Balika Vadhu 13th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Balika Vadhu 13th March 2014 Written Episode, Balika Vadhu 13th March 2014 Written Update

The episode starts with Saachi remembering Vivek’s rude words. She gets tensed. She gets Vivek’s call. Vivek thanks her for picking his call. He tells her that he was disturbed when she came to his office. He says sorry for his behavior. Saachi says, its ok. It happens sometimes. Vivek says, it means you forgave me. Saachi says yes. Vivek thanks her and disconnects the call.

Anandi calls Amol and asks him to have biscuits. Ira tells her that he is playing ball in the lawn with Daddu. Gehna comes to Dadisaa and touches her legs. Dadisaa asks, what happened? Gehna thanks her for searching a good groom for her sister. She says, I didn’t do anything. I just fulfilled my reponsibility. She says, I supported the truth. Gehna says, you gave money to my Bapusaa for the shagun. Dadisaa

says, we are family. Your sister is like my daughter. Dadisaa shares her tea with Gehna and says we are like maa and daughter. Gehna gets emotional.

Daddu is playing ball with Amol. Anandi comes and catch the ball. She pretends to get angry on Amol. Daddu says, I took him out. Anandi says, Amol have to study rather than playing. Daddu says, ok. I will play with Alok and Anoop.

Dadisaa asks Gehna to ask her parents about the mahurat date. Jagya says, it seems not fine with me. He tells Gehna that Mannu’s chemo session will start soon. He will be weak because of chemotherapy. He needs rest. How will he take rest during marriage functions. Gehna says, we will talk to Manish’s parents to postpone the date or else will ask Maa Bapu to change the venue from Haveli to some other place. Sumitra says no. Marriage will happen on the same date and in the same venue. She says, Mannu will be happy with the marriage functions and he will be happy. Jagya agrees.

Saachi teaches Amol. Anandi comes and says I will come and teach him. Saachi says, he is learning fast. Anandi asks, have you filled the fill in blanks. Saachi says yes. Anandi checks and says no. Anandi asks him to study well. Saachi says, he will get first rank. Anandi tells Ira that Amol is studying because of Saachi. Ira says it is good. Anandi comes to Amol and sees him sleeping. She caresses his face and make him sleep properly.

Doctor tells Jagya that chemotherapy doesn’t have any affect on Mannu and his condition have not improvised. Doctor tells, I don’t know what to say. I don’t have words. I am really sorry. Ganga asks, what? It is your duty to treat Mannu and make him fine. Jagya asks her to hold herself. She gets angry on Doctor. Jagya asks, can we opt for bone marrow transplantation. Doctor says, your second son can become a donor and can save Mannu. Jagya tells him that Abhi is not Mannu’s real brother. He says, he is step brother of Mannu. Doctor says, parents bone marrow can match with the child. There is 25 percent chances. Ganga agrees hopefully.

Jagya comes and hugs Mannu emotionally. everyone are shocked. Jagya tells that Ganga’s bone marrow doesn’t match with Mannu’s. Ganga tells that only Ratan Singh can save Mannu. Everyone is shocked and recalls Ratan Singh.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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