Balika Vadhu 16th October 2015 Written Episode Update


Balika Vadhu 16th October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Anant comes to nidhi’s room and says you didnt sleep? Nidhi says i was thinking about Nimboli, she has made special place in house, all were taking care of her and loving her, she has made place in everyone’s heart in such a short time, Anant says yes as she is very sweet girl, Nidhi says also because Nimboli is Nandni, anant is stunned and says you are mistaken, Nidhi says no, everything was clear, Anandi called her Nandni and dadisa was so happe to see her, she is Nandni, right? Anant says yes she is right, Nidhi says then why everyone is hiding it? its good news that Nandni has been found then why everyone is silent, Anant says because Nandni hates her mother, Anandi called and told dadisa that nobody should call Nimboli as Nandni, he tells her everything about Nimboli,

he says dont tell this to Shivam or anyone else, she promises not to.
Anandi is making Shivam sleep, she looks at toddler Nandni’s picture, and recalls how Nandni said that my mother was bad, she left me in garbage area, i dont want her, Anandi is in tears, she listens Disa singing Lullaby, she wipes her tears and goes to check it.
Anandi comes to Nimboli’s room, she finds Disa making her sleep, she is emotional, Disa finds her standing on door, Nimboli hugs Disa and sleeps, Anandi is emotional and leaves from there, Disa stares the door, Anandi retires to her room, Disa thinks that i have more right on Nimboli as raising child is more important then giving birth to it, i wont let Nimboli go to you in this ife.
Its morning, Nimboli wakes up and finds Disa sleeping, she says i didnt see things in room last night nicely, i will see it now, she comes in washroom and likes everything there, she says what is this basin for? she sees null and thinks how water comes out of it? she moves valve, water starts flowing, she laughs, she makes faces in mirror, she sees WC(commode) and says what is this new kind of chair? she opens shower and shouts, she closes it, nimboli washes her face, she comes back in room and drinks water, she thinks that if washroom is so nice here then how much nice this Haveli must be, i should check out the Haveli, she leaves the room, Nimboli comes in corridor, she is mesmerized to see show pieces and interior of house, she says this whole house is very nice, she finds Mannu and Abhi sleeping in their room, she comes int their room and teases them but they are fast asleep, she teases them by putting her dupatta in Abhi’s ears, he doesnt move, she comes to Mannu and make noises but he is sleeping, she says mother would have waked them up by pouring water on them, she sprinkles water on their faces and runs from there.

Scene 2
Nimboli comes in Anandi’s and finds her sleeping, she sees Anandi getting disturbed from the sunlight coming from window, she closes window and set curtains, anandi sleeps peacefully, Nimboli smiles seeing it.

PRECAP- Disa doesnt find Nimboli in her room, Disa is finding Nimboli, she comes to anandi and wakes her up, she says Nimboli is not her room, Ganga and Dadisa comes there too, Ganga says she came to my room earlier, Disa says what if she have left the house? we have to find her, they all start finding her in house, they come in lounge to find Nimboli.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. i hate u disa u r r so selfish u cant give birth to any child u want to snatch anandhi motherwood

  2. Stupid.. This director is stupid

  3. Disa’s thinking is very right from her side! If anandi can lose a baby in blindness of social service and that is acceptable .. Y can’t disa claim rights on nimboli without whom the kid cud hv been long dead in the hands of akhiraj and harki

    1. you mean to say that if someone does social service and lose their family person or children because of the wrong persons or hooligans then they dont have a right on their kids.
      You are saying as if anandi did wrong by doing social service.
      she did not neglect her child or become blind in social service, her child got kidnapped.

  4. anandi has not done anything wrong. It is very rate to have selflessness. What disa wakants is posession of someone’s child. She is a caretaker of the child, that too done to forego her loneliness.

  5. today end of serial is nice…nice music make some happy moments and had fun between children and nandini shivam

  6. If nandini and shivam should spend some time with their mother it will nice

  7. Disa is selfish.I liked her before but now i hate her.She became bad,i can’t recognize her…

  8. Disa only thinks about her loneliness…. Not about nimboli wellness….

  9. kitna acha ho ki nimboli ko asli baat btaa di jaye and make her understand and tell whole incident to her. disa should play her part in this in nice manner

  10. In my view, director already showm about these issues earlier.. When anandi adopted amul, his real parents came after to take amul back. But they decided to keep amul with anandi.. And also in Shiva case, …. Also dadisa did not give birth to first child, he is co sister soon, right?…. Now, nimboli……. Should see what will happen? Both anandi and disa are right in their views…

  11. Amul parents decided to let stay wid anandi… Becoz amul loved anandi…. He cant bear separation..

    But nimboli can stay wid anandi… Infact she loves more anandi than disa….
    In the end nimboli will decide.

  12. It’s no where shown that she loves anandi more.. May be she equally loves.. But yes , what u said is right.. Bcz nimboli know how anandi loves her daughter.. So she can accept her as mom when she know about the truth….

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