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Balika Vadhu 17th February 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Dadisaa seeing Mohan outside the school and asks him to come with her. Mohan asks her, did Devimaa help you yesterday? Dadisaa says yes. Mohan asks her to give the Devimaa idol for a day. She smiles and gives the idol asking him not to worry. Dadisaa and her classmates write the exam. Mohan tries to recollect the answers, but fails to write all. Teacher asks them to stop writing and check the roll number. She takes answer sheets from everyone. Mohan gets shocked and is in trouble. Everyone leave the class except Mohan. The teacher too leaves the classroom. Mohan looks at the idol and thinks his father will kill him. The teacher asks Mohan to off the switch of the fan. Mohan looks at the fan.

Dadisaa wonders where is Mohan as he is having her idol. Her friend

tells her that Mohan might be in the class room. Mohan looks at the rotating fan and gets an idea. He gets on the table and recalls his father threatening him. He takes out his belt…..Dadisaa talks to her teacher on the way. She proceeds inside and shouts Mohan. She shouts for help as Mohan is hanging on the fan. Everyone come and takes him off the fan. The principal checks his breathe and says he is alive. They take him to hospital. Mohan’s father waits for Mohan and sees him unconscious. He goes with them to the hospital.

Daddu plays with Shivam and Nandini. A courier guy comes. Daddu receives the courier. He turns and sees Nandini about to slip from the sofa. He shouts and rushes to her. He gets hurt by the table while he was running. Everyone come downstairs. Daddu apologizes to Anandi and says it won’t happen again.

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Jagya comes out of the ICU and tells that Mohan is out of danger and will get consciousness in some time. Mohan’s father apologizes to everyone and thanks Dadisaa for saving him. He says he didn’t know that Mohan is so weak. He really made me upset. Jagya says your way of explaining to him was not right. He was scared that if he gets less marks then you won’t spare him. Your words echo in his ears. Mohan’s father says he wants his son to get educated as he is illiterate. Jagya says you are asking him to do which you can’t. You are spending money on his education, but he needs your support, love etc. If Dadisaa would not have gone to the class, then you would have lost your dreams and son. Dadisaa says she is weak in english then also she is enthusiastic about studies. She says education is important, but not more than life. She says let him study with his own will. It is bad to scold him always. Jagya says body and mind need rest. Don’t pressurize your son to study all the time, let him play with his friends. He says we do get to learn new things from the things around us. The nurse informs them that Mohan got consciousness.

Mohan’s father rush inside first. Mohan apologizes to him and says he did a mistake. He promises to get good marks next time. He says he will not play anymore. Mohan’s father looks at the marks on his neck and says I gave you this. I was threatening you to study well. He repents for threatening him. He says I will take you to farm as you wants to become a farmer. Mohan says you wants me to become an engineer. His father says do whatever you wants. Learn new ways of farming by getting education. He apologizes and hugs him. Dadisaa says so many people will learn from this incident that they shall not force their kid to do something against their wish. She says it is not right to commit suicide and give forever pain to the family.

Anandi sees a lady on the road unconscious. She tells Anandi that they will get her 4 years daughter married. Anandi says I will take you there.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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