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Balika Vadhu 17th June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Dadisaa telling Jagya that Mannu is in tension these days. Mannu comes home. Jagya asks him, where did you go? Mannu refuses to inform him anything. Anandi tries to explain Mannu, but he replies to her that Jagya and Ganga betrayed him. Nimboli is seen cleaning Kundan’s cycle and plays its horn. She smiles. Nimboli song plays………She smiles and sees Kundan standing. Her smile vanishes and she apologizes to him. Kundan smiles staring at her, and this confuses Nimboli about his behavior. She thinks how can he be so good suddenly. Ganga tells Dadisaa and Jagya that she tried to protect him. Dadisaa says it is our test. We have to gain the lost trust and asks Jagya to make him understand with love.

Pushkar comes to room and asks Kamli to eat halwa. She refuses and says

she needs to sleep. She asks him to go. Pushkar takes out bedsheet and pillow from the bed and asks her to sleep on that, saying she will catch cold if sleep on the ground. Pushkar sleeps on bed. Later in the night Kamli recalls Gopal’s death and shouts Gopal. Pushkar wakes up and asks did you see any bad dream. Kamli cries. He tries to pacify her, but she talks rudely with him. Pushkar tries to make her sleep. She gets angry and asks him to go.

Akhiraj tells Harki that bride family should think that they are good and rich people. He says if we like the girl then we have to give shagun to her. He asks Harki to send Nimboli somewhere. Harki gives many works to Nimboli, to make her occupied and keep her away from home. Nimboli tells I have to do all the work today. Harki taunts her to take months. Nimboli says she will do. Harki gives her money and asks her to go.

Bride’s family come to meet Akhiraj and Harki. Panditji introduces them. Harki asks you didn’t bring the girl. They say they thought to meet first. Akhiraj calls Kundan. The bride’s father shows the photo. Kundan looks at the girl and likes her. Akhiraj asks Kundan, he nods in approval and asks for her name. Bride’s mum says Ambika. Akhiraj tells that Kundan liked the girl. Chagani comes to serve snacks. Harki asks her to go inside. Akhiraj tells bride’s family that he has an only son and wants to perform the marriage grandly. Bride’s dad agrees for grand wedding. Panditji asks them to congratulate each other. Bride’s parents give shagun to Kundan. Kundan takes the shagun and thanks them. The bride’s mum says that they will bring girl next time. Akhiraj and Harki are happy. Chagani thinks if Disa knows about Kundan’s remarriage.

Kundan offers to drop them till the bus station. They say that they will go and leaves. Pandit ji leaves. Akhiraj asks Kundan, are you happy now? Kundan smiles and goes to his room. Akhiraj tells Harki, you are lucky to get a first alliance for your son. Disa and Chagani hear them.

One of the neighbor asks the bride’s family about their visit. The bride’s mum tells her about Kundan’s alliance with her daughter. The neighbor tells that Kundan is married to Nimboli. She asks them to see Nimboli. They come to Akhiraj’s house and looks angrily.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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