Balika Vadhu 14th July 2015 Written Episode Update

Balika Vadhu 14th July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Mannu and Pooja coming to Ratan Singh’s mum house and see Jagya’s car outside. They get shocked. Ganga tells Ratan Singh’s mum about Mannu eloping from house. Dadi cries badly blaming herself. Anandi consoles her. Mannu tells Pooja that he has seen love in his Dadi’s eyes and will wait for them to leave. Jagya gets phone call from Inspector. Anandi says they will go to Jaitsar and asks Jagya to leave. Once they leave, Dadi prays for Mannu’s safety. Mannu tells that his safety is in her hands now. Dadi opens her eyes and is happy to see him fine. She hugs him saying he is her grand son. She asks where did you go? Did you know that your mum and everyone is tensed. Mannu says Ganga is not his mum and says he has only two relations. One is with Pooja, and other is with

his Dadi. He asks her to accept them else turn her face like badi haveli. Dadi blesses Pooja. She says you think that I will let you go from here. No, I won’t. I will not inform anyone. She hugs him and cries. She blesses Pooja too.

Nimboli takes out clothes from rope and thinks of Urmila asking her to wash her clothes well. She gets an idea and thinks to keep it in her room. She thinks it would be fun. Dadi welcomes Mannu and Pooja with aarti and do the grah pravesh. Pooja enters after kicking the kalash and keeping her feet in red water. Mannu and Pooja offer prayer to Ratan. Dadi says Ratan would have been happy if she was alive. Mannu holds his chain and says his blessings are always with him.

Nimboli smiles. Disa asks her the reason for her happiness. Nimboli thinks she can’t tell her.They talk about Urmila. Disa tells that Urmila is innocent though. Nimboli thinks everyone will laugh on Urmila.

Akhiraj takes his family to another temple. Urmila asks about it. Akhiraj asks her to get down. They see Inspector arresting Pandit ji and leaving. They look on shockingly and walk on the stairs. Akhiraj enquires with someone. The man says Panditji performed child marriage. Other man says child marriage is illegal. This Pandit ji performed marriage of MLA Jagdish’s son. Akhiraj asks Harki, Urmila and Kundan to go upstairs and stands to talk to the people. He sees Jagya coming while the Pandit pleads for forgiveness. Jagya says you are getting arrested as you have performed child marriage, and not because as the boy is my child. Big Pandit ji apologizes to Jagya. Akhiraj comes to Jagya and says he is a small social worker. He says he couldn’t stop herself and come here. Jagya says it is good. Akhiraj says he will put his strength to stop child marriage. Jagya says it is good to hear that. He gives his visiting card and asks him to call him whenever needed. Akhiraj takes the card. He goes to Jagya and offers his help to search Mannu and Pooja. Jagya gives Mannu and Pooja’s pic. Akhiraj assures that he will try to find them. Jagya says okay. Once Jagya leaves in his car, Akhiraj thinks Mannu and Pooja are his ticket to enter politics.

Ganga tells that Mannu might know that we were coming to Jhalra and left. Anandi picks Akhiraj’s call and is shocked to know his name.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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