Balika Vadhu 14th February 2013 Written Episode Update

Balika Vadhu 14th February 2013 Written Episode, Balika Vadhu 14th February 2013 Written Update

Scene 1:
Location: Shiv’s house in jaitsar
Anandi is dressing up for shiv, taking in extra care to look hert best when he sees her. she dances around in self inflicted romance.

Scene 2:
Location: Shiv’s office
Anandi reaches shiv’s office, and as she approaches, he hears the sound of her anklets and finally sees her beautiful self in the doorway. He stands up in admiration. Finding anandi all dressed up in his office, shiv asks about the reason of her visit. she says that she has got food for him. He asks her to wait while he finishes her meeting with some people. Anandi waits. After some time, they sit down to eat. anandi feeds him lovingly with her own hand, while he’s busy with his files, basking in the glory of her new found love for shiv. She

thinks that his concentration is in work and that he hasnt noticed that she has made his favourite halwa. He exclaims that he has loads to do, anandi says dejectedly that she would go then. But shiv cheers her up saying that he would try and reach home early today, and thanks her for the food.

Scene 3:
Location: Jaitsar haveli
Dadisa is happy to hear that sumitra involved ganga in the kicthen tto keep her from worrying about her son. She begins to say something, but stops finding anandi in the haveli. Sumitra commenst that she’s looking different. anandi says that its nothing like that, and spreads her baggages on the table. She asks dadisa why is she staring at her like that. Dadisa syas that she keeps reminding herself that she isnt seeing a dream when she looks at anandi. Anandi tells them that she has got halwa for them. As ganga comes, anandi asks her how is she, and then comforts her saying that soon she would see her son, as shiv wont sit quiet till he finds her son. Dadisa tells suymitra to serve halwa to everyone. Ganga gets emotional hearing that, and says that her son too loves halwa. Anandi asks her to eat while assuring that when her son comes, she would make for him too. As ganga stops eating, anandi asks her if she didnt like the taste. Ganga says that this is the best that she has ever tasted. Dadisa too backs anandi’s cookery saying its the best in jaitsar and for that matter, whole of jaipur also. Ganga says that she is very lucky. anandi tells her that she has a similar stort like ganga’s, the onle difference being that she had a very supportive family. Ganga says that she’s happy for her, but not everyone has a destiny that good, as her guardians never even looked back after they married her off. She says that she’s detremined and has big dreams for her son, that she would make him a literate and good man, who would respect women and treat them with dignity. Anandi says that she would have her shaare of happiness, one day as its her right. She assures that she would have a house, where she would be sttled and be able to raise her son nicely. Ganga says that she has juts one dream of being able to bring up a good son, and wants him close to her as soon as possible.

Nandu is very happy to see anandi and starts chatting up with her. He asks about his ball, and ganga tells him that its udner his bed. nandu leaves. basant and gehna too arrive. Sumitra and anandi get gehna to rest and sit. dadisa is surprised. She asks basant what happened. He says that medicine has been prescribed and that he has told them to take care of her eating habits. nandu comes runnind downstairs aftre finding his ball and is happy to see his mother. As nandu sits lovingly in gehna’s lap, basant sternly tells him that he’s old now and not a child anymore that he should sit in his mother’s lap. dadisa tells him not to be so strict as nandu is just doing it out of love for his mother. She tells nandu with affection, that his mother’s weak and he should take care from now on. Gehna asks him to go and play. Nandu asks who would play with him, and asks anandi if she would. She says that she would play next time, as she has to leave for now. He then asks ganga to come and play with him, as gehna told that she was his elder sister. While ganga hesitates, dadisa tells her to go and play for nandu as well as her sake. as she complies, and nandu takes her upstairs, all the while trelling her stories, gehna and the others are happy.

Nandu tries to amke ganga learn the game, when she keeps missing to catch the ball. He finally gives in frustratedly saying that she wont be able to play with him. she offers to tell him a story, but he goes away saying that this is his playing time and he listens to stories at night.

Anandi, looking at the feast that she has made for him, thinks that she hopes that shiv would like this food. Anandi gets shiv’s call and is excited. But Shiv tells anandi that he wont be able to come home early. Anandi offers to come to the office to give him dinner, but he refuses saying that he has an important meeting,a nd that they would come any minute and that he would go out with those people, for dinner. anandi is sad and dejected to hear this. She tells meenu about shiv’s delay and asks her to start dinner. Meenu says that theyw oudl have dinner together. She sees an album, and asks whose is it. Sanchi tells her that its a collection of their photos from childhood, that she keeps with herself when she goes to the hostel to keep her from being homesick. Anandi asks her if she could keep the tablet for the night and return her in the morning, so that she can see the photos at ease. sanchi agrees but instructs her to handle with care, as its very special to her. The screen freezes on anandi’s happy face.

Underlying message: The feeling of love, creates such an eagerness in a person, that he always wants the person to be in front of their eyes, and also feel like knowing their partner inside out.

Precap: Jagiya says that anandi deserves a man like shiv as her life partner and not him. Ganga is suprised to hera that anandi is the daughter in law of this haveli, and jagiya’s former wife. Anandi, in her bed, says that she cant believe her good luck that she has come to such a good man, and says that she promises that she would love Shiv forever, and keep her happy, and looking at shiv’s photo asks him to accept her love for him.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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