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Balika Vadhu 17th July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Hardik proposing marriage to Gulli. Gulli accepts it and nods. They sit for the marriage. Anandi does their ghatbandan happily. Subhadra is shocked. Panditji recites the mantras while they take pheras. Everyone shower petals on them. Panditji declares them husband and wife and asks them to take elders’ blessings. They take Dadisaa’s blessings. Dadisaa blesses her happily. Gulli hugs Anandi, Ganga and Gehna. They take Gulli’s grand parents’ blessings.

Then comes to Subhadra to take her blessings. Subhadra shouts at them to move back. She says, she doesn’t accept this marriage so won’t give any aashirwad. Gulli cries. Subhadra taunts her for marrying Hardik. She tells Hardik that he maligned their reputaion and Gulli deserves to be their

servant. Anandi interferes. Subhadra holds Anandi responsible for Hardik’s doing. She says you taught Gulli how to trapped rich guys.

Dadisaa asks her to stop the crap. She says, I am ashamed of your thinking. I can see my old thinking in your thinking. I was like you, full of anger, narrow minded, arrogant, but someone changed me. Anandi changed me. She says, no one can trap anyone. Relations are made in heaven. Shiv is shocked too. She asks her to understand Gulli’s pain and give her respect. Subhadra says, I am happy alone. I can’t bear lie. She says, I won’t stay here for a moment. Dadisaa apologizes to Shiv. Shiv asks her not to apologize and apologizes to her on Subhadra’s behalf. Gulli cries. Hardik comforts her.

Subhadra packs her bags and says she won’t forgive them as they have looted her respect. Anandi comes to her and apologizes. She says, we just supported Hardik. He is happy with his decision. She asks her to accept the newly weds and blesses them. Subharda steps out of her room and holds Hardik’s hand asking him to come with her to Udaipur. Hardik looks at Gulli. Subhadra asks, who is dear to you. Hardik says, I will listen to you as I love and respect you. I won’t go alone, but only with my wife. Subhadra says, Daddu will give a earful to me. Shiv says, Daddu won’t tell you anything. He says, we have full faith that Gulli is right for our family. Dadisaa asks Subhadra to accept Gulli and bless them.

Subhadra says, She did a mistake and came here. She lost her grand son to them. I have only a way to leave silently. She says, I didn’t do anything bad to you, but you didn’t do the right thing with me. She leaves.

Dadisaa consoles Gulli and says you are giving a test once again. You are with your husband now. Hardik promises to hold her hand for life. Anandi asks Gulli’s grand parents to bid good bye to Gulli as she is going to her inlaws home. They get emotional and blesses them. Dadisaa blesses them. They leaves.

Ankita and her gang of girls come to Saurabh’s house. Rakhi opens the door and says she can’t allow them and asks them to wait in the lawn until Saurabh comes. She is about to close the door. Ankita gets angry and asks how dare you. She is about to slap Rakhi, just then Saachi comes and stops her hand. Ankita argues with Saachi and says you stopped us from coming inside. Don’t you know what he will do. Saachi says, it is Rakhi and my house too. Ankita says, I will complain to Saurabh. Saachi asks her to get lost and closes the door.

Shiv stops Subhadra. Hardik asks, how are you going? Subhadra says, I do have the right to protect my respect. Leave me alone. Amol asks her to stop. Anandi asks her to come with them. Hardik says, I left my parents to come here. I don’t have anyone except you. Subhadra says, you married this girl without my consent. Shiv says, you should be proud of Hardik. Hardik asks her to come with them. Subhadra agrees and says on one condition that this girl won’t sit with us. Gulli agrees to sit anywhere else. Subhadra thinks to trouble her.

Dadisaa gets emotional and hugs Basant. Basant says, he can get angry on people, but couldn’t tell her that he loves her.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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