki and says we will be killed just because of you.

Deenu comes back to Akhiraj and says work is done. Akhiraj applauds for him and says everyone will die in sometime. Kamli, Pushkar, Mangla and Nimboli get shocked seeing the fire and try to come out of the house. Harki asks what we will do? Akhiraj calls Kundan and asks them to come. Kundan takes the call and tells Akhiraj that they are trapped in the house, and somebody locked the door. Akhiraj panics and runs to save Kundan’s life. People gather outside the house and throws water. Kamli asks Mangla what will happen now? Nimboli asks Mangla if we will die now? Mangla says no and hugs her. Anandi misses Mangla. Anandi feels something is wrong. Shivam goes to bring water for her. Mangla prays to God to save them.


Shraddha thinks everyone is sleeping peacefully, but I can’t sleep as they have returned home. She says if I could do anything then I will kill them. Bihaan comes and keeps knife on her neck shocking her. Shraddha asks if he is mad and says you have won. What do you need? Bihaan says calculations are not settled till now. He says I have come to take my right and reminds his challenge. He asks her to return his 7500/-Rs in his hand. Shraddha says see Bihaan. Bihaan says you will see how everyone will love Thapki more and respect her more. Shraddha thinks if she shouts, then Bihaan will make her bad infront of everyone. She asks him to move the knife so that she can go and bring the money.


Simar tells that she can’t see two brothers killing each other. Malti asks when you couldn’t see then why you are forcing me to do this. She asks Uma and Pari to give Chandramani’s pieces. Uma and Pari give her Chandramani’s pieces. Malti frees the brother from her magic. Sumer and Sattu apologize to each other and hug each other. Mata ji asks her son to go somewhere with kids, until they have mani. They refuse. Mata ji cries and feels bad. Simar looks on.


Akhiraj comes near the house and see the fire. He is shocked. Shivam makes Anandi have water and asks how is she feeling now. Anandi says I am fine and says she has some kitchen work. Shivam asks her to take rest. Anandi thinks there is something definitely for sure and prays to God. The neighbors tell that nobody would have been alive here as the fire is deep. They see Akhiraj there and calls Baba ji. Kundan knocks on the door and says somebody save me. Deenu says baba ji felt someone is in danger and came here. Akhiraj hears Kundan’s voice, breaks the door, and jumps inside the house. The neighbors also jumps inside the house following him. He hears Nimboli’s voice. The neighbors open the door and help them come out of door. Kamli tells Baba ji that her mum and brother are inside the house. Nimboli says there are two thieves inside the house and she has locked them in the room. Akhiraj thinks Nimboli is his enemy and thinks he should kill her right here. Akhiraj goes to Harki’s room and saves Kundan and Harki. The neighbors thank Akhiraj for saving the family. Someone asks them to stay in his life. Kamli says we will stay in our house only. Mangla also thanks everyone for saving them. Deenu asks Akhiraj to come. Akhiraj says I will leave now.


Shraddha returns Bihaan’s 7500/- Rs. Bihaan says it is my hard earned money and it can’t insult by letting it be with you. He says I was waiting for this day when Thapki is accepted back in the house. Shraddha asks him not to keep knife on her neck again. Bihaan says he will keep it again and again and asks her to come to store room. Shraddha gets worried and asks if he will murder her. Bihaan says I can do that only, but come there with me. They come inside the store room. Shraddha sees Balloons there. Bihaan gives knife in her hand and asks her to keep hitting on the balloons thinking it to be Thapki and him. He tells her goodnight and says he will sleep till she takes out her frustation. Shraddha imagines Thapki and Bihaan laughing at her and hits the balloons.


Anandi sees Shivam awake and asks why didn’t you sleep till now? Shivam says I couldn’t sleep and tells her that Jagya forgave that man so easily and asks if forgiveness is easily. Anandi says forgiveness is difficult than punishing. She says the person needs strength to forgive someone. She asks why you are asking me this? Shivam apologizes to her for his bad behavior with Nimboli. Shivam tells her that he has done bad with her intentionally and tells that he has stopped her from going to Urmila’s goad bharayi rasam. He says nothing had happened to me that day, I had acted so that you couldn’t go with Nimboli. Mangla ji gave me that idea. Anandi is shocked to hear that.


Malti puts the Chandramani’s pieces in a big bowl. The colored devil applaud for her work. He laughs as he gets the pieces.

Shraddha tells Vasundara that she will kill Thapki and blames Bihaan and her. Vasundara says she will do something which they can’t think of. Simar and roli hear a baby crying. Malti thinks they are trapped. Choti dulhan asks them to call someone. Nimboli asks Mangla who is my real mum. Anandi says I will tell you.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Ranaji(die hard fan of ishveer)

    Super mam

  2. H Hasan

    There is some problem in IKRS comment’s page. It will be rectified in sometime.

    1. Ranaji(die hard fan of ishveer)

      OK mam I have asked you one last question will you answer me? In kkb page mostly all sees in Instagram and many does not watch show so that trp is low 3.3 ambut ek tha raja ek thi rani came to 8the place…. Mam here is my question. Kkb page they post the full epi as written in comment box why don’t you copy paste it and take rest for sometime!!? I mean you can see the full epi but seeing precap and completing full epi is nice Na?? And mam if you are not free for next day pls inform us so we will tell others to watch the show and update?

      1. H Hasan

        I have heard on news segments that Kumkum Bhagya’s story is leaking 2-3 weeks prior to the episode.

      2. Ranaji(die hard fan of ishveer)

        Yes mam it is true and it was posted in Instagram by someone and it was taken by them 2.45 time k think and they post epi fast pls check 15mar epi mam then you can find the truth!!!

      3. H Hasan

        Anyways, it is my job and I have to do it. Whenever I am unavailable, it is posted by other writer. Bye, I have to post Jamai now.

    2. its now ok mam

  3. I love u bihaannn

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  5. Today’s episode –
    Deenu splashes kerosene at Akheraj’s house and sets it on fire. The family members, including Kundan and Harkhi, get trapped inside. A tensed Akheraj rushes to save his family members.

    1. anandi aur nimboli mile ya nahi par haan people living in america will have a get together here… aur haan mujhe koi gusha nahi aaya… but its really painful to see a 23 year old nurse physically assaulted by a ward boy n left on hospital bed for 42 years in coma n dies a painful death…n wat punishment does the ward boy gets just seven years of jail for pretty theft not for d crime he did to aruna shanbaug…n instead of he being punished people plead for mercy killing for her…it pains when in very front of ur eyes a girl is assaulted n the person boldly walks of saying no jail can hold him for more than five to seven years… forgot beti mohanty???

      1. I replied to this earlier but I don’t know what happened to it…
        (it was a looong reply, now I don’t feel like writing the whole thing again)

        But I want you to watch this video –
        (and you have to replace “do you have a problem in life” with something like “do you see a problem in society?”. This can be applied to lot of things in life)

      2. Shiv i loved it. Dolana this is what I wanted to say u. When we can’t do anything about it then be calm don’t and if we can do anything then let’s do it.

      3. Thanks Ganga. Are you in India or here in US?

    2. Justice delayed is justice denied…

  6. Writers please dont separate our thahaan if it happens just realize them they cant live without eachother

  7. #thahaan rocks today love the epi

  8. So shiv do u think anandi wil come out of her foolishness even after Shivam explained her. As they show in precap is anandi going to reveal the truth or not? Or wil they drag it again?

    1. Ria…BV writers has dragged this serial for such a long time on this single non-sense point that its high time that Anandhi should come out her foolishness and tell the truth to Nimboli. And I think (and hope) she will reveal the truth.

      On the other hand they don’t have any parallel story running that’s interesting. So as you said, they might make Nimboli angry (for no reason) and drag it for so long that Anandi had to go above and beyond to help her out from “movie like” trouble.

      BV writer are capable of doing anything 🙂

      1. Parallel story will soon be on… dr anant n anandi’s marriage plan n shiv’s family getting back to India n Pushpa exwife of dr anant together opposing d marriage n dragging to 1000 episodes will be successful…. with main story mangla joining hands with harki kundan n akhiraaj plotting n scheming..

      2. I just want this phase get to an end. I don’t want to watch mangla anymore. I don’t expect Anandi will understand mangla’s intention. She will say shivam ” beta tumne kuchh galat suña hoga.badon ke bare mein aesa Nahi bolte”. Don’t expect anything from BV 😉

  9. thahaan scene was awesome specially when bihaan wants selfiee with thapki n they had a romantic eyelock.
    and when bihaan said for now he is in her destiny.
    I hope he will remain in her destiny forever

  10. Hold ur breath viewers..i have a strong feeling this time that both mother (Anandi) & Daughter(Nimboli) will surely meet!?


  12. plzzzzzzz ab to milva do maa beti ko
    koi new problem bhi ho sakti h serial me
    ya bas akhiraj akhiraj mangla mangla

  13. Neha both mother n daughter may meet but if writers wants to drag it further they may show nimboli’s anger towards anandi n insists that she wont go with anandi

  14. In the beginning, they showed very little of BV. If you just closed your eyes for a second, you would have missed it. I think Kamli will somehow repair that house and they may live there. Hope the coe is safe. Nimboli always wakes up in the middle of night and finds something amiss. They will drag it again and again. Somehow I feel only Shivam to be the true son of Anandi. I just cant trust Nimboli and her changing loyalties.

  15. Crap, crap, crap!!!

  16. ======================Balika vadhu===============================
    happy with precap, finally anandi finds mangla intension and fake mother of nimboli, in precap scene the fake mother again come to picture, this is happy to see.
    dadisa, jadadish, anandi all people came to jharla..after fire accident with “Fake MOTHER” of nimboli.
    mangla u strucked in all ways and this the time we expect your role will be put aside/end.
    but this is tomarrow episode precap, but we dont know when was the precap will be happen???
    viewers comment here… Balika vadhu will be very intersting in coming days

  17. Today’s episode of TPK was good but trishakti 🙁

    1. Yes. There was no need to make this treeshakti thing.

  18. Bihaan (Manish Gopalani) gets shot by goons on his love date with Thapki (Jigyasa Singh) in Thapki Pyaar Ki

    The upcoming episode of Thapki Pyaar Ki will show that Bihaan and Thapki return to Pandey Niwas.
    They decide to start a new life where they gift to each other.
    Bihaan gives sandals to Thapki while Thapki gifts a gulel to him.
    Bihaan takes Thapki on love date where some goons pass comments on Thapki.
    Bihaan fights with them but gets shot by one of the goons’ gun.
    Thapki is shocked seeing Bihaan in pool of blood.

    Will Thapki get successful save Bihaan on time?

    Stay tuned for further exciting updates.

    1. Than ash for the update. I got the feeling that it’s that witch sharda who is behind this.

  19. How about Avika Gor back to BV as grown up nandini??? A big leap n I m sure BV will be worthwatching then…..

    1. I am totally for vote for that…I like that girl.

      1. Thanks Shiv n Summi for voting in for Avika… its only she who justified d role of anandi n she only can well justify nandini…. seems shiv is very annoyed or prefered to stay silent on my previous comments… ;-P

      2. My vote for avika toooooo:)

      3. Thanks Ganga….

  20. I would love it if i see avika as nandini!
    This would be more than best!❤
    Avika can do full justice with the role!?
    What say guys?

  21. Thahaan scene was lovely???

  22. Now shiv will say dolana dont be so logical… its just serial n entertainment… but adaat se majboor kya karen??? 😀 When akhiraaj had to burn d house why then he had to give harki so much money to keep n take d risk of getting exposed… if mangla or nimboli or kamli could hv seen it then??? Moreover he could keep it with him… as such no one in d village will dare to steal from moni baba’s pavan kutia…. na woh paisa harki ko deta na uska plan flop hota… writers write something sensible… now I understand… anandi ki batti itni der se kyun jali kyun ke writers ki baati gul hai….

    1. Finally…aapko sach pata chal gaya…

      “anandi ki batti itni der se kyun jali kyun ke writers ki batti gul hai…” 🙂

  23. sarayu (honey)

    so many comments today. hate these trishakti episodes. i think anandhi will say the truth and mangla will deny and try to poison nimboli’s mind again. may be the upcoming track will be war between mangla and anandhi and at last after 1000 episodes of dragging anandi will win.

    1. sarayu…where are you watching BV? Do you have subscription? Or you are watching it online?

      1. Shiv I rarely watch balika vadhu episodes, I only read the updates. I watch it online.

      2. I mean, I watch it online when there is update.

    2. Shubh shubh bolo yaar. No more dragging please

  24. Stop ths thrishakti episodes… So boring….bihaan u rocks….

    1. I agree… to drag the serials these Mahasangam n Trishakti…. what did Anandi do to show her shakti???? These sangams are to compel the viewers to watch the serials they dont watch n try to pull in viewers to their serials. Infact d story doesnt lead in any of the serials

  25. Dolana I totally agree with you Avika Gor will definitely best choice for grown up Nandini. Hope writers read our comments. Hope Anandi will now understand real intentions of Mangla hope precap is shown tomorrow only but from previous experience precap part will be shown next week. Plz Anandi this time don’t disappoint viewers n inform Nimboli that she is Nandini daughter of a collector a honest IAS officer.

    1. Sorry Sumi Anandi herself has forgotten that her husband was an honest collector… death of shivraj sekhar has made her dumbo… or else could see believe mangla n let nandini go??? Mangla says nandini hates her mother n so the truth shouldn’t be revealed n forgets what the counsellor said that she has suffered alot due to her inlaws then how could she let her go to jhalra n stay with harki n kundan???

  26. OMG iritates nimboli role, atleast she is not find her mother?she not trying to ask to kamali or pushkar???
    every one hides truth about nimboli???
    mangla she can’t understand anandi’s pain , but she feels motherslove is it realistic ??
    this kind of dragging story line i never seen in my life….how many years they are going to drag with one point???
    akhiraj isn’t have right minded, he is doing mistakes, wrong eye on others… always revange minded, stupid fellow??? dont encourages this kind of roles in balika vadhu..

    directors are dragging this point from last 15 months, why you are playing with viewers patience????
    please unite nandini with anandi, some times nimboli overaction becomes iritating….

    1. I find Nandini quite irritating. It was she who jumped up and down to go to Jhalra withMangala. She is not showing the same attitude when Mangala is clearly trying to wean away from her chokhi chudail. No sympathy for Nandini.
      I dont want to see Mangala’s face in every episode. Can they make her faceless and voiceless?
      Anandi always trusted Mangla even when dadisa and ananth were telling things about her. Now she believes her son more than them as if they were telling lies to besmirch Mangala.
      Dumb woman!
      Kamli can only be angry with her mother forever. But she does not show the same attitude to Mangala who is the milder version of Harki.
      And Harki forgot her bag just to save Mangala and others!

      1. yes, no sympathy for nimboli….
        why truth not come to outside because the directors need to drag the serial as much as possible years??
        main villains are happy with their family except anandi..
        anandi life beomes tears, struggles, problems from origin!!!!
        nimboli listen truth it’s k, if not forcibly shift from jharla…i dont like nimboli behaviour at all, nimboli belives harki, kundan, akhiraj, even mangla too but not anandi ???
        nimboli think about past memories anandi shows mothers love, many times anandi rescued from problems
        1)goons attacked while coming to the court
        2)akhiraj attacked nimboli, anandi only resuced from water resource

  27. This episode lost trp coz of dragging Aanandi foolishness now Dr Anant will come back n realise her mistake I don’t think Nimboli will know thetruth

  28. It would have been a good lesson to the wrong people if Harki, Kunadan, Mangala and also Akheraj died in the fire. And end Balikavadu.

  29. its not roli its only her parchayi and aatma and roli is in hostage of shaitaan when she went and resuce him from sucide as it is his trap and roli fasgayi… roli life is in danger now..

  30. very soon anandi nandini unite and anandi died… after leap toral rasputra (anandi) plays nandini role… please don’t take mangla role in after leap

    1. Toral again as nandini…. oh no…. hum viewers ko bakso please…. toral ko aur nahi jhel sakte… n moreover she will look old to play young nandini…. her acting as anandi too is worst….

    2. I don’t think Lavanya is getting enough of Toral.

      How about this, Anandi, Nandini unite, then leap. After leap toral plays dual role of Anandi and Nandini. I also suggest toral play Ganga. 🙂

      (BTW if that happens, mai chullu bhar paani mein doob maruga)

      1. Areee Shiv aap kyun doob ne ki firaak me ho…????? toral’s time is up…toral in double role aisa kuch nahi hoga n hi aap ki doob ne ki naubaat aayegi…:-D

  31. Vaise Nimboli herself looks and acts like dadisa!

  32. hey toral plays not dfual role anandi died and nandini still continues

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