Balika Vadhu 14th October 2013 Written Episode Update


Balika Vadhu 14th October 2013 Written Episode, Balika Vadhu 14th October 2013 Written Update

Udaipur Hospital :

Dr saying to Shekars that i will only be able to tell when she will be discharged and even consult a psychiatrist for a treatment so she forgets her past incident , the Dr goes from there , A says it is already difficult to handle Sanchi then how we will convince her to consult a psychiatrist , Anandi says we all will help her , support her to get over this incident , A says nothing is gonna happen by this , she will not be at peace until she avenges her revenge with J. A makes Shiv promise that you will not let Jagya get away , you will have to punish him , Shiv assures i will surely avenge my sister’s revenge .

Jeep :

DS is lost in deep thoughts and remembers the incident when she lied to Urmi Devi , when Ira threatened her to take revenge ,

suddenly Bhairon stops the jeep , DS asks what happened ? Bhairon says here is a little ship nearby , we can have some tea and snacks , DS rejects i just want to go home , Bhairon continues driving .

Udaipur Hospital :

Anandi is filling water from a filter , CM comes there , she explains i know Anandi it is very hard for you but you have to handle it , Anandi says i know but i cant do it , on one side police case is going on , it will bring a rift between both the families , CM further says with love and patience everything is possible , Anandi says please try to convince Shiv and papa ji to drop the idea of revenge , CM says she cant do it but you should see you should be strong in this situation , Anandi almost crying .

Sanchi’s ward :

The other Shekars along with the inspector to whom Sanchi narrates her story i fell in love with Jagdish , this feeling only arosed for him for the first time and the FB scenes of Sanchi screaming i am really in love with someone to Ira , Jagya agreeing to marriage , Sanchi gifting him , Jagya assuring Shiv that i know i am doing the right thing , Jagya breaking the engagement , Sanchi along with Shekars raising a hue and cry in BH . The scenes are over , she continues i have realized that heart breaking is Jagya’s tendency , i even came to know that Jagdish has married Ganga as DS came here , the inspector says now i want to talk something important to all of you , everyone follows him leaving Sanchi alone , Sanchi in mind says it will cost you very heavily Jagdish for breaking my heart .


Outside the ward :

The inspector explains do you even know that suicide is a crime under section 309 and your daughter has done that , we will have to file a case , Ira frustratingly says already my daughter has gone through so much and you are increasing her pain even more by filing a case . Shiv says but we have to avenge our revenge on Jagya that’s it , Ira falls down to the chair , she says someone’s mistake and my daughter has to suffer , Jagya you will never be free , Shiv tries to calm her down if a case is filed on Sanchi for attempting suicide then even on Jagya a case will be filed , he will be punished in the court . CM asks are everyone agreeing with the case procedure , Shiv answers of course choti ma , don’t we want to avenge revenge on him ? CM explains willwe get back out happiness by taking revenge ? It will only make Sanchi’s wounds more deep . Ira says even i am feeling sad for it but i am sorry , i cant think like you , i know it will hurt Sanchi but it will be very less compared to this .


In a corner:

Shiv is standing alone , Anandi comes there , she asks is there not other way ? The court will give punishment but think about how the other family will feel . Shiv replies i cant think about another’s sadness , even now you are worried about that family instead of us , Anandi says how can you say like that ? Shiv says i am not going to do anything , i will just avenge my revenge and get our family’s happiness , Anandi says don’t forget even Sanchi did a mistake , Shiv says so even she is getting a case filed against her , if she can get it only for a small mistake then why not Jagya ? Anandi says she even broke the relation , Shiv says so what ? I can only think about our family and it is the worst thing for me that a member of Shekars is getting a case filed , i know they will be hurt though , Anandi says why you are separating me and the family ? Now even i think CM was right , we get nothing by revenge expect pain , we wont be happy like before by sending Jagya to jail , everything will be messed . Shiv retaliates now we both have always supported the truth but this time you are wrong , now i am only a son who will do anything for my family , he leaves from there , Anandi is left crying .


Voice over :

The relation between a husband and wife is sweet only on the foundations of trust and belief , even a small fight can make it weak .

Precap :
Police has arrived to arrest Jagya , he says Jagya has a warrant against him for encouraging Sanchi to attempt suicide , they take him away , Ganga screams , she runs in the BH , she screams police has taken Dr sahab away , everyone are shocked .

Update Credit to: nightqueen

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