Balika Vadhu 15th July 2015 Written Episode Update


Balika Vadhu 15th July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Akhiraj and his family returning home. Nimboli thinks Urmila might see her clothes and laughs. Akhiraj looks on surprisingly. The goon comes there. Akhiraj shows the photo and asks him to search them. Nimboli sees the pic and tells that she knows them. Akhiraj asks how? Nimboli says she had attended their marriage. Akhiraj scolds her and tries to raise his hand. Disa comes and stops him saying Nimboli doesn’t know. She informs him that Jagya came to their house insearch of Mannu and Pooja, but she didn’t tell him anything. Akhiraj thanks her and says you did right. He says you still loves me very much. Disa says someone still stays in dreams and gives a good reply. Ratan Singh’s mum talks to her neighbors and introduces Mannu to them. Mannu and Pooja take their

blessings. The neighbors asks them to take care of Ratan’s mum.

Kamli tells her mum in law that she is going to market. Her mum in law tells that she will bring the bag and goes. Pushkar comes on a cycle. Kamli says it is for kids and you knows how to ride big cycle. Puskhar insists to go with her. Kamli agrees and takes him.

Urmila calls Chagani and asks her to change her bed sheet. Nimboli tries to look at her. Chagani laughs seeing her ghagra. Urmila cries and asks who did this? Nimboli cries. She shouts for Akhiraj, Kundan and Harki. Akhiraj asks Harki to handle Urmila. Harki says she has so much work to do and says Urmila will keep quiet in sometime. Nimboli comes to Urmila and asks why you are crying. She offers her help? Urmila says she will never take her help and asks her to go. Nimboli thinks it is okay. Urmila cries again. Harki and Akhiraj hear her shout again.

Kamli and Pushkar are on the way to home. Kamli says you didn’t ask for anything today. Kamli notices someone’s reflection following them and turns to look back. She sees a man repairing his cycle. She tells Pushkar that she felt like someone is following them. The same man keeps an eye on them as they walk again.

Ganga tells what was the need to get Pandit arrested? That Pooja has eloped with Mannu. Dadisaa asks her not to accuse Sarita and Pooja again. She says Sarita didn’t go to Jhalra, as Anandi went with you people. She asks her to use her strength in searching them. Sarita cries. Just then they get Akhiraj’s call. Anandi picks it up. Akhiraj says he is Akhiraj Singh from Jhalra village and insists to talk to Jagya. Anandi asks about his name. Akhiraj says his name. Anandi looks on.

Precap: Urmila mixes chilli powder in Nimboli’s food. Someone attacks pushkar with a knife. Pushkar shouts as he gets injured on his hand.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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