Balika Vadhu 16th April 2015 Written Episode Update

Balika Vadhu 16th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Pushkar’s mum inviting Harki to her home. Pushkar looks at the toys. Kundan is boggled to see his childish nature. Nimboli throws the grains through the straw. Pushkar sees her. Nimboli hides and then looks for him. Pushkar comes to the window and looks at her smilingly. He signs her to come out. Nimboli asks him not to say anything. She wonders who put the tilak on his forehead. He waves her bye and leaves. Nidhi practices karathe. Dadisaa and Anandi looks on.

After they leave. Nimboli asks Harki to open the door. She then asks Chagani to open the door. Kundan asks Chagani to let Nimboli stay inside. Nimboli requests Harki to open the door. Akhiraj Singh asks Harki to open the door as Nimboli can’t do anything now. He scolds Harki for trying to break the alliance

and slaps her hard. Nimboli asks her to open the door. Harki opens the door and asks why you are shouting. You will not die if you stays here. Chagani comes to Nimboli and tells that Kamli’s marriage is fixed with that mentally retarded guy.

Jagya is talking on phone. Ganga comes and is angry. Jagya says I was busy so didn’t pick your call. Ganga says what shall I tell to emergency, that my husband is busy so come later. Jagya says he would have come there. Ganga says her patients praised her today and that is what she wants to share with him. She says because of my one mistake. Jagya asks her not to start again and leaves.

Nimboli comes to Kamli and hugs her. Kamli tells that her dream is broken to marry Gopal. Nimboli says that guy seems strange. Kamli says she can’t marry anyone else. She says she doesn’t know what to do? She asks Nimboli to give the letter to Gopal. Nimboli agrees.

Harki cries and talks to Disa saying she tried to agree Akhiraj Singh, but he refused. She cries and feels helpless. Disa says you tried, but he didn’t agree. She asks her not to cry. Akhiraj Singh comes and asks what you are talking? Harki says nothing. Disa tells that Pushkar seems to be mad guy. Akhiraj Singh says he is just childish and will be fine after marriage. She says Kamli will suffer and asks why you are in a hurry. Kamli will get good alliance soon. Akhiraj Singh thanks her and asks her not to say anything in this matter. He threatens her indirectly. Harki cries. Akhiraj Singh asks her to stay away from this matter and asks Harki to give food.

Dadisaa talks to Shivam and says some story. Mannu and Abhi come home after a walk. Mannu says I tried to wake you up, but you were sleeping. Mannu and Abhi go to freshen up. Dadisaa goes to make milk shake. Pooja comes and greets Ganga. Ganga gets irked and thinks if Mannu helps Pooja in her studies then when he will study.

Kamli writes letter to Gopal and recalls his promise. Harki comes there and gives the wooden toy. Kamli asks her to throw the toy. Harki touches her and says I will bring medicine for you. Kamli asks her to bring poison instead. Harki asks why you will give your life? She tells about inlaws’ home and says Pushkar will be fine. Kamli says but. Harki hugs and consoles her.

Harki tells that Akhiraj Singh will not agree and get Kamli married anyhow. Nimboli asks shall I go to market and bring vegetables. Harki scolds and warns her. Nimboli breaks the pot purposely. Harki scolds her and asks her to get water from outside. Nimboli smiles and this makes Harki doubtful.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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