Balika Vadhu 15th August 2015 Written Episode Update


Balika Vadhu 15th August 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kishore is going out of Akhijra’ house but suddenly Akhiraj & Harki come there Akhiraj asks Kishore the reason for Nimboli gets scared & she tries to cover her face
Kishore says he came to inquire about Nimboli as she was not coming to school from past few thought of asking her but when he came here he found Nimboli having fever . Akhiraj & Harki shocked. Nimboli gets scared . All look at her. Harki gets angry & goes to Nimboli. She takes the covers from her & says she is not ill.she is very well. You can see masterji. Nimboli bows her head. kishore is surprised & Akhiraj comes to Nimboli & asks you are not going to school from many days??Nimboli bows her head. Akhiraj says if you didn’t’ have any intention

of studying then why did you get admission there. Hearing Akhiraj Mangala comes.Akhiraj says to her see yourself bhabhisa .Urmi also comes. Akhiraj says to Mangala its all because of your pampering that she is not going to school from many days. Mangala gets shocked and urmi also gets surprised. Akhiraj says and when masterji came to ask she lied she had fever. Mangala is upset with Nimboli and urmi is surprised. Nimboli goes to Mangala & says sorry.i don’t like going to school, don’t like studying. Akhiraj gets angry & says to Nimboli if you didn’t like studying then why did you get admission?? Nimboli is speechless .Mangala is upset with Nimboli. kishore says its ok she is a kid . when kids go to school for the 1st time they get scared. she can come to school from tomorrow & whatever she didn’t study he”ll teach her separately. Harki says we also want her to study but if she herself doesn’t want then what to do?? she look at Akhiraj .He gets the point. and says to Kishore now we can’t force the kids. but you are doing very.good for kids education .Dr Jagdish was right in saying that you have got pure intentions about children ‘s education and teach them who wants to study & if she also get sense then teach her also. kishore says ok & asks Nimboli to come to school & don’t be afraid .He goes.

..Mangla goes from there & Nimboli runs after her asking forgiveness. She says I really don’t like going to school when masterji teaches i can’t understand anything.i didn’t tell you so that you wouldn’t feel bad. Mangala is emotional & angry Mangala says my girl have been lying to me.Nimboli again apologizes & says i won’t lie next time. Mangala says if you didn’t like going to school you should have asked me and i would have asked devarsa about it & so much drama wouldn’t ‘have happened. i’have told you so many times don’t lie but you don’t want to listen it looks you have taken oath for lying .Mangala goes. Nimboli is crying.
. Harki comes & takes her to Akhiraj . Nimboli keeps on pleading that don’t take me to bapusa.he”ll beat me a lot.Akhiraj sees her & asks Harki bring her. Urmi comes & tries to save Nimboli. and pleads to Akhiraj. Akhiraj says to Nimboli you want to lie. i”ll teach you a lesson . Harki takes her to the pillar & ties her hands with a rope from above & make her stand on her fingers of feet. Urmi is feeling bad for Nimboli. Mangala comes & sees her. Nimboli pleads to her to save & apologize Akhiraj looks at Mangala Mangala does not say anything. Akhiraj goes.Harki says to Nimboli now you stand like this & you won’t get meals also. Harki takes away urmi holding her arm . Urmi feeling bad & keeps on looking at Nimboli. Nimboli keeps on apologizing

At jaitser a clinic at far away from Jaitsar hospital . it reads prerena clinic.2 ward boys are is saying no one has come from the morning.other says don’t worry.till people hide their love their profession will keep on running .Mannu comes They are surprised to see him .He comes to them and asks about doctor . They tell him amd send him in.
Mannu sees the cabin . its untidy.Doctor was washing her hands. He calls her.she sees Mannu and ask him to come in She sits on her chair. Mannu comes in & sits in front of her. She introduces herself i am dr. prerna . i’ have checked all details. there can be abortion. there will b no difficulty but you have to pay fees in advance. Mannu nods & asks how much.

Dr replies i can tell this only after seeing patient but you have to give minimum 15000 rs. Mannu shocked says 15000. Dr nods. Mannu says ok it”ll b done. i”ll arrange. Dr nods. Mannu says but dr. are you sure that its safe & hygienic .i mean there will be no risk in it? Dr says yes it”ll be safe.its our daily work. she looks around & says and don’t go by seeing all this.our clinic is very hygienic & safe.whatever happens here remains here. nothing goes out from here.thats why we charge fees. Mannu nods. Mannu takes out some money and give her. Dr takes it and count it & says only 1000rs. Mannu says keep this for now. i”ll arrange the rest.Dr says but do it soon as the sooner it happens the more will be safe .Mannu says ok. She gives him a form. Mannu takes it & thanks her & goes.

Mannu comes out &put form in his pocket & takes out his cap and is going. He is thinking from where i”ll arrange so much money? he is in thoughts & sees someone & gets shocked. its Dadisaa .she sees him & the place & is shocked

Mannu comes to her & asks Dadisaa you here?? Dadisaa says i’ve gone to temple but you are here & at such place. Mannu lies i’ve to do school project so came at clinic to have information Dadisaa says whole of this information you would get at our hospital why have you come so far away here? this place doesn’t look right. Mannu says that’s why Dadisaa , to have 2nd outlook that why people come at such dodgy place Dadisaa gets convinced. She says yes you are also right .but now where”ll you go?? Mannu says to home.Dadisaa says ok i am also going to home.i”ll take you also. lets go She takes him by arm and lead to the car. Mannu keeps on looking here & there.

At jaitsar hospital Anant takes Nidhi who is blindfolded .She is asking where are you taking me ? Anant says wait. he takes her in some room. and takes her blindfold. she sees the room and gets happy.Anant tells its our new home Nidhi gets happy.He says its jaitser hospital staff quarters & now we will live together here. Nidhi gets happy. she asks but why to live here??
Anant says because i got a job as pediatrician here. Nidhi gets happy.Anant says because of your Anandi maam i’ve become dr. anant. Nidhu hugs him & says she is . happy for him.

At Badi Haveli is talking to Pooja on phone. He says no Dadisaa didn’t ask anything from me after that. i think she got convinced about that false school project story. now hope your abortion go rightly. Pooja says do you think its right for me to go for abortion?? Mannu says we’ve only two options. one is abortion & i shiver thinking about other one. Pooja is not convinced & hesitant. Mannu says we can’t go on that path. its very.dangerous & will finish everything. Mannu is looking here & there while talking He says. Please try to understand. Pooja is scared. Mannu says i am sorry but please understand. i know its very .painful but we’ve to one will know anything about it. everything will be alright. there”ll be no problem in future i promise. Pooja is scared & crying.she agrees. Mannu says listen tomarrow we won’t go together but reach at clinic separately. so that no one will have doubt on us. Pooja says but what about the money??from where we will arrange?? Mannu says leave that on me. i”ll think of something.Mannu says you take care of yourself & keep calm. ok. Pooja nods & wipes herr tears & says ok. Mannu says ok and he disconnects the call and sees someone . its JaGan. Mannu gets shocked. he lowers his hand with phone. ganga asks what happened mannu? Mannu gets bit scared &says nothing,nothing. Jagya asks who was on phone? Mannu lies one of my friend..ganga asks but why are you looking tensed ??something has happened?? Mannu says no nothing. i will go outside & have fresh air so that i”ll freshen up to study better. ganga nods but is doubtful. Mannu goes hurriedly ganga looks at Jagya & Jagya is also doubtful of Mannu Ganga says mannu is behaving very .strangely these days. Hope all is right. Jagya looks at ganga.

At night Urmi goes to Nimboli. Akhiraj & Harki wake up hearing Nimboli’s crying .Urmi they won’t see her Harki says what to do she is screaming so much. akhiraj says let her scream .she”ll get tired after sometime . & will shut up. he asks for water. Harki gives him. he drinks it and both sleep.Urmi goes from there to Nimbol. Nimboli sees a shadow .its urmi. Urmi comes to her but keeps on looking back no one should be coming behind her She feels bad for Nimboli punished like this. Urmi thinks if bapusa comes to know about it then he”ll get angry. will it be good if he gets angry for helping Nimboli??Nimboli is in tears

Update Credit to: kikyo

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  1. girija kulshreshth

    बालिका-वधू में निंबोली के आने से शिवराज की मृत्यु और सीरियल की ऊब कुछ कम क्या हुई लेखक महोदय भटक गए .हैं . निमबोली कब तक अखिराज के घर में पिसती रहेगी . अब ऊब हो रही है उसकी लगातार सजाएं देखकर . एक अच्छी और प्यारी बच्ची छोटी छोटी गलतियाँ कर सजा पारही है क्या यही उसकी नियति है . अनुमान था कि स्कूल खुलने का उद्देश्य निंबोली को पढाना और वहाँ से निकालना होगा पर अब आपने उसी को लेकर स्कूल की बोरियत वाला मुद्दा डाल दिया जो किसी और बच्चे के माध्यम से भी दिखा सकते थे . अखिराज जैसे व्यक्ति ( अभिनय बेजोड़ है ) को अन्याय व हत्या की सजा दिलाने की बजाय राजनीति की गुम्डागर्दी वाला मुद्दा ठूँसदिया है . आनन्दी तीन मौके गँवा चुकी अखिराज से मिलने के . सशक्त चरित्र वाली दीसा की नीयत बदल गई है . वह निंबोली की उद्धारक बनने की बजाय उसपर अत्याचारों का कारण बन रही है .क्योंकि मोहवश उसने आनन्दी से नही मिलने दिया जबकि कुन्दन का दूसरा विवाह इसलिये होने दिया ताकि निंबोली की इस घर से मुक्ति हो सके . चरित्रों की ऐसी तोड़ फोड़ क्यों कर रहे हैं लेखक जी . इसके लिये दूसरे धारावाहिक ही काफी हैं .

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