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Balika Vadhu 15th July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Subhadra telling Dadisaa that she has enough cow’s drink. She is scared that she will become cow. Dadisaa asks her not to worry. She says, I might not take care of yourself well. Just be careful. Subhadra says, thank god. She asks about Gulli’s parents. Dadisaa says, she has only grand parents. Subhadra praises Dadisaa and says no one takes care of other’s needs. Dadisaa says, Gulli supported Anandi in school. Subhadra asks, when did you meet her? Dadisaa says, She was getting married in childhood, but Anandi saved her. The guy whom she was about to marry in childhood tried to rape her, and I saved her and killed him.

Subhadra says, I saw it on TV. She says, may be Gulli was involved. Dadisaa says, no. Anandi knows her very well. Subhadra says, may be

you are right. Dadisaa says, Gulli didn’t do any mistake. She asks Dadisaa about Gulli’s parents. Dadisaa tells her that Gulli’s mom eloped with some guy and was pregnant later. He later left her. Gulli’s mom gave birth to Gulli. Subhadra says, hey ram…..Dadisaa says, Gulli has very good values. She asks Subhadra to finish the cow’s urine. Subhadra drinks it. Dadisaa leaves. Subhadra thinks, everyone has haunted past related to them.

Band guys comes to haveli playing music. Subhadra closes her ears. Dadisaa asks, why they are playing band. Hardik says, he arranged it for welcoming the VIP’s. Basant and Dadisaa ask who is going to come. Hardik says, the one we love and respect. Makhan kaka comes and says they are here. Anandi, Shiv and Amol come surprising everyone. Everyone smiles. Shiv says, I was welcomed here when I got married. He greets everyone. Hardik plays money to the band guys. Anandi hugs Dadisaa.

Shiv asks Hardik, what is all this? Hardik says, I thought you shall get grand welcome. Subhadra says, you spent 500 Rs. Hardik says, 550. Anandi hugs Ganga and Gehna.She then asks Subhadra. Subhadra says, she is fine. Hardik says, she is feeling better. Ganga says, it is good that you came here. Anandi asks for Gulli. Dadisaa says, she will come soon. Anandi says, we got a grand welcome. Hardik says, it was specially planned for you as you are very special. Everyone smiles. Subhadra gets angry on Hardik and thinks he is also singing Anandi’s tune. She thinks she will be at rest if she makes Anandi drinks cow’s urine.

Saachi comes home. Ira and Meenu get happy. Meenu asks, how are you. Saachi says, I am fine. Meenu asks her to have food. Saachi says, I can’t stay for long. She asks about Anandi. Ira informs her that Anandi, Shiv and Amol went to Jaitsar. Ira asks, is there any problem. Saachi thinks, she can’t tell them about Saurabh troubling her. Anandi can give her good advice.

Gulli’s haldi ceremony starts. Gulli smiles shyly. Dadisaa says, only mother can apply haldi first. She asks her grand mom to do the honours. Her grand mom asks Dadisaa to do it. Anandi agrees with her. Subhadra thinks, everyone here is actors. Dadisaa applies haldi on her face, hands and legs. Gulli’s grand mom applies haldi followed by Ganga and Gehna.

A Rajastani song is sung by the ladies while other ladies are dancing. Anandi happily looks at Gulli. Dadisaa tells everyone that Anandi will apply mehendi on Gulli’s hands first. Anandi smiles and applies mehendi on Gulli’s hands. Gulli’s friend praises Gulli’s mehendi colour. Anandi says, she is right and says groom’s love for you will be so much. Hardik comes wearing sherwani. Gulli looks at him. Hardik looks at her. Subhadra calls Hardik and asks him to eat Gulab Jamun.

Ganga asks Hardik about the arrangements. Everyone rejoicing seeing the folk dance. Hardik looks at Gulli. Everyone claps. Anandi notices Hardik and Gulli looking at each other.

Subhadra praises the groom’s mom saying you are kind to accept Gulli. She asks what do you mean? Groom’s dad stops the wedding. Everyone get shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Subhadra has become v tiring have lost interest in the serial even what saurabh is doing is unbelievable the serial has lost its charm thats what happens when serials dont end but go on till people move on

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