Balika Vadhu 13th May 2013 Written Episode Update


Balika Vadhu 13th May 2013 Written Episode, Balika Vadhu 13th May 2013 Written Update

Anandi continues that this force marriage wont the solution. They are troubling their daughter. He is married to her. She show the pictures in her mobile. She tried to explain that how they got married. The man removed the gun. One said may be he trapped anandi too. Anandi said shiv was there in rajasthan for many months, how can he be with the girl in Kashmir. With others help, shiv got up n said abt that he is govt official n show that id. They refused to believe saying that may be fake. Anandi tried to convince again n asked them to come to Udaipur. At that time, the bride said she cant get married to a man whose wife loves him so much. She cant take the bad wishes with her. All got convinced. Anandi emotionally hugged shiv. The father said sorry to shiv as his face is very similar to shiv’s

face n they mistook.
Anandi said she understood but if shiv’s kisnapping news wud have speared then the it wud have a big bad spot on Kashmir. The bride’s father n mother exaplined, how ppl have wrong impression on Kashmir. They requested not to take the wrong sense n Kashmir due to this kidnapping. Anandi admired Kashmir again. Shiv assured that vikram will be caught soon. He took vikram’s picture too. Anandi came to the girl and adviced her to be strong in hard situation n wished her all the best. Both hugged. Ansh left.

AT jetsar haveli, gehena said ds how ganga’s “desi nuska” worked on her. Ganga n sumi were there too. Jagiya n nandu came down. Both talked abt some unfinished work. Ds asked them. Jagiya asked to wait n asked abt bhairon n basant. Sumi said they left. Jagiya said he had some work. Both came. Ds asked both again the same qs. Jagiya signals n flower petals poured on the moms(ds, sumi,gehena n ganga). Jagiya said abt mother’s day n admired mothers n their love. Nandu gave a card to gehena. Gehena got emotional reading it.
Jagiya gifted sumi some old pictures’ collage. Sumi was very happy and emotional. Ds amused. Jagiya emotionally said he manytimes hurt her n made wrong decisions in life. He touched sumi’s feet n said sorry for all wrong deeds. Sumi said her blessings were and will be with him always. After that bhiron n basant gifted ds an idol of kanha jee. Basant said he cant even thank her for what she did for him. He prays to have her as mother in every birth. Bhiron said the same. Ds emotionally hugged both. Nandu gave a rose to mannu n asked him to wish ganag. Mannu took n cutely wised ganga happy mothers’day. Ganga got emotional.

Precap- shiv asked anandi to massage his back as it is paining. He started to open his shirt. Anandi gets his trick. She says she calls doctor for him for injection. Shiv’s face’s colors fades n he denies. Anandi smiles at him.
Rattan singh came haveli to take mannu n says bad things for ganga n jagiya. Jagiya gets angry n pushed him down.….

Update Credit to: Khushi

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