Balika Vadhu 13th October 2015 Written Episode Update


Balika Vadhu 13th October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
announcement is made that last dance is going to happen, Nimboli comes to Disa and says i will dance with you, she says Chokhi Chudail i will dance with you too, Anandi says yes i will dance with my Nandni, Nimboli laughs and says my name is Nimboli not Nandni, Anandi ask will you live with me in my house? Nimboli says i will go where my mother will go, Disa says i will go with you, Nimboli gets happy and hugs Anandi, Anandi gets emotional, Nimboli says if maa is ready to go to your house then i will also come to your house, she takes Anandi and Disa for dace.
Nimboli, Anandi, Disa are dancing, Rajhistani song plays, Jagya smiles seeing Nimboli and Anandi dance, Anandi in tears looks at Nimboli and thinks soon my daughter will call me Maa, Disa thinks that today my motherhood

was saved, she prays that Anandi’s motherly love never get upper hand on her love.
Kundan is trying to sleep, he is in tears and recalls the bullies he has been through, how we was made to work, how was not given food, how they made him dance like girls, he says where i am stuck, i cant do anything infront of so many guys, i would have taught them lesson if they were less in numbers, he gets up, he finds watchman sleeping, he tries to climb the wall, he thinks that what if someone sees me? what if there are glasses pieces placed on outside wall? he says its better to get injured by glass pieces then getting insulted her, he runs but falls down, guards come and stop him.
Nimboli is sleeping in car, Anandi is hugging her, disa sees this and is in tears, Geeta comes to her and says if you had little shame then you would have left Anandi and nimboli, you should take everything from this house and leave as your things will be like poison in my house, Disa says poison is already spread in our relation, in our friendship and thats cause of you, geeta says what trust you are talking about? you have destroyed our trust, you kept lying to Nimboli, it was good that my husband told me everything that Anandi is her real mother, else you would have not allowed a mother to see her daughter, Disa says Naresh told you this? Geeta says what kind of a women are you to separate a kid from her mother, you are witch who kidnap kids from their mothers, leave from my house as soon as possible.

Scene 2
Jagya watches Anandi in tears, he ask her to control herself, Anandi says how? i kept fighting with myself all these years, i kept finding my daughter and now when i have got her, i cant even call her Beti(daughter) as she hates me, Jagya says i understand your pain but see today your daughter Nandni is with you, i am sure you will change her hatred into love with your care.
Disa is leaving, Naresh comes to her and says if you had agreed to me then you would be living in my house easily and i would be happy too but now bear consequences of saying no to me, you must be regretting, Disa recalls how Naresh held her hand, how he tried to harass her but she made him afraid by showing him knife then how Geeta taunted Disa that she has separated mother daughter, how Naresh told her everything, she stares Naresh and slaps him hard, Geeta comes and shouts Mangala, Disa says i am regretting that why i didnt slap you before, i am regretting that why i didnt tell your truth to my friend, i am regretting that why i didnt my friend that you are monster, she says to Geeta that it was my helplessness to not tell you about Nimboli, i didnt want to destroy your relation with your husband so i didnt tell you this before but when i was living in your house, your husband wanted to have extra marital affair with me, he told you truth of Nimboli as i denied his advances towards me, Geeta slaps Naresh, Disa says i cant say anything else but i will pray that Naresh become good man and respect you, we will meet if its written in fate, she starts leaving but Geeta stops her and says forgive me, be happy, Disa leaves the house, Jagya makes Disa sit in car, she stares Anandi hugging Nimboli, they leave.
inspector ask Kundan do you know the punishment of trying to run from here? Kundan says it must be less then the torture i bear with those monster, dont send me again to them, they are sinners, they beat me, they made me dance, inspector ask are you saying truth? he says i swear on my mother, inspector calls everyone, they say why will we beat him? we have no animosity against him, he never does any work, he always say that he has women in house who work for him so he will not do work here too, he told us that if we do his work then he will show us women dance, Kundan holds his collar and says you are lying, inspector ask Kundan to leave him, he says to Kundan that this is last warning, if you try to run from here again then i will tell what real jail is, Kundan thinks i will see everyone because of whom i am bearing all this.
Dadisa and Ganga are waiting for Nandni, Anant come and says i have come to take Nidhi, he ask did Nandni come? Dadisa says Anandi called me and said all will call her Nimboli not Nandni, Anant ask why? Dadisa says dont know, Anandi will tell us, car arrives, Dadisa is happy.
All comes outside, Dadisa sees Nandni is Anandi’s arms, she is emotional, all are happy.

PRECAP- Ganga does aarti of Nimboli, Nimboli comes in Haveli and says this is palace like for king and queen, Dadisa says you will live here from now on, Nimboli comes to Disa and says really? we will live in such a big house Maa? all are shocked to see Nimboli calling Disa as Maa.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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