Balika Vadhu 15th June 2016 Written Episode Update


Balika Vadhu 15th June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Triveni slapping Nandini. Nandini asks who are you? Triveni says she is Krish’s mausi and Karuna’s sister. She asks what do you think of yourself, will you challenge God? She scolds Nandini and asks why she is egoistic and says rivers stop seeing me. Krish says I missed you and asks her to calm down. He says shall I bring cold drink, icecream etc. He says you took my wife’s class after coming here. Triveni is shocked and asks did you marry her? She asks why didn’t you tell me, and failed me. She tells Karuna, that she did wrong by hiding this truth. Karuna apologizes and says she didn’t get chance to tell her. Krish signs Nandini to touch her feet. Nandini bends down. Triveni stops her and warns her not to insult her God again, else she knows how to make her right.

She asks Pandit ji to start puja again, and asks Nandini to sit.

In the hospital, Shankar takes Nandini’s name, says where are you. Head sister sees him pulse falling and calls Nandini. She says if you don’t come to hospital urgently then your patient can die. Nandini is shocked and apologizes to Triveni. She says I am a doctor and have to save my patient, even God want me to go, and runs. Triveni is angry. Krish says she is not an ordinary wife, but a doctor. Triveni says you can’t tell anything infront of me and says she will make that woman right. Krish asks her to stop it. Triveni slaps him. Krish says I am grown up and married now. Triveni tells karuna that Krish is talking in Nandini’s language, and says she will make everything right. Kundan thanks God for sending Triveni here and says he will use her to get nandini.

Sudha tells premal that she is his wife. Premal asks her to stay as his wife only and respect his parents. Sudha asks what did I do? I am doing everything according to your parents’ saying. Premal says you people have betrayed us and gave nothing in dowry. Sudha gets teary eyes and says my parents have done everything. Premal says it was a lie. He says your parents spend much money on Nandini’s marriage. Sudha asks why did you marry me then? Premal says because of love, but it was my mistake. I got married to you because of this baby. Sudha says this baby is ours. Premal talks to her badly and asks her to respect his mum. Sudha cries. She gets her mum’s call. Jamuna asks what happened? Sudha says nothing and asks her to tell if she is fine. Jamuna says she is happy that her daughters are married in a good house. She says your bapusaa wants to come to your house. Sudha says renovation is going on in my house and asks her to send Bapusaa later as he is allergic to dust. Jamuna says okay and disconnects the call. Sudha says I hope Premal also loves me as Krish loves Nandini.

Nandini comes to hospital and attends Shankar. She asks nurse to give injection and injects Shankar. She tells God to save her patient and says don’t know why she is worried for this patient. She asks Shankar to tell….Shankar opens her eyes, but is still in critical condition. Nandini tells head nurse that they have to inform his family, and asks nurse to check his wallet for pic and details.

Vandana hugs Amit. Amit asks her to give keys and says he needs to go to hospital. Vandana says no, and gets closer to him. Amit says this is not the time to romance. Vandana says she is feeling ashamed as she sent papa to jail. Amit gets Nurse calls and she informs him that Nandini saved the patient and he is fine. Amit is relieved. Vandana tells Amit that he wants to keep Nandini with him, away from Krish. Dr. Amit says your thinking is cheap. Nurse brings Shankar’s wallet. Nandini is about to open it, but just then she gets Krish’s call. Krish comes to his room and asks about the patient. Nandini says he is stable now and asks about Mausi ji. Krish says I will handle her and says it is all blind faith that husband’s life gets in danger if wife gets up from puja. Nandini says I am lucky to have you, and you are also lucky to have me. Kundan hears him and says thinks I have compromised your fan. Krish says we will unite you, and sees fan about to fall. He jumps and shouts. Nandini is shocked.

Dr. Amit is about to fall. Nandini holds him. Vandana taunts her. Later Nandini comes to her room and sees Kundan already there hiding. Nandini shouts. Triveni enters the room and looks on.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. It’s seems more worst..
    Balika vadhu previous charm passed away with this season..y writers make this nonsense..too much worst..villains are grown up day by day..where is the chance to get the solution..
    Nandini leading role waiting for all problems…too much worst…

  2. We want Krish and Nandini’s romance

  3. Lamhe thappad ke.

    Give thappads to the writers and the channel.

  4. balika vadhu… once a super hit daily show… which had put an end to all the daily soaps in all other channels in its time slot…and loved by the people all over the country…but now it had lost its 8:00 PM time slot.. became illogical…and lost its charm… if makers wanted to kill anandi.. and highlight nandini.. this is not the way to portray her character… we just loved nandini’s childhood..anandi-nandini bonding… anandi-mangla fighting for nandini’s love.. that was fantastic…. but now nandini’s characterisation was worst… the serial was completely lost… no connection for scene to scene…probably this is the worst running indian serial…
    dear makers… plz clarify us: where did jagya-ganga and their family go??? where did jhalra family go?? why is nandini away from her brother??? initially it was shown that krish was working for kundan… how did he change his attitude for nandini at once??? jagya loved shivam more than his own son.. didn’t he search for shivam atleast once???how can u make kundan nandini’s father-in-law???

    the serial would have great if a leap of 10 years was introduced and nandini falls in luv with kundan unknowing about his true identity…plz shut down this serial as soon as possible…

  5. I agree with dezine. Has the concept and script writer changed? He / she is probably clueless as to the original story. Now it’s just nonsense.
    Sad to see a serial which ran successful for years to get to such crap.
    Writer confused?
    Strange the makers have no idea what we viewers are put through.
    Do they watch what rubbish they produce?
    They have turned an amazing serial which always was in tune to the ongoing social issues and so well written and presented …. to trash ?

  6. Tishlemplemple

    Stupid serial

  7. i like jodi of nandini and krish kya ap logo ne real age dekhi hai both was born in 1982 nandini in april and krish in aug 34 or 33 or avinash age is 29 i could u say that krish is not for nandini infact i hate avinash bohot acha hua nandini or krish ki hogai but mujh acha ke unke bich me isni problem no plzz…… sub happeely rakho i wish nandini ko pata chal jay krish ke step father hi kudan hai or sub thik hojay

  8. Hahahaha… viewers too have gone mad along with the writers.. sorry guys but what I m observing I m saying d same… MADAM POOJA NAndini knows kundan is krish’s stepfather its krish who doesnt know his step.father is illegal childhood husband of nandini… THIS WAS D ONLY SERIAL AWAY FROM CONSPIRACIES VILLIANS N STUPID CHUDEL BHOOT PRET SAAS BAHU MULTIPLE ANGLE LOVE STORIES N RELATIONS N NOW ITS SAME LIKE OTHER SERIALS… DRAGGING N ABSURD

    1. toh phir Nandini kyu kuch nahi Kar rahi hai agar she knows krish step father hi kundan hai uske sath toh police ka sath bhi hena anyway vo anandi ko last few episode me use akal aee thi vese i was think that Nandini samjdar or bahadur hai

  9. krish ko Pata chalega toh kya hoga dukh hoga lakin baad me sub ho sakta hai or yeh serial kahani hai
    sabhi me asha hi hota koee Na koee relative me villain toh hota lakin fir hota thik hota hi hai if Nandini soch rahi ke krish ki khushi ke khatir nahi bataee gi or uski mom ke

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