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Balika Vadhu 15th June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Mannu talking rudely with Jagya and calls him Dr. Saheb when Jagya try to explain him. Pushkar’s mum asks Kamli to get down. Kamli looks on. Pushkar acts as get sad. Pushkar’s dad asks her to get down the car. Pushkar asks Kamli to come inside and play with his toys with him. His mum tells that they will do the ritual first. His dad says who will see these rituals and asks her to hush up the things. Mum says she has an only son and insists to do the rituals. She takes out their aarti and asks her to step on the red water and enter. Pushkar insists to do the ritual. Mum says Kamli has to do it. Kamli performs the rituals and enters the house. Mum brings her to inhouse temple and makes her leave her hand prints on the wall.

Mum asks Kamli to take blessings from Kul

Devi. Kamli obliges. Mum turns and sees Pushkar missing. She looks for him and sees him picking the rice in the kalash. He tells he has done it and asks her to claps. She turns to see Kamli and claps for him. Kamli is sad though. Nimboli is sitting sadly, Disa asks are you missing Kamli? Nimboli cries and tells that just like my mum sent me here, Akhiraj sent Kamli from here without her wish. Disa tells that all parents are not same like Akhiraj. She tells Kamli will be happy as she is outside this house. Nimboli asks Kamli would be happy with Gopal, then why he was killed? Pushkar’s mum brings her to room. Kamli recalls Gopal arranging flowers for her and writing their names initials.

Mum makes Kamli sit on the bed and explains to her that she understand her pain. She tells that a woman’s life is full of sacrifices and asks her to take care of herself and Pushkar too. She leaves. Pushkar tells Kamli that you will sleep on my bed today. Kamli cries. Pushkar shows her toys, to cheer her up. He sees her still crying and goes. He comes back in a joker make up, and tries to make her laugh. Kamli goes to the washroom and cries miserably. Pushkar stand cluelessly. Kamli removes her dupatta and jewellery, while looking in the mirror cryingly.

Kamli comes to room and sees him sleeping. He wakes up and asks her to eat something. Kamli refuses. Pushkar says he will eat then and puts his hand on the hot food. Kamli asks him not to do that. Pushkar says his mum also says the same, but he forgets. He acts as a innocent child. Kamli looks on at his innocence.

Akhiraj tells Harki that bride’s family is coming to see Kundan. Harki and Kundan get happy. Bride’s family come and shows Ambika’s pic. Kundan likes her. Akhiraj fixes her alliance. Some neighbor informs the bride family about Kundan already married with Nimboli. And shows Nimboli. Everyone is shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. guys can any 1 have an idea where all the family members of shiv-anandi go? did the writers forget them completely? they went went abroad ok but sanchi n chote papa are still in udaipur right? wont they show them? and gehna niranjan and nandu? amol?

    1. Don’t’ if thy come thy will drag it more…

  2. Nw They will try to kill nimboli or send her same Whr before Tht disa will send nimboli to anandi…

  3. Writer didn’t forget Sanchi and Bade papa,these characters are not important anymore
    just like jagya’s parents went to America to take care of Maasi ji and never came back.
    They could have different people to play their role,just like Ganga was changed three times.

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