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Balika Vadhu 16th December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Kundan telling Gajraj that he will be at peace after killing Nimboli. He uncovers his face and sees Shivam. He says their target was Nimboli. Sarita comes in another car and thinks how to save Shivam. Kundan asks who are you? Shivam says I am Shivam and says mumma save me. Kundan asks who is your mum? Kundan says Anandi is my mum. Kundan says so you are Anandi’s son. Shivam says yes. Kundan says I have to take revenge from Anandi also, and asks Gajraj to kill him. Shivam cries and asks what did I do. Sarita thinks I can’t fight the goons alone. Shivam pleads to free him. Kundan asks to kill him. Sarita thinks to pull the hand brake of the car. Gajraj is about to stab Shivam, but just then they see car coming towards them. They run to stop the car. Sarita comes to Shivam

and opens his hands. Kundan sees them running and follows with the goons. Anandi and Nimboli are in the car. Anandi calls Jagya, but his phone doesn’t connect.

Nimboli hears the police jeep alarm. Sarita asks Shivam to run and tries to stop the goons. Kundan pushes Sarita and she falls on the stone. Gajraj hears the Police jeep alarm and says he can’t do his work now. Kundan also runs with them. Nimboli sees Shivam running on road and tells Anandi. They stop the car. Shivam hugs Anandi and tells that Sarita saved him. Anandi, Nimboli and Shivam see Sarita injured and take her to hospital.

Kundan calls Gajraj useless and says you can’t kill even a small kid. He insults them. Gajraj gets angry and makes him get down of his car. Kundan gets tensed. Anandi tells that Sarita will be fine. Harki asks Kamli to call Kundan. Kamli argues. Kundan comes home. Harki asks what happened? Kundan says he is not a kid anymore and says he don’t want to tell her. Mannu comes there and asks about Sarita. Nimboli asks him to assure his wife Pooja that nothing will happen to Sarita. Pooja cries. Anandi tells Nimboli that Mannu and Pooja are not together and they are not husband and wife. Nimboli says they got married infront of me. Anandi says child marriage is wrong and it effects their lives. Nimboli says child marriage is fake and asks if her marriage with Kundan was fake. Jagya comes out and tells Pooja that Sarita is fine now and she can meet her. Pooja runs inside the ward and hugs her.

Anandi thanks her and says you have done a big favor on us. Sarita says I am happy that I could do something for you. Nimboli tells everyone at home that Sarita Maasi saved Shivam. She says why did the goons hurt Sarita? Anandi says Sarita is fine now and asks her not to worry. Jagya says Sarita failed the goons plan and that’s why they hit her. He says why did the goon want to kidnap Shivam? Shivam recalls telling that he want to kill Nimboli, and tells that the target was Nimboli.

Shivam says they kidnapped me as I was wearing Nimboli’s clothes. When they realize their mistake, they start fighting and thought how did they do a mistake. He blames Nimboli and pushes her. He asks Anandi why do you care for Nimboli so much. He would have died if Sarita not come there. Anandi says thank god, you are fine. Mangla hugs Nimboli.

Mangla calls Kamli and informs her that everyone is scolding Nimboli and blaming her for Shivam’s kidnapping specially Anandi. Kamli is worried. Mangla turns and sees Dadisaa standing.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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