Balika Vadhu 14th April 2015 Written Episode Update

Balika Vadhu 14th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with groom’s mum asking him to come out. He steps down the car. Akhiraj Singh looks happily. Kundan gets shocked to see him mad. Harki also gets shocked. Gopal looks at him from far. Nimboli tries to see. The groom hides behind his mum. His father asks him to greet bride’s father. He greets Akhiraj singh. Harki greets groom’s parents sadly. Kundan tries to put garland in the groom’s neck. He jumps and hides behind his mother. His mother asks him to wear it, so he wears and smells the flower. Akhiraj Singh asks him to come inside. Harki sees him holding his mum’s pallu and gets tensed. Kundan gets happy seeing the big car. Gopal gets tensed and leaves.

Mannu comes to Anandi’s cabin and calls for her. Pooja comes and pats on his shoulder asking are you searching

for me. He gets surprised and turns. The things fall from her hand. Mannu says he came to give circular to Anandi. They talk for a while. Pooja talks about his gift. Mannu picks up the things and give it back to her. He leaves. Pooja tells that she loves him very much and asks God to make him love her.

Kamli gets ready and cries. She sees Gopal giving her bangles and cries. He signs her to wipe the tears. They talk in sign language. Gopal signs her that he will marry her and promises. Kamli cries and asks him to go. Chagani informs her that groom’s family have come.

Anandi talks to Dadisaa about Nidhi. Dadisaa says she is very clever girl and praises her. Ganga sits sadly and thinks no one cares about her. She thinks to go to hospital. She tells Dadisaa that she is going to hospital. Mannu comes and tells Anandi that he went to Shiv Niketan to give her circular. Anandi says she came home. Mannu gives her circular. Ganga asks where you have been since 2 hours. Mannu says I was talking to Pooja and went to her house. He tells that Pooja kept the stones safely which he gifted. Dadisaa praises Pooja. Ganga gets irked. Anandi says Pooja is really a nice girl. Mannu says he is not getting angry on her. Ganga looks angry.

Nimboli looks at the groom and his family. Akhiraj Singh asks Harki to bring water. Nimboli thinks she can attack them and will not allow him to marry Kamli. She asks God to help her. Akhiraj Singh asks Harki to bring Kamli. The groom starts playing. Kunda offers him lassi. The groom refuses. Kundan asks about his car’s speed. The groom says its speed is fast. Nimboli throws grain through straw and prays to Kanha ji. The grain hits harki and she thinks it is mosquito. She again throws it. Harki jumps. Akhiraj Singh asks her to sit. Nimboli throws grain and it hits the groom. He says mosquito is here. His father pretends to kill the mosquito. Akhiraj Singh apologizes to him and says we will sit inside. Nimboli gets worried and wonders how to shoot the grains. She wonders what to do and sees them going inside. She gets worried for Kamli and prays to God.

Nimboli throws grains on the groom. He sees Nimboli and stares her madly. Nimboli gets shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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