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Balika Vadhu 14th February 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Subhadra thinking she won’t go so easily. She thinks to wait for one day more so that they stop her. Jagya gives gift (gajra/flowers chain)to Ganga and says you are shying as if we are newly married. He tries to take put the gajra in her hairs, just then Dadisaa comes. She asks about the meaning of a proverb. She sees the gajra and gets amazed. Jagya explains the meaning of the proverb. Dadisaa thanks him. Ganga smiles. Jagya looks at Ganga. Dadisaa asks him to make Ganga wear the gajra. They smile.

Subhadra comes to Daddu with her bags. She apologizes to him saying she is leaving. Daddu stops her asking her to leave in the morning. She thanks him. Daddu says you have shaken my trust, I can’t trust you anymore now. I don’t know whether your penance is true or

not. You knows very well that we have strong bonding, but you manipulated the things and the persons. Subhadra acts to be repenting. Daddu says you are guilty of Anandi and Shiv. He asks her to apologize to everyone before going. Subhadra agrees. She says can’t I stay with you until I leave. Daddu says I will be hurt if you are hurt, but I can’t trust you anymore. I am sorry. Subhadra goes to her room.

Jagya says good night to Dadisaa. She says she is studying for exams. Jagya says you will get good marks. Dadisaa says she is getting exam fear now. Jagya says I am sure that you will get good marks. They laugh.

Anoop looks at a prisoner crying looking at his family photo and crying. He thinks when I returned home, nothing was changed, but I was changed. No one is ashamed of my doings. Meenu loves me even now. Alok and Meenu come to the police station to meet Anoop. Alok asks her not to worry. The Police Inspector let Meenu meet Anoop after taking her signature. They check her tiffin and let her go inside. Alok stands outside. Meenu meets Anoop. He says he is feeling relieved now. Meenu says I am proud of you. She says everyone is with you. He asks about Alok. Meenu says he came with me, but only I was allowed by the inspector. She gives him breakfast. He promises not to refuse home made food. She feeds him food.

Meenu tells everyone that Anoop was hungry when she went inside. He asked about Alok bhaiyya. Subhadra comes with her baggage and asks if he asked about me. Alok takes her baggage. Daddu says Alok will drop you till the bus stand. Anandi asks him to rethink about his decision. Daddu says it is enough now. He can’t give her a chance to break the family. It is good for the family betterment. Subhadra says ok and starts her acting. She feigns to be repenting. She holds Anandi’s hand and says I can’t forgive myself. I learnt a lot from you. She cries and proceed towards outside. Alok goes with her.

Dadisaa asks Nandu, if he is ready to go to school. She gets tensed thinking about the exam. Jagya asks her to go else exam time will be over. She leaves.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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