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Balika Vadhu 15th September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sarita seeing Pooja in the hospital ward and cries. She asks questioning Pooja about her relationship with Mannu. She recalls Pooja lying to her again and again. She recalls Ganga informing her about Pooja’s miscarriage and also that she can’t be mum again. Sarita cries holding Pooja’s hand while she is still unconscious. Anandi and Dadisaa look at her. Sarita says what will happen to my daughter now? Dadisaa says God will do the needful. Anandi asks Sarita not to lose strength. Ganga comes and tells Sarita that she didn’t know anything about her pregnancy. She says we would have not let this happen. Jagya gets teary eyed and recalls Sarita telling him that Mannu celebrated Teej with Pooja. He thinks Mannu have husband relationship with Pooja and sent her to death.

He gets angry. Kishore is teaching the kids. Akhiraj comes there with his goons and says school is running good. Kishore asks what do you need?

Akhiraj asks the students to study well. He says your dream came true because of me. Now your school is running well because of me, and asks him not to concentrate on other’s doings. Kishore asks what do you want to say. Akhiraj threatens him and asks not to go to Police station. Kishore says I will leave when Nimboli gets justice. Akhiraj gets angry. Kishore asks didn’t you have sympathy towards her. Akhiraj says shall I sent my son to jail for a stranger girl. He says why you are showing sympathy towards her. He asks if I am fool? Kishore says what did I thought of you and what is you actually. I thought Kundan is accused, but you are main accused. He says your truth should be known to Dr. Jagdish. Akhiraj says who will show my reality to him? You…..if you do this then your everything will be finished. Kishore says it is okay and goes inside the school. Akhiraj calls the Inspector to go to his house immediately and take Nimboli’s statement.

Jagya comes to haveli and calls Mannu. The servant tells him that Mannu went to his friend’s birthday party. Jagya leaves. Harki is shocked to know Nimboli is giving statement. The Inspector says they need the statement to punish the guilty. Disa says you came late. Harki says let Akhiraj come. Inspector says I told Akhiraj before coming here. Disa asks Nimboli to say. Harki signs her not to say anything. Nimboli says start telling her plight. Harki says she is lying. Inspector asks her to let Nimboli speak. Nimboli tells everything which is muted and a flash back is shown. Harki is shocked. Inspector writes her statement and asks to put the thump impression. Harki asks Nimboli not to do that. Disa asks Nimboli to put the thumb impression. Nimboli being uneducated puts the thumb impressions. Inspector says guilty will be punished now. He leaves. Disa takes Nimboli inside.

Mannu is celebrating his friend’s birthday at his place. His friend Raghav cuts the cake. Mannu thinks this is where I belong, and this is my world. Jagya comes and asks him to come. Raghav’s dad asks Jagya to have food. Jagya apologizes and says he has to take Mannu for some emergency. Mannu asks is everything fine. He brings him to hospital. Mannu asks if Dadisaa or Shivam is admitted here. Jagya asks him about Pooja’s health. Mannu says I didn’t meet him after Teej. Jagya asks Mannu about her pregnancy. Mannu says it was well. He swears and says I didn’t know anything. Jagya slaps him hard and is angry. He says I am talking about the pregnancy which is aborted now. He brings him to see Pooja and tells you have ruined her life. She lost her baby and can’t become a mum again in her life. Mannu is shocked and teary eyed.

No Precap.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. well done jagya mannu u seriously need this for ruining a girls life u idiot bcoz of u poojas life is ruined

  2. Why u so tensed Mannu… Nothing loss did happen to u…. Go n njoy b’day party….
    Pooja ki khud ki tension hai…. Wo jaane….

    U and ur mother can break this marriage.. So easily now… U got a valid reason…

  3. Update don’t wait until we say

  4. Without checking my comments update it

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