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Balika Vadhu 14th August 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Pushkar getting cough in the night. He drinks water and gets an idea to tease Kamli. He tries to wake her up with pigeon feather. Kamli wakes up and asks why he is teasing her. She runs after him. Pushkar hugs her while fighting cutely for the feather. Kamli is moved by his innocence. Pushkar asks her to catch him. Kamli gets sad. Pushkar gives her feather and asks him not to be upset with him. Kamli says she is not upset and asks him to go to sleep. She lies down on the bed. Pushkar hugs her and tells that he won’t trouble her. Kamli asks him to sleep. He holds her hands. Kamli turns and sees him smiling. Urmila have medicine. Kundan asks if this is given by Ved. Urmila says yes and he asked me to have for one month. Kundan says if it is a boy or girl. Kundan tells that

he wants a girl and asks her to do something. Urmila says she will try and asks if it was a girl then…..Kundan presses her neck and says he will kill her and her daughter. Urmila thinks he is same like Akhiraj.

Disa wakes up Nimboli, but she didn’t wake up. Harki comes and splashes water on her face. Once Nimboli wakes up, Harki scolds her and asks her to do house work. Nimboli thinks how to tell them that she don’t want to go to school, and studies is not her cup of tea. Ganga calls Dadisaa and tells her that Jagya didn’t reach there. She gets tensed. Jagya comes(with his face changed) and tells that he brought flowers for her.

He says this is only for you. Ganga asks him the reason for bringing the flowers. Jagya tells that today she met him for the first time. Ganga says what would have happen with me, if I wouldn’t have met you. Jagya says I would have live my life alone without you. Anandi brings Dr. Anant to Jagya’s hospital. Jagya introduces him and tells that they want a paediatrician for their hospital. He asks when he want to join? Anant says he left practice long back and didn’t know if he will be able to do justice with the job. Jagya says once a doctor, is always a doctor. He says I read your all journals and is very impressed with you. Anant agrees happily. Jagya says welcome to our hospital.

Nimboli plays with Pampodi and tells her that she didn’t like to go to school. Mahesh comes there and informs her that Kishore will be going to her school to enquire about her absence in school. Nimboli rushes home. Nimboli comes home and hears someone knocking on the door. She gets tensed. Anant thanks Anandi for making it possible. Anandi says that Jaitsar hospital needs a good doctor for children. Anant says his ultimate goal was to serve the children, but married life made him forget his dream. He thanks her. Anandi asks him to give good news to Nidhi. Kishore comes and sees Nimboli coughing. Nimboli lies that she is having fever. Kishore asks her to rest and assures that he will teach her the remaining lessons. Nimboli smiles. Akhiraj and Harki come there. Akhiraj asks Kishore about his purpose of visit. Kishore says Nimboli didn’t come to school since many days and that’s why he came to enquire about it.

Akhiraj punishes Nimboli and ties her hands on the roof. Urmila comes to Nimboli and makes her eat roti. Kundan comes there and looks at them. Mannu gives money to Doctor for Pooja’s abortion. He comes out and sees Dadisaa.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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