Balika Vadhu 14th October 2015 Written Episode Update


Balika Vadhu 14th October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Anandi arrives home with Nimboli, Dadisa sees her, Anandi wakes Nimboli up and brings her out of car, Dadisa caresses Nimboli’s face and is emotional to see her, Nimboli is confused, dadisa hugs her, she says you are very innocent girl, Anandi tells Nimboli that she is owner of this house Kalyani devi, my dadisa, Nimboli touches her feet, Dadisa blesses her and hugs her, she says my prayers got fulfilled, all are happy, Disa is tensed, Anandi says to dadisa that she is Mangala, disa greets her, Shivam come and says Nimboli? he tells dadisa that he met her in Mela, Nimboli calls him Udham instead of Shivam, all laugh, dadisa says she is your sis.. she stops, Shivam says she is my friend not sister, Nimboli says girls and boys cant be friends, Anandi says who said it? girls and

boys can be friends too, Nimboli says then he is my friend, he makes her meet Nidhi, dr. Anant says she is my daughter, Nimboli greets him, Jagya introduces Ganga to Nimboli as his wife, she greets her, Ganga blesses her, Dadisa ask Ganga to go and prepare welcome for Nimboli, she leaves. mannu comes there, Nimboli ask you here? Mannu says this is my house, Jagya says he is my son, Nimboli ask how is your wife? you remember you married her in our village, why your family wasnt present there? she ask who is guy with you? Mannu says he is Abhi, my younger brother, Ganga brings aarti plate, Nimboli ask why aarti for me? Disa says we are guests so they are giving us respect, Ganga does Nimboli’s aarti. Nimboli comes in Haveli, she looks around and says this is like palace of king and queen, its so big, how many people live here? Dadisa says only our family live here, this is just lounge, we have kitchen area, farm and many rooms here, Nimboli says Chokhi Chudail i didnt know you have such a big house, dadisa says you will live here from now on, Nimboli comes to Disa and says Maa we will live here? in such a big palace? all are shocked to listen Nimboli calling Disa as mother, Dadisa sadly looks at Anandi, Disa says to Nimboli that yes we will live here, Nimboli hugs her in happiness, Dadisa takes Nimboli with her.
All come in Mandir of house, dadisa ask Nimboli to light diya of mandir, Nimboli ask why me? Disa sys they are giving us respect as we are guests, light it, Nimboli lights diya of mandir, all are happy, Nimboli does aarti, Dadisa points to Anandi, Anandi comes forward and does Nimboli’s tilak, Dadisa brings parsad for her, Nimboli says i did aarti so can i distribute parsad? she says why not, Nimboli gives parsad to everyone, kids are confused as why Nimboli is given so much attention, she gives parsad to Disa, she offers parsad to Anandi, Anandi makes her eat first, Nimboli makes her eat too with her hands, Disa thinks why i didnt get the idea of making Nimboli eat parsad first like Anandi did, these small things will bring Anandi and Nimboli closer and will pull her away, Nimboli ask Dadisa what should she do with remaining parsad, Dadisa says eat it, Nimboli gets happy, nimboli leaves, kids come to Dadisa and ask why all are treating Nimboli as she is some prime minister? Dadisa sys she is guest so we have to respect her, she leaves, Abhi says i dont understand, many guests come in our house but they are not given attention like Nimboli.
Anandi takes Disa and Nimboli to their room, Nimboli looks around in room, she says this is so beautiful room and its so big, will i and my mother live here? Anandi says yes beta, she says to Disa that if you need anything then tell me, she ask them to get fresh and come for dinner, she leaves, Nimboli is happy and says this house is so big, we will live in this house, she jumps on bed in happiness, Disa stares her angrily, she closes door and comes to Nimboli, she says you dont have to listen anyone, we will live here for long, if police was not behind us then i wouldnt have allowed to come here, we will leave from here soon so dont think about living here, understood? Nimboli nods, she ask Nimboli to get fresh.

PRECAP- All are sitting at dinning table, Nimboli says to Disa that i dont like to sit on chair maa, Shivam says she is your Disa then why you call her Maa? Nimboli says she told me that she is my mother so i call her Maa, all are stunned to listen this.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. I am starting to hate Disa!!!! I hope creative of serial will not assassin her character without redemption???

  2. Disa should admit her mistake and tell anandi that she too loves nimboli and doesn’t want to lose her . Maybe they will forgive her and let her stay in their school as a warden or something. Don’t turn her character into a negative character. She was earlier shown to be a woman of good moral values. Let her admit that in a weak moment she took a wrong decision and it was wrong of her. There are too many negative people as it is…

  3. Hate DIsa. behaving worst than Harki. i hope Anandi will get to know about her soon.

  4. Only 16 days more… This serial will end… Nagin will telecast…

    1. Lol no.. This is not going to stop.. Naagin will telecast only saturday and sunday 8pm.. Telecast of balika vadhu on saturday may be stopped or they change the timing

  5. They should move on and make Disa feel bad about stealing Nimboli and make the old characters come back like Dadu or the others!

  6. when this serial will ends..realy so boring and idiot story..serial strarted with good things..but now it is showing all idiotic things.i hate this serail

  7. nagin serial only saturday and sunday…..balika vadhu never stops…..

  8. this serial becoming ordinary started with good message. but it is boring now.the characters not is better to stop..we don’t want more unexpected twists like death of shiva.don’t spoil the image of the serial. please……….stop it……….

  9. I think people who are commenting bad about Disa role are not watching the message that serial has at the end.
    Disa thinks that when Nimboli will come to know that Anandi is her mother, then Nimboli will forget Disa and will leave her. Because of this fear of losing Nimboli, she is behaving like this.

    1. Instead of that stupid fears and all,,she can admit the truth and definitely anandi will understand and will agree to live with nandini.. If the truth comes out without her involvement,there are chances she can loose her for life time

  10. Disa is only thinking about herself… Not thinking where she will provide shelter to nimboli… Food… Clothes… Education… And many more…

    Disa cant run like this for lifetime…. What work she can do to earn for a living….

  11. Writers of the show…… If u are reading this then u are really doing bad in terms of story line by dragging it……….the serial has lost its charm ………….. Too pathetic n boring to even read through all this.

  12. Next shivam will get jealous of nimboli… Then thy will drag that this is a stupid story

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