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Balika Vadhu 14th June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Nandini and Krish attending Shankar. Shankar takes Nandini’s name while sinking. Nandini asks Shankar to tell…..Shankar holds her hand. Abhayram is shocked and thinks what to do? Shankar says I want to tell you something. Krish tells Nandini that his condition is deteriorating. Nandini gives him injection to make him sleep. Taari Maa plays…………Nandini keeps her hand on his head. Kundan thinks he has to make Anandi’s kids separate else they will make him lose. Krish comes and asks why you are here? Kundan says he came for his wife and tells about pooja kept at home. Nandini holds Krish’s hand and says lets go husband. Krish says okay and goes with her. Abhayram/Kundan eyes Shankar.

Sudha’s mum in law is sitting with her guests. The ladies ask what did

she get in dowry? Sudha’s mum in law tells that they bring Sudha in just two dress and her parents kept the things for their elder daughter. She taunts Sudha and tells about her pregnancy. Sudha scolds the guests for interfering in their house matters. Premal’s mum scolds her. Sudha gives her a reply. Premal scolds Sudha. Sudha says I just replied to her and is not taunting her. The guests leave after filing Premal and his mum’s ears. Premal’s mum instigates him against Sudha and he goes to room angrily.

Pandit ji tells karuna that pooja mahurat is ending. Karuna says my son and daughter in law are coming. She gets happy seeing Nandini and Krish coming? Karuna tells Nandini that she has to do the responsibility of a bahu, and says other doctor can do her duty in the hospital. Kundan asks Karuna not to scold Nandini. Karuna says she don’t care about relations. Nandini and Krish sits for puja. Kundan eyes her. A lady is shown getting down the car after paying money to the driver. Pandit ji recites the mantras. Lady enters the house and prays infront of God. She gets inside the house. Kundan is shocked seeing her, so is karuna. Karuna says jiji…The lady sees puja going on and prays with her eyes closed.

Premal asks Sudha to apologize to his maasaa. Sudha asks why? She says maa saa was taunting me sinc I came here. Premal says any mum in law will take time to accept you. He says you got pregnant before marriage. Sudha says is this baby is only mine? She says why did you do this? She says your parents are double standard people. Nandini gets a call from hospital. She gets worried about Shankar and prays to God for him. Shankar is taking Nandini’s name still. Nurse calls head nurse and says shall I call Nandini. Head nurse says no, and asks her to call Dr. Amit.

Vandana picks the call and scolds nurse for calling Amit. Amit asks Vandana whose call it is. Vandana informs him. Dr. Amit says I will go. Vandana says you are going to meet Nandini so that you can take your illegal relation forward. Dr. Amit says if you want me to give you a second chance, then you should not doubt me, and asks her to clear her mind.

Nandini gets call again. Pandit ji tells about the story. Nandini gets up. Pandit ji says it is inauspicious thing. Karuna asks her to sit. Nandini says her patient is serious. Krish asks her to let her go. Nandini tells Pandit ji that even God want her to go and save the patient. Jiji holds Nandini’s hand angrily and says everyone gets scared of Triveni. She says you have insulted my God and will be punished. She slaps Nandini hard. Everyone gets up from puja. Nandini is shocked.

Head nurse informs Nandini that her patient can die. Nandini leaves from the house. Triveni fills Karuna’s ears against her. Kundan thinks he will use Triveni to execute her plan. Nandini tells head nurse that they have to inform his family. She gives her wallet. Nandini opens it.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Guys focus one important point here…nandini is daughter of anandi..

    In life span of anandi no one slapped her…but now every one slapped anandi..why?
    Nandini plays lead role..
    1) in hospital brother’s sister.
    2) Amith wife..
    3) and now this new entry called triveni devil…
    Oh my god nandini gathered all problems..
    Nandini trapped all sides with kundan, Krish father, triveni, nanisaa..Amith wife.. See how many villains in balikavadhu..

  2. Sorry guys..every one slapped nandini.. This is not correct who plays a lead role..

  3. kya bakwaas hai , stupid story line , it thought it will be better but it has gotten more worse

  4. Just make sure that nandini will be know the truth about shivam and make them such that they both can fight any situation being together.. Then it will become a good story line of brother and sister.

  5. Balika Vadhu Fan

    There are a few facts which the director of Balika Vadhu should observe. People working in the medical profession i.e doctors, nurses surgeons etc are not allowed to wear any jewellery or nail varnish. Additionally when attending to patients their hair should be tied up and a pair of surgical gloves are used when handling a patient. This is ensure safety for both patient and medical staff – to prevent spread of infection.

    I understand it us only a small scree serial, however a true representation of medical staff should be portrayed.

    I hope moving forward we do not see Dr Nandni with long dangling earrings, rings on fingers and her long hair all over the patient.

    Thank you in advance for considering my view.

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