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Balika Vadhu 17th July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Anandi telling Dadisaa that she has to leave for Shiv Niketan. Ganga comes there and apologizes for hurting her intentionally and unintentionally, and doubting on her. She says you have to leave this haveli because of me. Anandi says anyone can get misunderstandings, and I never felt bad about your words. Ganga apologizes. Anandi says I don’t have any complaints with you and forgives you. Dadisaa blesses them. Anandi and Ganga hug each other. Ganga says I have to apologize to Sarita also.

Harki comes back home. Nimboli asks why did you came late. Harki scolds her and goes to Akhiraj. Akhiraj asks Harki, did you do the work. Harki says she has enquired with all the neighbors and they said that they didn’t call Khetram. Akhiraj scolds her and says I asked you to enquire

about my enemy in the village. Harki says all the villagers are your enemy. Akhiraj scolds her and asks her to write their enemies name.

The goon attacking Pushkar calls someone and tells that he failed to kill Pushkar. The man says he will do the work himself and holds Pushkar’s photo. Harki asks Kundan to write down their enemies’ name. Kundan says everyone respects them. Harki asks him to write their names. Nimboli asks why you are writing Rami Kaki’s name. Harki and Kundan ask her to go. Disa asks her to write their friends’ name, and then they can sort out their enemies’ name. Kundan says Disa is right. Harki says this work is also not easy. Disa thinks they shall never know that Kamli informed Khetram about Nimboli.

Pushkar’s mum takes care of him. Kamli asks will you tell again that it is a coincidence. Pushkar’s mum says this is just a coincidence as he didn’t have any enemy or friends. Kamli tries speaking to her. Mum asks her to take care of Pushkar and goes. Kamli thinks mum is hiding something.

Akhiraj calls Harki. Harki comes and gives him list. Akhiraj says just 4 names. Harki says they are his well wishers and says Disa suggested her to write friends’ name. Akhiraj thinks Disa is right and he has to turn his enemies into friends. He says anyone can inform Khetram. He decides to do everything to enter politics.

Pushkar’s dad asks his wife about Pushkar. She tells him about someone attacking on Pushkar with a knife. Pushkar’s dad says I think they are not behind the attack. Mum asks who might be then? Nimboli is cooking vegetable dish. Harki calls her, so she leaves. Urmila comes there and adds chilli powder in the dish.

Akhiraj eats the dish and scolds Nimboli. Mannu asks his Dadi about Ratan Singh burning the haveli. Dadi is shocked and don’t know what to reply.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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