Balika Vadhu 17th February 2014 Written Episode Update

Balika Vadhu 17th February 2014 Written Episode, Balika Vadhu 17th February 2014 Written Update

Saurabh’s house :-

Saurabh parks his bike outside and enters his room , he recalls A’s threat to him , he opens a cupboard and takes out another phone , he feels that it was smart of him to change the handset , then he is about to delete the video but then he decides not to and thinks should he really delete the video ? Sanchi belongs from an elite family but why her bhabhi came alone with no male member ?

He assumes that Sanchi must have told about this only to A , then he thinks to blackmail Sanchi and his case will be stronger as she already revealed that Sanchi deleted the video which was their only proof .

Sanchi’s room :-

A tells Sanchi that she sternly have talked to Saurabh about it and he has deleted the video , Sanchi asks does

she believe Saurabh ? A tells no , Sanchi then worries about Saurabh sharing the video on the net and her dignity .

A tells there’s only one way to reduce it that is to tell the whole family about it . Sanchi hesitates as she is afraid to loose the family’s support which she has been gaining .

A tells that she loved the wrong man and even she herself knows that she dint had a hand in the incident . Sanchi after being frequently convinced by A agrees to tell the truth .

Living room :-

Ira calls A down for tea , A is bringing Sanchi along with her downstairs , Ira then tells Sanchi to have tea but she refuses with teary eyes .

She asks A about it , she tells that Sanchi wants to tell all of you something .

Sanchi then tells the person is Saurabh whom she loved and trusted but he cheated her and only wanted to be physically involved with her.
She then tells she & Saurabh became friends through Ankita and they went on meeting on the pretext of going for counseling .

She even reveals that Saurabh had came to meet her when all were at BH to attend the function and she even threatened the gardener to keep shut and she lied that she has been at Payal’s house but actually went to the party in farmhouse and how Saurabh hiked her drink and took her to the room .

She reveals that Saurabh has recorded a video of it , everyone are shocked .


Living room :-

Ira angrily advances towards Sanchi but A manages to calm her a bit .
Ira with anguish tells Sanchi when she will turn mature and how many times will she break their heart ? She actually started hating Sanchi for these things .

Alok says now Sanchi has done the folly but we have to fight for her justice , Ira hesitates as she’s worried about Sanchi’s future .

Dadu assures that in such court cases the name the victim isn’t allowed to be revealed so there’s no need to worry . Sanch truly says she has always cheated on them but today she felt how it feels like to be cheated and she wants Saurabh to be punished irrespective of the talks she has to bear .

BH , DS room :-

DS on the chair , G comes there with oil to massage her , DS tells her its not needed today as she’s already feeling energetic and then talks to her about the massive support from the villagers .

G smiles and asks so now she wont even let her to massage her legs ? DS says yes and now i will massage the heads of all of you .


KB , living room :-

A descends downstairs and sees Shiv glued in front of TV , she asks whether something special is going to aired at the time ? Shiv says yes and A sits beside him .

Then the reporter reads the news about DS’s protest with the villagers against the building of chemical factory on college land and then the scene continues .

A who finds it hard to believe whether was it really DS ? Shiv says yes and I’m proud of her that she had done this in this age with great courage and then he compares her to A .

A tells oh no I’m nothing in front of DS , i cant have her determination and courage . Shiv tells her that many have courage but none have it like DS .

Then he tells he’s even proud of Sanchi as she told the truth and is ready to fight against Saurabh , A tells that one day they will surely win .

Voice Over :-

When a woman stands to fight against exploitation , she becomes an inspiration for all .

Precap :-

KB , living room :-

Shiv haves a talk to an lawyer on phone about the case, Sanchi requests him that she wants the lawyer to fight for her, who was against her during G case .

Police station :-

The family are in the police station , Sanchi gives her statement to the lady police staff in a separate room , Ira gets worried and is about to stand but Shiv stops her .

Update Credit to: nightqueen

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