Balika Vadhu 16th May 2013 Written Episode Update


Balika Vadhu 16th May 2013 Written Episode, Balika Vadhu 16th May 2013 Written Update

Dadisa gives money and clothes to their worker to distribute in poors. Ganga asks if there is any special day today. Dadisa says today is akkhadij and any good work can be done.. even marriage. Jagya heard that. He goes back to his room and remembers his childhood when he’s giving gifts to Anandi, their cute fights. He misses Anandi.

Here at Shiv’s house, Sanchi is looking at Jagya’s photo in her mobile. Other family members come and they are waiting for Shiv and Anandi. They have done some preparations. Daddu says, they must be coming shortly. Right then Anandi says, we are back! Her and Shiv are entering the house, but Meenu stops them. Daddu says, welcome Kashmir return couple. He has roses to give them, but says look at their faces.. they are so shining.. even my roses can’t

match it. Meenu and Shiv’s mother come with arti. They do their aarti and welcome in. Shiv and Anandi take blessings from the elders. When Shiv asks how are you all? Daddu says, not as good as you two. Meenu and Shiv’s mother tell Anandi that she looks beautiful in salwar kameez dress.

They sit down. Shiv’s family tells him that they could stay couple of more days. Shiv says, I wanted to stay, but your Anandi was missing you all. Sanchi asks where they went and if they had fun. Anandi tells everyone where they went, what they saw, what they did, etc.. She gets that lost that everyone starts glaring at her. She sees everyone glaring and stops all of a sudden. Everyone laughs. Daddu says, why did you stop? Tell us more. Anandi says, we enjoyed a lot. next time we all will go together. Daddu asks Anandi, why were you thinking about us in your honeymoon? Shiv says, if she could.. then she could have called you all there. Daddu says, you should have called us.. it would be Shiv’s parents 2nd honeymoon then. everyone laughs.

Sanchi asks for gifts. Anandi gives gifts to everyone. Shiv’s mother sees a wound on Shiv’s face and asks him what happened. Shiv lies and says don’t know. Sanchi then tells Shiv we didn’t tell you before otherwise you would get worried, but Daddu got sick few days ago.. Doctor Jagdish was here so he took care of him. Shiv and Anandi get worried. Anandi says, you should have called us. Daddu says, so you take next flight and come here? He says, doctor Jagdish gave great treatment and it was not that serious. He also tells them that Sanchi and Jagya took good care of him. Shiv asks him, but what happened? Daddu says, I said na.. it was not serious.. just blood pressure went high. Daddu tells them stop talking about his illness and asks when will I become great grandfather now? All family members get excited, and Shiv and Anandi feeling shy. Shiv’s mother says, why are you all teasing them? They must be tired.. let them rest.

Jagya is in the hospital. He’s in a meeting with other doctors and they are discussing about new machines which he saw in Udhaipur. He says, if we get them, then our patients will get a good treatment. There is a special doctor who is there to tell them more about those equipments. Jagya gets a call from Sanchi. He excuses himself from the meeting.

He asks Sanchi how is Daddu. Sanchi says, he is fine. Sanchi asks him why you didn’t call me? and tell me whether u reached safely or no? Jagya says, how far my house is from Udhaipur? I had to reach safely. Sanchi is talking more and Jagya has to go in meeting. He tells her that he has some work to do. Sanchi says, its easy to avoid on the phone.. would you do same if I was there? Jagya says, first come and then we will see, but for now I have some work. Sanchi says, I will come any time. Jagya says, you’re most welcome. Sanchi smiles.

Dadisa shows girl’s photo that she selected to Bhairo. Bhairo and Sumitra say, they should meet the girl. Bhairo asks if Jagya saw the photo. Dadisa says, he didnt even come home yet. Sumitra says, someone got sick so he had to stay there. Bhairo shows photo to Basant. Basant says, she looks good.. hopefully she is educated and sanskaari as well. Dadisa asks Ganga to comment as well. Ganga says, what can I say? Whatever everyone said must be right. Dadisa says, we will meet them, but its you who recognize people well like last time. Ganga takes photo and looks at her. Dadisa praises Ganga and says, she is like another Anandi. Dadisa asks her how she found the girl and whether she will look good with Jagya. Ganga says, she looks good in picture but whether she will suit to Jagya or no.. we will find that out when you meet them. We will also know about her nature when we meet her. Dadisa thinks of calling matchmaker and arrange meeting with them as soon as possible. She says once we like the girl, we will show to Anandi and once Anandi says yes.. it will be yes from Jagya as well.

Precap: Sanchi tells Anandi who else can know jagya better than you? Anandi says, today he needs a true life partner.. who understands values of relationships. Sanchi gets furious and says, you’re wrong bhabhi.. everyone says that you’re loving, matured, and sensible person.. but still Jagya didn’t get any happiness by marrying you. I think Jagdish needs a life partner who knows how to live a life.. and don’t expect Jagdish to be a God. Accept him as he is.
Jagya comes to Dadisa. Dadisa asks him if Ganga told him that girl’s family is coming tomorrow.
Jagya tells Dadisa, I want to talk about that only.. I don’t want to marry.

Update Credit to: Shreya

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