Balika Vadhu 14th April 2016 Written Episode Update


Balika Vadhu 14th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Jagya and Police coming to stop the marriage. People chant Mouni baba ki jai. Inspector announces through microphone that child marriage is a crime and Mouni baba will be arrested. Akhiraj tells villagers that these people are stopping the marriage, and asks them to handover to Police if they think he is wrong. Everyone again chants Mouni baba ki jai. Sub Inspector asks Inspector to give him order of Lathi charge. Inspector refuses citing people might get hyper. Dadisaa scolds Anandi for risking children life. Anandi says I saw Harki. Dadisaa don’t listen to her and scolds her again. Nandini says she didn’t know that we were in the car. Shivam asks her not to scold his mum. Dadisaa gets glad and says I know your mum since her childhood. She says I am not scolding her as

I am angry, but because I care for you all. Anandi thinks of seeing Harki with the women. Dadisaa asks what you are thinking? Anandi says I saw Harki in married woman clothes as they were going for Ghangaur puja. Dadisaa says Ghangaur. She says may be Anand baba asked her to do some puja as Harki is his devotee.

Anandi reaches there. Jagya tells her that Mouni baba have influenced the people and took them in his control. He says I don’t know how to stop this marriage. Just then they see few veiled woman coming there. Jagya tells Anandi that there is one way to get inside. Harki slaps Kavita and asks her to sit. Kavita asks her not to get her married and says she wants to study. Harki makes her wear bangles and says you have to marry eventually. Kundan comes and says Bapusaa is getting angry. He asks her to hurry up. Kavita cries. Harki says okay. Anandi gets inside as a villager woman. Jagya smiles.

Harki and Kundan takes Kavita from there. Anandi stands beside the ladies. Harki takes Kavita to Akhiraj. Kavita asks him to let her go. Akhiraj says you have to marry today. Anandi comes inside and sees baba anand saying the lines. Kavita asks him to leave her. Anandi recalls her child marriage with Jagya. She says I will not let you become balika vadhu. She imagines Nandini on Kavita’s place. Kavita refuses to marry and pulls Akhiraj’s mask from his face. Akhiraj, Kundan and Harki get angry. Harki asks her to agree for her husband’s saying. Anandi says Akhiraj is Mouni baba. She says I won’t let you succeed this time. Kavita asks him to leave her. Anandi thinks nobody will believe her that Anand maharaj is Akhiraj and thinks to gather proof. Akhiraj asks her to become balika vadhu silently else he will kill her. He tells her that he will make her parents eaten by the crocodile and asks her to come silently. Just then Anandi comes inside shocking him. Kavita asks Anandi to save her. Anandi says your mask is removed Akhiraj. Akhiraj says atlast you have identified me. Dadisaa gets a call. She tells Jagya that her heart is shaking as if something bad will happen. Jagya assures her that nothing wrong will happen. Just then people starts throwing stones on Jagya and he gets hurt. Jagya tells Dadisaa that he will call her later.

Akhiraj says Jaitsar fighter have come to fight with me and laughs, but she don’t have any weapon with her. He asks how you will win from me. He says you will die today. Harki and Kundan smiles. Anandi says you will die for sure. Harki warns Anandi not to utter a word against him. Anandi says your husband is a devil. Harki says he is my God. Anandi says he will break your trust also. Akhiraj asks her to talk to him. Akhiraj says you couldn’t do anything. Their video is gets recorded in her phone. Akhiraj says he started Mouni baba drama from Jhalra and will continue to loot illiterate people. He says nobody will believe you and laughs. He says you couldn’t save your daughter and will not be able to save her also. Just then her phone rings. Akhiraj gets doubtful and takes her phone from there. He sees the recording in Anandi’s phone and fumes. Kundan holds Anandi’s hands. Akhiraj says God is helping me. He breaks her phone. Anandi says Akhiraj and pushes Kundan. Akhiraj and Kundan take Anandi from there. They bring her to well and says it is your death. They throw her in the big dry well. Anandi falls down in the well and gets unconscious.

Precap for Saturday 9 pm:
If Dadisaa die? Akhiraj shoots at Anandi. Dadisaa comes in between and collapses.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. What a stupid episode…

    Anandi…a karate teacher….is held by single person Kundan…and is dragged to the pit by Akhiraj and Kundan.

    Everything that’s happening is to the convenience of writers. They can make Nandini elder when needed, make Anandi remember or forget that she knows karate….stupid, idiotic and senseless writers.

    And Akhiraj manages to drag Anandi to the pit when house is surrounded by hundred’s of people and police.

    1. Shiv aaj khub rege cho dekhchi… tumi toh jano writers der maata ta baja baji kodai hoye geche…. ar raag kore ki hobe bollo….

  2. Hell with anandi. she is thinking she can fight single& manage everything however situation could be. senseless lady. Instead , after watching akhiraj she could have called jagadeesh to inform first and should go later. so that jagdeesh can inform the police about his real identity of baba and enter with his powers. how did she think one lady can manage 3 ruthless persons there.
    she did the same mistake twice before .
    1. In june 2012 episodes she just alone went to save one girl from marriage and at that time however shiv has managed and however warned her not to go alone.
    2. Last year she did the same without listening to Ira’s word she took her child along with her and as a result she lost her child for 11years.
    wake up yaar. Even though you are a karate teacher you should realise in this kinda situations you should have to take other’s help and not by alone..

    1. Santosh anandi is gadadhari lady bheem… kahin bhi akele pahunch jati hai phir bhul jati hai ke usko kuch aata bhi hai ya nahi… lol… 🙂

  3. Dadisa will die

  4. Today’s episode was way emotional!
    I was feeling the urge how anandi was trying to save that girl from the evil of child marriage!
    And her emotions were just connecting me from her!
    I will miss Anandi’s character very much!

    Apart from this Surekha sikri aka dadisa will be another one whom i will miss very very much!

    She is the pillar of everyone..and sacrifices her life for her Children!❤

    1. Very true…I will be missing Dadisa.

      But I had enough of Toral…so happy that she will be gone for ever and ever and ever ???


  5. Jaise hum writers se bejaar ho gaye hain waise hi woh humare comments padh padh ke bejaar ho gaye hain tabhi humare comments upload nahi ho rahein…. lol

  6. Hi shiv…tomar subecha nilam.. dhonobad… tomake ar tomaar parivaar sabai der notun bocher e amar bhalobasa priti o subecha… maayer kaache kaamona kori tumi aur tomar parivaar sukhe o shanti te theko….

    1. Thanks dolana…

  7. Disgusting episode… martial arts me maharat hasil karne wali anandi madam kundan ko do char laaffe nahi laga payi aur kunye me jaa giri… dadisa yeh jaante hue ke anandi akele andaar shadi rokhne gayi hai phone kar anandi ko musibaat me daal deti hai.. kahte hai shauhraat aur kamiyabi logo ka dimaag kharab kar deti hain thik waise hi BV ke writers producers directors serial ki lambi kamiyabi ke chalte dimaagi santulaan ko baithi hai… :-p

  8. Mani tomar pohila boishak kemon katlo???

    1. Dolana amar pohila boishak eki rokom katlo v busy as usual, tomar kamon katlo pohila boishak

    2. Amar badi te navratri cholche… nau din upoos… aaj navamier pujo…

  9. Llee… kab se me bhi yehi likh ke post karne ki koshish kar rahi thi par meri ek bhi comments post na hui… koi nahi shiv aur santosh ka comments toh post hua……

    1. Shayad….tum begali mein likhi hogi….

      1. 🙂 kya shiv aap bhi kamal karte ho… sudh hindi me likhi thi aur post hui par late se… india hai… mehmaan ghar pahunch ne ke baad uske aane ki taar baad me pahunchta hai…

      2. Phir kyu meri har comment jo Bengali mein likhi hui DELETE ho jathi hai?

  10. hmm really a stupid episode.. they will succeed with their plan and then anandi will fight with goons lol maa durga will come to help her..I don’t know in which direction the serial is going on and I hope the new leap will do better nd remove these stupid character and writers.. she breaks our heart when she played stupid rule even anandi is good teacher nd intelligent but she visit baba place also with dadima lol

  11. Sarayu(honey)

    Today’s episode is stupid and also funny.

    1. What was so funny about this episode Sarayu? If you could let us know, we will enjoy it too ???

      1. Sarayu(honey)

        1) being a karate teacher she can’t overpower kundan.
        2)she behave very foolish when she got know about akhiraj.

      2. Funny was… jaitsar ke log barso se anandi ko balika vadhu ki kupratha ke khilaf ladte dekha hai aur kai bachio ko is pratha se bachate bhi dekha hai aur kaio ne uska sath bhi diya hai… par aaj moni baba ke bhadkane par sare gaon wale jagdish aur anandi ke kilaf khade ho jate hai… sath hi yeh bhi mazak hai log unhi ke chune hue Vidhayak ko rok ke rakhte hai woh bhi ek baba ke kehene par jo kal hi unke gaon me aaya hua hai… aur vidhayak do officer aur char constable leke khada hai sab ki uski power aatulaniya hai … madam anandi ne puri force mangai woh kahan gayi.. funny yeh bhi hai ke jaitsar ke purane sarpanch aur maajisha ke vishwaniya kidaar sab gayab…

      3. When it comes to religion people will just follow blindly.

        Take the case of Sant Rampal, police had to wait atleast 2 weeks before his arrest. There were atleast 20,000 people (so called devotees) including men, women and children were there as human shields.

        The exact same scene happened in BV, but on a smaller scale.

        I am not saying whether it is right or wrong..trying to point how blindly people follow their religious faith.

  12. Never ending serials – just watch as a TV episodes without logic and no sense!

    1. Fikar not dear friends… rashmi madam ke baad kkkkk serials by MAHAN PAKAU MATA EKTA KAPOOR are on line with no logic n sense… KASAM ON AIR following with bhoot pret chudel jadutona wali nonsense KAVATCH will soon be onair to make you go wild…. Sasural Simar Ka kya kaam thi jo ab yeh kavatch… seems CEO of colors has become ekta n reshmi matas’ bhakth

  13. Madam Reshmi’s new serial Shakti soon to be on air… madam ekta’s new serial Kavatch is remake of an old movie Mangalsutra picturised on Rekha Shankar Nag in lead roles n Prema Narayan in parallel roles… only difference in d movie n serial is- in d movie d hero is possessed by d ghost n in d serial Mona.Singh is possossed y d ghost…. jai maata ekta ki n bhakh reshmi ki…..

  14. Shiv,dolna!
    Indian shows are way to portrayed like this only!
    Anandi shows her karate skills,only in shiv niketan?
    Btw,sometimes we need to keep our brain separate while watching these shows, although they will make their scene dramatic and emotional!

    But i found today’s episode emotional,for the first time i liked Toral or u can say Anandi!
    Pratyusha will be always missed(may her soul rest in peace)…i have never consider
    toral as anandi!

    The things i am goin to miss after leap
    1) surekha sikri aka dadisa
    2) Anandi’s character (Not toral)

    1. Neha…you need to keep ur brains separate ALL the time NOT just sometimes, while watching these stupid serials. At one point of time this was a good serial but not any more.

      1. I agree Shiv… serial dekho aur bhul jao…. tomar bengali comments keno delete hoye jache ta bolte parbo na… tumi amake mail korediyo… 🙂

      2. Yadi ami mail karate habe, ami ṭhikana jana prayojana…

  15. There is a great saying guys,
    If you want to enjoy any show then you have to forget about your brain.
    – Miss Ritika( my real name) :p

    1. Seems here all have a screen name n a real name…. SHIV TUMHARA ASLI NAAM KYA HAI ??? Mahesh krishna srinivas girish vishnu anshul rajaram swami raghav ankit sreeraj jaideep toh nahi…lol

      1. Wow dolana…your first guess is right…very impressive. Mahesh is my real name. ????

    2. That is indeed a great saying Ganga. Who sai it ?

      1. Taa toh bote… tomar id dao ami tomake mail korbo… ki bolo????

  16. I wont miss toral… koi toh aisa lao jo sach me anandi ke kirdaar ko sahi pehechan de…. no doubt will miss dadisaa… n dat love n respect of daddu aka major saheb for his kalyani ji

  17. Hi Shiv Tomar Subecha nilam Dhannobad, Tomar Poila Boishak kamon katlo

  18. Burai karne wala akhiraj to saalon se zinda hai..har baar Bach jata hai…achchai ko ek jhatke me khatm kar dete hain ye writers…pehle mangala..ab dadisa.mangla ka insaaf to fatafat ho gaya aur bhalai karne wali anandi ko itna jhelna pad raha hai.

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