Balika Vadhu 16th May 2016 Written Episode Update


Balika Vadhu 16th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Nandini welcoming Premal and his family. She does tilak of Premal. Mr. Shekhawat asks him to come inside. Premal’s dad says not yet, as my special guest have to come. Just then Shankar/Shivam comes there. Nandini recalls slapping Shankar before. Shankar greets Mr. Shekhawat. Mr. Shekhawat asks who are you? Premal’s dad says he is my boss. He introduces Nandini to Shankar. Shankar says I know her very well. Mr. Shekhawat asks Nandini to do his tilak. Shankar says sometimes you slap me, and sometimes apply tilak, and says this right can have by a sister only, and calls her didi. Nandini says she don’t like to be call didi by a goon as it will be an insult to his brother. She makes the plate fall from her hands. Premal’s dad says it is inauspicious thing. Shankar picks the

plate and says whenever tilak is applied, it is a good shagun. Mr. Shekhawat asks Nandini to do his tilak. Nandini does his tilak hesitantly. Shankar says you got this house’s love and you have become a doctor, I was brought up on road and became a goon. May be we are one from inside. Nandini is shocked.

Mr. Shekhawat asks them to come inside. Nandini looks at Shankar shockingly with teary eyes. Dr. Amit’s dad comes there and greets her. Dr. Amit also comes there holding fruit basket. Krish thinks he is a sweet vendor and calls him greedy man. He says you have not learnt a lesson that greed is bad. He says uncle is jolly type and don’t know how to talk with your kind of people. He says I am a doctor in Suryodaya hospital. He says I will inject germs in you. Amit smiles. Krish says your body will get confuse with which disease to fight first. He asks what you will take per plate. Amit says no. Krish threatens to call Police. Dr. Amit asks him to think about his wife and spare him. Krish says I have bargained for 200 Rs per plate. Nandini comes and calls him sir. Krish says he is struggling halwai……Nandini says he is my guru and head of suryodaya hospital. Krish is shocked. Dr. Amit says what did you say? Krish falls on his feet and apologizes to him. He says I am greedy, corrupt etc. Dr. Amit laughs and asks him to get up. Dhruv says what a perfect triangle, as Nandini is my guru. Nandini tells Amit that he is our new intern and her new tenant. Krish goes. Amit smiles.

Nandini sees Sudha dancing with her mum and grand mum, and recalls Anandi dancing with her in mela. She joins them and dances. Everyone smiles. While they were dancing, Nandini trips and falls in Krish’s arms. Everyone is shocked. Krish smiles looking at Nandini. Dr. Amit is shocked. Nandini feels lost in his eyes, and they have an eye lock. Shankar silently goes to Nandini’s room and sees Anandi’s pic there. He recalls their childhood memories and gets teary eyes. He says until I am alive, I won’t let anything happen to Nandini….Krish asks Nandini to be bindaas always and says I won’t let you fall, I promise. Amit asks are you okay? Nandini says yes. Nani Maa taunts Nandini for falling in stranger’s arms in a filmy pose. She says I recalled Raj Kapoor and Nargis. She asks Jamuna….Jamuna is shocked too. Everyone laughs.

Nani Maa says when a girl falls, it gets difficult for her to get up. Nandini makes an excuse and goes. Nani maa makes fun of her. Shankar opens the almari and sees gift which Nandini has kept for him. He holds Anandi’s asthis and gets emotional. He sees his photo frame, along with Anandi and Nandini’s photo frames. He says 15 gifts for your Shivam, Nandini. You would have thought about me while buying gifts for me every year and hope that I will meet you one day. Nandini comes running to room. Shankar hears the footsteps and closes the almari. Nandini comes inside the room and closes the door cryingly.

Nandini dances with Krish and Amit. Later Krish captures her dance in his phone. Dr. Amit scolds Krish for trying to ruin Nandini’s career. Everyone is shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Can anyone pls tell me.. Is balikavadhu gng to end by this may…

    I saw shakti will telecast daily at 8..

  2. No The timings gonna chance from may 30th. It will air at evening 6:30pm.
    The only interesting part is Shivam’s character other then him rest of all bakwass.

  3. When will shivam n nandini re-join

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