Balika Vadhu 16th February 2013 Written Episode Update

Balika Vadhu 16th February 2013 Written Episode, Balika Vadhu 16th February 2013 Written Update

Scene 1:
Location: Jaitsar haveli
Jagiya comes in his room and thinks about ganga’s words and is overwhelmed thinking about his last fight with gauri. He remembers how he had been denied forgiveness by anandi, and then finally given. He says that he was so lost in his guilt that he forgot about everything else, and the wrong that he did to gauri. He says that he knows they would never to together now. But that he would have to ask for forgiveness from her too, for all the pain and suffering that she went through.

Scene 2:
Location: Shiv’s house in jaitsar
Seeing shiv in the house, anandi is very happy. she serves him kheer insistently. He asks what is so special today. while she is practising her proposal, of saying I LOVE YOU, shiv gets involved in

and office call. She again resumes feeding him, aftre he is done with the call. He compliments that she has made it very nice. Seeing him tired, she offers to press his head, despite him denying.

Anandi is super excited about giving shiv a head massage as that would put him to a peaceful sleep. Shiv complies, by lying down. He asks her what happened as she is looking slightly different. She says that as he has noticed, she should now tell it to him. he comments that he has seen her in this color for the first time. As he closes his eyesShe musters up great courage and throws out the words: She has falllen in love. Shiv is pleasantly surprised to hear that and sits up again asking who she fell in love with, while anadi is very happy at her confession. She says that her friend fell in love, and hasnt been able to tell it to the person she loves and asks his help. He says that had it not been for mahi, he wouldnt have been able to say I LOVE YOU, to her too. She gets tensed and he asks what happened. She says that the person she’s fallen in love with is….but her phone rings in the midway with jagiya calling upto say that he wangts her to come down, as he has something improtant to discuss. As shiv and anandi meet him, he apologizes for such a delayed visit. and says that the matter is of extreme concern, that eh wants to go to mumbai again. She says that they had advised him so long. She says that he cant do this as he would be repeating his mistake all over again. She reprimands him for being selfish all the time, and leaving everyone off once again. Shiv asks her not to form an opinion and hear him out. Jagiya says that its not her fault, as he has never given a reason to her to trust him. He says that he wanst to go for some time, so that he can apologize to gauri for what he did wrong and trhe pain that he gave her. She commenst that he has seriously changed as only that would enable him to forget everything and move on with his current life, just like he did. Jagiya says that he would take their leave now. He says that this thought came all of a sudden and all had gone to sleep by then. If he had waited till morning to explain it to them, they wouldnt have understood but he had the faith that she would. anandi says that she would handle the family and asks him to go. After he leaves, shiv tells her not to worry and asks her what was she talking about earlier. she says that she would tell him some other time.

Scene 3:
Location: Jaitsar haveli
dadisa is worried about jagiya, the next morning. Bhiaro asks her to try his cell, but she says that she has already tried, but its coming switched off. while everyone is worrying where he could have gone, anandi comes in with shiv and tells them that he has gone to mumbai. They are all surprised. she tells them everything. they are tensed. Dadisa cringes at gauri’s mention and says that he has gone for apologizing but she would trap him again and asks why did anandi not stop him. Basant asks her not to worry but she is far from comfort. Anandi explains jagiya’s mental state, saying that its necessary for him to move on and live in peace. dadisa says that he doesnt need to ask forgiveness from the girl, who took him on the wrong path. Bhairo too agrees with dadisa but anandi says that she felt that he was doing the right thing. Dadisa says that he came after such a long time, and if he doesnt return would she bring him back. she turns to go, and shiv asks anandi not to worry and leaves dadisa alone for now. but anandi says that she had seen the changed thinking and mentality of jagiya’s and that shiv is witness to that. Bhairo says that they arent blamimg her, but this time she has unintentionally made a mistake. He says that jagiya might have tried to change but he is still very weak in his will.

Bhairo says that they have seen that gauri can even betray jagiya for her interests and god knows what she might say, that makes jagiya not to return again.. But anandi says that nothing like that would happen now, as he is no longer jagat, but their jagiya, who has grown and knows the difference between own and strangers. Ananadi says that they have the fullest faith that he would definitely come back. Bhairo says that now they can only hope that. The screen freezes on anandi’s tensed face.

Underlying message: Relations broken in impulse, are much regretted later on since they make a person go into guilt later on and they are restless to mend things.

Precap: sumitra tells dadisa that jagiya has postponed his coming back for a week. ddaisa says that this must have happened after he met gauri. Sumitra says that he hasnt met her yet. dadisa says that eeven without meeting, he’s coming home a week late, god knows what would happen when he meets him. She says that gauri would again mould him into her jagat. She is terrified that this is where the real test of her endurance and guilt begins for jagiya, and they shall see how much has he actually changed.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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