Balika Vadhu 14th March 2016 Written Episode Update


Balika Vadhu 14th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Harki and Kundan apologizing to Mangla, Kamli and Nimboli. Kundan asks them to give a chance to him. Mangla says Baba is really miraculous. Harki asks her to meet baba again. Harki asks Kamli to forgive Kundan. Kamli says she don’t believe him. Kundan says I am going to godown and will lift the weight now, it is upto you to give money or not. Harki says Kundan have taken right step for the first time and says it is all because of Babaji. Kamli wonders if they have changed really.

Anandi talks to Sarita in her office. Kavita and her dad comes there. Anandi hugs Kavita. She asks her dad what is the purpose of visit? Her dad tells that Kavita’s inlaws are threatening him and asking him to send Kavita to their house. Anandi says I have applied in court for her divorce.

Kavita’s dad says they tried to kidnap her. Anandi asks him to leave Kavita with her in Shiv Niketan. Kavita’s dad thanks her and leaves.

Kamli is in the godown and sees Kundan lifting heavy grains bags. She is confused and sees him working hard. Kundan smiles. Kamli asks Nimboli what she wants to eat in dinner. She sees Harki cooking food? Nimboli asks if you are making food? Harki says I am making your favorite dish. Kundan thinks Harki is acting. He comes to kitchen and says he has tried to work. Harki asks do you want tea or water. Kundan says no and goes to his room. Nimboli says Kundan is changed now and have no anger on his face. Kamli asks her to give water to Kundan. Harki thinks we will win Kamli’s trust soon.

Kundan lie down on his bed. Nimboli brings water for him. Kundan gets angry seeing her, but controls his anger and asks her to keep glass on the table. He drinks it. Harki says you are looking tired. Kundan says I have worked hard to prove myself. Harki says your Bapusaa….Kundan stops her seeing Kamli coming there. Harki says your dad will get happy seeing you working hard. Kundan nods. Kamli says it is for your betterment and gives him tea. Harki thanks her. Kamli says I came to give him tea. Harki says I know you well, and asks her to accept her whenever she feels like. She promises her that she will change for better. She says I have decided to go to my room and will pray that I get my daughter and kundan gets his sister. Kamli melts down and goes. Harki smiles and tells Kundan that she is innocent and will agree soon. Kundan smiles.

Later Harki gets ready and wears all the jewellery which she has, and also wears bridal dress. She smiles looking at herself and says she is looking beautiful. She puts kajal to keep off evil eye. Just then Akhiraj knocs on the window. Harki opens the window. Akhiraj is stunned to see her and says you are looking like a newly bride. He gets inside the room and says happiness will come in your life. He shows her necklace. Harki says is it for me? Akhiraj says what did you think that I don’t remember our marriage anniversary? He makes her wear the necklace, hugs her and gets intimate.

Next morning, Akhiraj wears his old clothes. Harki asks him to wait for few more hours. Akhiraj says I have to go, and says Deenu will get tensed if he don’t see me. Harki says from where did you get him? Akhiraj says I saved him for police and says we will kick him when the time is right. He asks her to take care and says he will leave now. Mangla is giving water to plants and sees a man jumping from the window and eloping. She wonders what had happened and goes to Harki’s room. Harki removes her jewellery and looks at herself in the mirror. She says I have to act again as a widow again, and have to praise that chudail Kamli. She says I have to change these clothes before anyone wakes up. Mangla comes to her room and is shocked to see her wearing bridal clothes and jewellery all around the dressing table. Harki looks smilingly on the bed. Mangla looks shocked.

Mangla accuses Harki for having relation with a stranger man. Harkitells her that he was her husband. Later Harki and Kundan meet Akhiraj. Akhiraj asks them to burn Mangla, Nimboli, Pushkar and Kamli in the house. They set the house on fire. Mangla, Kamli and others try to open the door and find it locked. Nimboli feels suffocated because of the fire smoke and asks if they will die now.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Koi is anandi ko do char thapad lagao plzzzz… dusre ki beti ko kidnapping se bachane ke liye shivniketan me rakh leti hai aur khud ki beti ko kidnapper ke ghar bhej deti hai… kaisi maa hai… usme aur harki me fark kya hai??? Dono hi apni betiyon ki dushman hai….

  2. 2136 – 14 Mar
    Harkhi asks Mangla to visit the sadhu. Kundan tries to impress Kamli by working at the godown. Meanwhile, at Shiv Niketan, Kavita’s father tells Anandi that the groom’s family is threatening him.
    2137 – 15 Mar
    Akheraj moves away from the window after meeting Harkhi. Mangla sees them but is unable to identify the man as his face is covered. Later, Mangla goes around the village to enquire about Akheraj.
    2138 – 16 Mar
    Mangla follows Harkhi when she goes to meet Akheraj. But she gets a hint and tricks Mangla. Akheraj gives some money to Harkhi and tells her about his plan to set the house on fire.
    2139 – 17 Mar
    Deenu splashes kerosene at Akheraj’s house. The family members, including Kundan and Harkhi, get trapped inside. A tensed Akheraj rushes to save his family members.
    2140 – 18 Mar
    Akheraj yells at Harkhi but Kundan assures him that they will make another plan to kill the family members. Kalyani is delighted to find the chain she had given to Nimboli in Mangla’s room.

  3. Koi is anandi ko do char thapad maro plzzzzzzz…. dusre ki beti ko kidnapping se bachane ke liye Shivniketan me rakh leti hai aur apni beti ko kidnapper ke ghar bhej deti hai… kaisi maa hai yeh… harki aur aandi me fark kya hai… dono hi apni betiyon ki dushman hai….


    1. Ab BV bas yahi ek romance bacha hai. Anandi romance ke layak nahi raha. Jagya kaam mein busy hai. Puskar tho abhi abhi teek ho raha hi, tho mood aana mushkil hai. kundan ko romance karna aatha hi nahi. Romance karne umar se Mangla guzar chuki aur Nimboli ko umar aaya nahi.

      Lekin Akhiraj & Harki itne din se bahar hai tho enjoy kar ne do naa 🙂

      Ithna saara jhel rahe hai tho who bhi jhel lenge.. 🙂

      1. 🙂 🙂 :-)… kya baat hai… analysis badi choki hai thari… kam se kam yeh romance hi jhelete hain… baki serial me toh kuch raha nahi… waise anandi collector ki biwi kam dehati masterni jyada dekhti hai.. :-p

  5. Well, as expected, this week to will go by with revealing the truth to Nimboli.

    As the drama continues in Jhalra, all that moments last week are in vein. Those truth revealing moments like –
    – Ananth talking to Kamli about Nimboli’s treatment in Jaitsar and not revealing it to Anandi.
    – Anandi talking to Nimboli on the phone and then later talking to Mangla and trusting her (height of stupidity)
    – Anandi not revealing this (phone call to Nimboli) to Ananth
    – Kamli’s confrontation with Mangla. And Harki learning about it and conveying it to Akhiraj.

    1. Typo, this week TOO will go by WITHOUT revealing truth to Nimboli.

      This whole week is again time waster.

  6. Again I would like to remind the following dates for you guys –
    (Just for fun, we will continue to count, days, weeks, months, years….until Nimboli know the truth) In other words, how long BV will drag this 🙂

    Sept 28th, 2015 – This is when Anandi comes to Jhalra to take Nandini back just when Akhiraj was about to be arrested and jailed. But Mangla runs away taking Nimboli with her.

    Oct 10th, 2015 – This is when Anandi gets hold of Mangla and Nimboli (after chasing them for almost 2 weeks) in temple. This is when Mangla plays her trick on Anandi and says not to tell her the truth that she is her real Mom.

  7. Thrice my reviews are not updated… shiv lagta hai aaj aapki comment phele aayegi phir meri upload hogi… 😛

    1. You are right Dolana, it happened with me too. They just deleted couple of my comments, don’t know why. And the update itself is taking time. Nope your were the first one again.

  8. Ganga…. its now seven to eight months now anadi knowing nimboli is her daughter n its was during navratri nimboli came to badi haveli…. ab aap me aur kitni patience baki hai woh toh aapko pata ya phir writers of BV ko ke woh kab tak aap ka dhairya ka intihaam le saken

  9. Koi bhi serial dekho conspiracy bhoot chudel nagin daiyen baba mata…. SHIV YEH writters paak nahi gaye is monopoly charactero se???? Pechla pura hafta gaya harki aur akhiraj ka romance ka recap dikhane me… aaj woh precap puri hui… aagle do din jayegi mangla aur harki ke behas me n teen villians ka ghar jalane ke plan me…. beech me agyi thrusday toh “TRISHAKTI” ka drama … na badhegi pandey parivaar ki kahani jahan pechle 8 mahine pure ho chuke phir bhi unki thapki bahu jo teen mahine me jaane wali thi woh HOLI tak rukh gayi… bharadwaj parivaar se naagmani chandramani patali bhootni jati nahi aur BV Me maa beti ki milan hoti nahi… aata maaja satakli…

    1. I don’t see any other serial other than BV, so I don’t know Dolana. I continue to watch just because at one point of time it was kinda interesting and now I just watch because of habit. It seems that the longer I watch this serial, the more I hate it.

      If the writer don’t have any story after certain time, they should honestly accept it and conclude it.

      1. I too see only BV n past few months hv been watching swaragini… BUT precaps gives a short jhalak of d serials n by now we too know wat d writers have in brain stored so wild gusses… mahasangam trishakti double shakti need to be watched if u are used to of viewing our choicest serial n automatically u get to now of other serials…

  10. Dosto hamare yeh comments writers padhte nahi ya inke kaano me jhun nahi rengti… pakka pakka ke pakka dale hai yeh… kasam se ab toh tv phot dalo aur mast fm par purani hindi filmy gaana suno… jin bhoot pret tapti registaan se jinda lauta akhiraj phoolkumari hoti harki aur buddhi hoti anandi se toh bachenge…. 😀

    1. Mujhe mera tv phodne ka chance hi nahi mila TV khud seh nahi paya ye seriel aur suicide kar diya. Repairer ko v TV pe daya aa gaya hai de Nahi raha mujhe. Lol

      1. Hahahaha… dats wonderful… ganga get a nice radio instead of ur tv… mechanic ko jhelne do tv

  11. Where are u friends??? No sign of Shiv kalyani sumi ganga… all have vanished.

  12. Unbelievable how all of a sudden Akhiraj changed to a romantic man after returned as a sadhu . Akhiraj used to be a rude b stubborn person even he tried to press Harki’s neck even in jail he used to hurt Harki n pushed her to floor when he is hiding with police, now he remembers his anniversary n gifted Harki a necklace. If we don’t remember Anandi n her stupidity about her daughter, then serial is interesting.I think she forget that she had a daughter that’s why busy helping others daughter’s. Precap is even more interesting.
    Friends do you agree with me.

  13. sarayu (honey)

    feeling good to read your comments guys. let nimboli die in the fire and then anandi will know how foolish she was to keep nimboli in jhalra. fed up of this track. anandi one more request from us to you please do makeup. can’t able to see you in this avatar. what do you say guys ?

    1. Sarayu… writers have asked d makeup man not to give any makeup to anandi… past ten months anandi is wearing same necklace… she changed her necklace only once dats on jagdish n ganga’s marriage anniversary…. if she is given makeup how will she look bechari…mangla’s makeup is better… n harki’s tremendous.. 🙂

    2. Noooo…please don’t let nimboli die. We have been waiting for so long…sabr ka phal toh miley.

  14. Anandi and Nimboli are happy in their own worlds. I lost sympathy for Nimboli.
    She is so ziddi about staying with Mangala only. And Anandi knows she cant take Nimboli by force because she will run away again.

    Harki and Akheraj are looking younger every passing day. What a passion!

    Mangala is moral policing them. What happened to her own morals?

    1. Nimbili is not ziddi dear, but how come someone love to stay away from her mother, Nimboli dont have any idea about her mother, She only knows her mother is a witch which Mangla told her, she is a child there is vast difference between Jaitsar & Jhalra how come the child know the truth

  15. Finally will the writer unite the mother n daughter or not

  16. Yes I agree Anandi should do proper makeup n change type of sarees she wears boring silk sarees she can wear better silk sarees its better to click gorgete or shifan sarees one more thing she must change her pallu style. Harki’s kids are older than Anandi’s but she looks younger n beautiful.

    1. Summi… you are right anandi looks like a bhenji n harki hot n beautiful… :-p

  17. How can they send Nimboli to Kundan’s room?

    Mangala made such a big noise when doctor visited Nimboli at Jaitsar.

    Now what she is doing?

    1. Kalyani daro nahi kuch din baad dekhna mangla khud kudan se nimboli shadi karayegi… as per d deal with Harki.. do faide… nimboli taumar uske pass rahegi aur taumar anandi se dur…:-P

    2. Mangla knows better how to keep Nimboli away from Jaitsar (her mother) she made such noise as she better know doctor know the medicine to treat and she is not interested in treatment.

      But in Jhalra no treatment this is just what she really want is happening . rest all are her show off

  18. Hey shiv… did u notice Harkis jewellery yesterday???? Seems no one marked… devotees of arkhiraaj aka moni baba are so generous n rich… but none of them never thought neither it striked them what will baba do with so much jewellery after all he has no family n a man who has denounced d worldly pleasure then why n what for he is accepting so much gold n money… jo bhi ho Aakhiraj ne Harki ko gheheno me laad diya… wah!

    1. Lottery hit Harki. So much gold jewellery! Now she can so finger to Kamli!
      One day villagers wil start giving him their land also.

    2. I am bad in noticing Sarees and jewelleries, but she did look gorgeous, specially after the night 🙂

      But I think, somehow somebody in the village notices these jewellary and get suspecious or may be even Kamli notices these. I don’t know.

    3. dolana this happens to every baba in reality also.

  19. Just in a month akhiraj gets so rich just by acting as baba…we slog for a whole month but cant dream of eating in three star restaurant so no question of dreaming of gold n jewellery… but begin baba mata we can earn huge…. bhakto…. kripa karke aapna vayevashaye aur career soch samjh ke chunno.. engineering medical politician na bano. Sahi ko choono….moksha dhan vaibhav samdridhi bank balance car bungalow do mahine me ho jaye gojayegi… tathastu….lol..

    1. As long as these weak minds are there, there will be these fake Babas. No doubt about it. And you don’t even need to speak, just become moni baba. 🙂

    2. :'( you are so right.

  20. Guys heard about the new leap?
    Where nimboli will grow!!
    Is that true or just a rumor?
    Confirm anyone please??

  21. sarayu (honey)

    yes neha, I also heard about that. i don’t either whether it is a rumor or going to be real.

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