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Balika Vadhu 15th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Akhiraj and Kundan throwing Anandi in the well. Kavita shouts…..Anandi falls down and gets unconscious…Akhiraj asks Kundan to cover her up and throws stones and dry grass on her. Akhiraj says we will leave from this village after getting this girl married. Jagya sees shehnai guys coming there. Harki threatens Kavita and asks her to sit quietly. Akhiraj wears his mask again and asks Pandit ji to start the marriage. Groom’s dad says we shall wait for shehnai guys. Akhiraj says lets do the marriage first. Pandit ji starts the mantras. Anandi gains consciousness and manage to move the stones and grass kept on her body. Kavita cries. Akhiraj looks victorious. Anandi looks up at the well and asks Devimaa to give her strength. Anandi tries to hold the support on the well, but

couldn’t and give up. Just then she hears someone’s phone ring and calls Jagya……aloud. Jagya comes there in shehnai guy attire and is shocked to see her inside the well. He asks Anandi not to worry and brings a tree rope. He asks her to hold it and climbs up. He pulls the rope up and manage to rescue her. He asks Anandi to hold herself and asks what happened? Anandi says Akhiraj…he is alive. Jagya is shocked.

Anandi says baba Anand maharaj is Akhiraj and he tried to kill me. We have to stop Kavita’s marriage. Jagya asks her to come. Shehnai guys plays shehnai. Harki tells Kundan that she is worried and says we shall go from here after this marriage happens. Just then Anandi and Jagya comes infront of her. Harki is shocked to see Anandi alive. Anandi says time has come to speak the truth and asks her to tell the villagers that Baba Anand is Akhiraj. Harki is shocked.

Akhiraj is sitting still and seeing the marriage. Pandit ji continues to recite the mantras. Anandi goes to every house and speaks to the women. They all go with Anandi. Anandi shows Harki’s face to the villager women. All women are shocked. Anandi says your husband have fool innocent villagers and says you have to bring his truth. A woman says she is Mouni baba’s servant. Anandi says she is Harki, Akhiraj’s wife. A woman says Mouni baba have done good with us, and even getting this marriage happen. Harki tells her that Mouni baba is a great soul. She says my husband is no more and I am a widow. Women ask her why she is wearing bridal attire then. Harki asks them not to come in Anandi’s talks. Woman asks why you are dressed up as married woman then?? Harki starts acting and gets teary eyes. She says she have worn this dress in her husband’s memory. Women ask why she is fooling them. Harki asks what is the proof that Akhiraj is alive and is Mouni baba. Women asks Anandi to tell. Anandi says yes, I do have proof. Harki is shocked. Anandi says I can prove that Akhiraj is baba Anand. Harki is shocked.

Pandit ji asks bride and groom to stand up for pheras. Just then villager women ask them to stop and bring Harki there. Akhiraj is shocked. A woman asks them to stop the child marriage and says we can’t let this marriage happen. Akhiraj asks what you are saying and who is this women? Anandi comes forward and says this is every mum’s decision and voice. She says we won’t let you do this sin. She says nobody will listen to you as truth is out. She says everyone know that you are a thug and fooling them. She says everyone know that you are this woman’s husband Akhiraj. Akhiraj is shocked and angered. Kavita runs to Anandi and hugs her. Harki is also shocked. Kavita says he is not baba but akhiraj singh. She says he pushed Anandi in the well and threatened to get my parents eaten by the crocodile if I refuse to marry. People start gossiping. Akhiraj says they are lying…I am not Akhiraj Singh. I am people’s servant and God’s devotee, your baba Anand Maharaj. He says I don’t have any love for anyone, and is not anyone’s husband. Anandi asks him to prove his words. She says there is only one way to prove this.

For Saturday: Dadi saa gets shot by Akhiraj.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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