Balika Vadhu 15th May 2013 Written Episode Update


Balika Vadhu 15th May 2013 Written Episode, Balika Vadhu 15th May 2013 Written Update

Ratan tells Ganga, it’s good that you brought me in front of Devi Ma.. other day women saved me being Devi ma and thanks to those women, I am alive today. I have realized my mistake now. I treated you so badly. That same day I decided that I will correct my mistake.. i had promised myself whether you forgive me or no, but I will have to apologize to you. That’s why I came here.. and when I saw you and Manu, I felt like we could be together again. I will keep you very happy like a queen, and I will change myself that much that you will forget that old Ratan Singh. Sumitra has double feelings.. she says, feelings say that he has really changed. But mind says, He might be acting just like his parents. Gehna wonders why Jagya still didn’t come.

Ganga tells Ratan, I have forgotten that

Ratan Singh long ago and I don’t want another Ratan in my life. Ratan asks, and what about my manu? Ganga says, your manu? What makes you say that? I won’t even let your shadow be on him. Ratan loses his cool and asks, who are you to separate me from him? Jagya’s family is surprised. Ratan continues, he will go to home with me. Ganga says, if you got guts, then try touching him.. he is my son and won’t go anywhere. And if you really need a child, then go to that Padma. Ratan says, she is pregnant with a daughter.. Jagya enters. Ratan continues, that is why I came here.. take Manu and come with me. I am his father. Ganga says, by giving birth one doesn’t become a father.. you need to fulfill father’s responsibilities.. and I am not going anywhere with you.

Jagya comes in and tells Ratan, she said she doesn’t want to come with you.. don’t force her. Leave from here. Ratan says, now I figured why you don’t want to come with me.. you’ve got badi haveli’s doctor sahab.. he must have told you to run away with him. I figured something was going on between you two the day he came for your treatment. Jagya asks him to stop with his nonsense and asks to leave. Ratan says I will have to go.. but before that he questions Ganga, you live in this house being his wife openly or in night you hide and…. Jagya pushes him down and says, cheap person like you can only think this. Ganga quietly runs away. Jagya continues, before I call police here.. leave from my house and don’t shoe me your face again. Ratan gets up and tells Jagya, I am going.. but we will have to see each other again in future.. I will be back very soon and am saying this in front of God.

Ganga is recalling Ratan’s words and crying. She says, just because I refused to give Manu.. I refused to go with him, he’s saying all this about me and doctor sahab? Jagya comes and says, when you know whatever he’s saying is not true, then why are you crying and hurting yourself. He sits down beside her says, I had told you before too.. Ratan is not worth of your tears. Before anyone can question us, they have to have a good reputation. Dadisa told me how strong you were in front of him, and behind that this weak Ganga? It’s possible that you might have to face more questions in future.. will you cry like that? Be brave. Ganga asks for how long? i am also a human being. I knew he didn’t come here for me.. there must be a reason behind it. Padma is pregnant with a daughter and he found out so came here to take Manu away from me. Jagya says, I am wondering how he got out of the jail. They should lock him inside forever. And also how did he figure out what Padma is pregnant with? it’s illegal and police is very strict against it. Jagya feels this time Ratan won’t be quiet.. and tells Ganga.. you don’t need to be scared.. I will be with you until you win. Ganga says, when you’re saying, then I am sure Ratan’s game will end soon. She asks, you and your family did so much for me already and still doing it. Why are you doing it? Jagya says, by doing all this I am just trying to prove that I am not a bad guy. Anandi had told me, if you keep others happy and you also stay happy. Who knows it might be true.

Shiv and Anandi say good bye to Abdul. Abdul tells them to stay happy and smiling like this always. Shiv says they will miss him a lot as well. Abdul leaves. Shiv and Anandi recap their honeymoon moments before taking the flight.

Dadisa is again looking for a girl for Jagya. She gets angry at matchmaker and says what kind of girls are you showing me? they all want to sell their daughter, not marry them. Matchmaker says, how can I say even good looking people run behind money.. they made me fool. Dadisa says, and now you’re making me fool. Matchmaker says, this mistake won’t repeat again and I have even quit marrying young girls.. first let them be 18 finish studies and then think about marriage. Dadisa somewhat gets happy now. Matchmaker shows more photos, and Dadisa doesn’t like any at first, but then finally likes one girl. She shows to Sumitra and Sumitra also likes her. Dadisa keeps photo to show it to everyone. Matchmaker says, I can even arrange a meeting.. Dadisa says, i will let you know.

Voiceover: Elders can’t see their children/grandchildren alone.. they try their best to get rid of their loneliness and Punar Vivah (Remarriage) is one of those ways.

Precap: Shiv’s family is ready to welcome Shiv and Anandi. Shiv and Anandi enter. Anandi says, we are back. Daddu says, welcome welcome Kashmir Return Couple. He gives them roses and shiv’s mother does their aarti and welcome them.

Update Credit to: Shreya

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