Balika Vadhu 16th July 2013 Written Episode Update

Balika Vadhu 16th July 2013 Written Episode, Balika Vadhu 16th July 2013 Written Update

Dadisa, Bhairo, Basant does function preparation. Dadisa calls Anandi to invite Shiv’s family. Sumitra says they must come.. now we have double relationships with them. Daddu picks up the call and Dadisa invites family for godh bharai function. Daddu tells this to everyone. Alok asks Daddu whether it will be okay to go there or no after yesterday’s discussion. Daddu says if we want to go ahead with Sanchi-Jagya rishta then we shall go otherwise.. Daddu tells Anandi that he would love to go but if they are to rethink about Sanchi’s rishta then it would be better if they avoid it. Ira comes and says to daddu, only ladies are invited for this function. She thinks they should go. Sanchi comes in indian dress. She brings pakores made by herself for everyone. Everyone is surprised seeing her

like that. ira tells her about the invitation. Sanchi says, you should go and if you don’t mind, then can I come as well? I want to congratulate her personally. She leaves. Alok also says to Ira that they should go.

Basant brings green mango for Gehna. Gehna eats it. She is then having little pain and Basant gets worried. Gehna asks him to relax as stuff like this happens during pregnancy.

Anandi is still surprised and is thinking about Sanchi’s changed behavior. Sanchi comes there with Anandi and Shiv’s ironed clothes. Anandi asks, why did you iron them? Sanchi says, if I didn’t do that, then I would have just wasted my time on phone. By ironing clothes, I at least did something productive. Anandi is even more surprised now. Sanchi asks her if any other work. Anandi says, no. Sanchi then apologizes Anandi for her rude behavior with her father. She says, I said sorry to him that day because you said, but today I really want to apologize for it and I hope you will forgive me. She leaves telling Anandi to rest as they have to leave for Jaitsar tomorrow.

Next day, Shiv’s family is gossiping in the hall. Daddu tells Shiv he is collector and he should do something so men are allowed in godh bharai ritual. Shiv says, this is house matter and ladies decide everything. They are waiting for Sanchi and Sanchi comes in a saaree. Everyone is stunned seeing her like that.

At Jagya’s house, Dadisa is talking with Gehna’s mother. She says Gehna is very happy as you came here. Gehna’s mother says, it’s my daughter’s godh bharai.. how would i miss it? Bhairo is leaving for work and right then Sanchi and her family arrive. Dadisa, Sumitra are surprised seeing Sanchi in saree. Ira says, she has already got mixed in your colors.

Ganga is helping Gehna in getting ready. Basant comes there. Ganga leaves. Basant cannot stop glaring at Gehna. He tells her, you are looking like a bride today.. so beautiful. He praises her.

Anandi greets and hugs Dadisa, and everyone. Dadisa introduces Sanchi and her family to Gehna’s mother. Gehna’s mother says, Sanchi is very beautiful.. her and Jagya will make a great pair. Sanchi touches Gehan’s mother legs. Bhairo is leaving for the work. Sanchi asks him whether he won’t stay for the function. Bhairo says it’s ladies function.. what will I do here? He leaves. Sanchi asks what work she will do. Sumitra says, she just came and started asking for work. Anandi looks at Sanchi and screen freezes.

Voiceover: Some people change their behavior and keep everyone in dark.. to get what they want.. but can truth ever be hidden?

Precap: Same as yesterday.. some suspected people entering in the function.

Update Credit to: Shreya

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